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    Here’s presenting to you everything that went into the making of ‘Kota Factory’. The fun - which created memories; the effort - that made it look so effortless and the artists that brought it to life. This video takes you on a journey into the world of Kota Factory.

    Directed by: Prerna Sharma
    Edited by: Saurav Karmakar
    Associate Editor: Ravi Shankar Shukla
    Video Diaries shot by: Rajkumar Sable
    On Set BTS: Kyra Kion & Harsh Garg
    Sound Mixing: Mayur Bakshi
    Video Diary Art: Idris Burhanpurwala & Sarrah Yadav
    Graphics: Lengdon Phukan
    Vaibhav short film- Second Best, a film by LXL ideas.

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    1. The Viral Fever

      Binge watch all the episodes here: bit.ly/AllEpisodesKF If you would like the Kota experience right at home, get the Plus Subscription - unacademy.app.link/rugWBGw7sW. India's Top IIT-JEE Educators are teaching live on Unacademy Plus.

      1. Saikumar Makireddi

        Season 2 please!!

      2. Preetam p Yadav



        I want to work with you

      4. manish patel

        Are bhai batahi do season 2 kab aayega?

      5. manish srivastava

        for IIT NOT IT...

    2. Suchit Mehrotra

      This is so damn beautiful @TVF.

    3. Omg CREATIVE

      I also want to crack iit after watching this but the fact is i am an commerce student😂😂😂😂😂😂

    4. Ashesh Kumar

      21:38 yhan to samuhik chutiya kat gya🤣

    5. paras kumar

      Huge respect to all the creators 🙏❤️


      Thanks tvf

    7. Jamal Jarwar

      Season 2 kab aaega Yar still waiting 😒

      1. Aayush

        It will come on Netflix......saala Asli jee aspirants ke paas Netflix he hi nahi.....Kay Kare????

    8. The Nitin Pandey

      So talented persons are there In tvf. Salute

    9. SR VED

      We literally enjoyed it on black and white..... seriously

    10. Keshav Garg

      The climax when he got separated from his friends and love, was very difficult for me to see....

    11. Cute Girl

      Thank you entire team of Kota factory 🙂

    12. Mudit Khurana

      Next serial kab aaega????

    13. Sukhandeep Singh

      One word: epic .

    14. Gaurav kumar Singh

      Hey guys you listen vaibhav voice is like carriminati

    15. Ujjwal Mishra

      My fav character of kota factory is jeetu bhaiya


      plz sir second part

    17. Music by Soul

      Sir next season kab hai please

    18. Monotosh Biswas


    19. Pratham Agarwal

      Unacademy has done only two great things in its life First:- kota factory Second:- Aspirants

    20. Pratham Agarwal

      Unacademy has done only two great things in its life First:- kota factory Second:- Aspirants


      really we are lucky to have you... hats off TVF team...

    22. Akshay Pareek

      12:11 the sence was shoot two years ago why they are wearing if there is no corona. 🙄🙄

    23. Ankit Kumar

      Season 2??

    24. Mr. Borat

      oooo maki akh. I didn't knew that Takla roadies raghav and Rickshawala was same hahaha.

    25. Akash Rawat

      17:38 class 13th😀😀😀

    26. Akash Rawat

      17:38 class 13th😀😀😀

    27. Varun Varshney

      Went to Kota in 2004, didn't get into IIT's. But first job was Microsoft, so don't loose hope IIT is not the end.

    28. Krishna Verma

      How many once had a frnd as MEENA

    29. Dhruv

      17:32 Jab me 11 12 13 me tha. 13 ? Lol

    30. Navneet saini

      1000 times better than Bollywood shit... Jittu bhai jindabaad.. love from engineer

    31. Manjeet Ahlawat

      Awesome work guys great talent

    32. pritam nagpurkar

      This is a N pritam .. I am from narkhed, nagpur , Maharashtra I am doing a preparation state service... your series is very motivational,, and motivating me ... I Watching your series lot of confidence coming in Me ... Thanks for special character Jeetu bhaiya .. ये सब देख कर .. मै अपने घर free मे कोचिंग चला ... थँक्यू कोटा फॅक्टरी... अगर सिजन 2 है तो जल्दी रिलीज किजिये

    33. Khushi Mishra

      wow these people are so creative and their knowledge is just on another level. Big respect to the cinematographer, how wonderfully he has done his job!

    34. Gyan Prabhakar

      If wandavison was released before Kota factory then everybody be like: WV se black and white colour composition inspired hai

    35. viranjan singh

      you guys are feb

    36. Atul Daundkar

      What abt Episode 6????????

    37. Aryamann Khare


    38. Sanjeev Kushwaha

      These shootings look so different as there was no corona that time.

    39. Sonali Agarwal

      Awesome series.. awesome BTS👍

    40. Shivam Sharma

      Bollywood Needs to learn from tvf This is what you called acting

    41. Abhilassh Dhusia

      17:36 ye 13th kya hota hai ?

    42. INDIAN MAN

      TVF is perfect example for, engineer can do anything and perfectly

    43. Hreet Ranjan

      Editor of kota factory: Gourav Gopal Jha is in the 1st episode only a few people would be able to notice that 😂😂

    44. Sahil


    45. Total Homemade

      Tum 13th bhi pad lia kya 😂😂 17:37

    46. Madhav Sharma

      diclaimer - this was shot in 2019 BC (before corona ) XD

    47. Adarsh Singh

      My favourite character was jeetu bhaiya

    48. cybertech

      After tom cruise plane stunt rickshaw shoot comes second in toughest cinematography

    49. Sagor Hossein Neel

      Kota factory .. 💙

    50. Shree Dii

      bollywood should learn million dollar budget and producing shit

    51. W I Z A R D

      12:11 TVF predicted it a year ago.

    52. Shubhanshu Bahuguna

      Pen ghumana har IIT student ko aata hai. Thanks TVF for this. I rememembered my days as an aspirant.

    53. amrita gupta

      We have watched mayur more in various crime patrol episodes. He is a great great great actor

    54. Aagam Sancheti

      Life is similar in Kota to as what is portrayed in this series

    55. Aagam Sancheti

      Me right now, at Kota, sitting in my hostel watching this to relax from a busy day

    56. PokeLegend Y

      Legends know kota factory s2 is coming soon

    57. Parmar Dhaval

      gretest job guys

    58. US_DRAGON 1920

      Want season 2

    59. satyam desai

      kota factory make a different level of web series in India... thank you for making a great series on engineering students life (specially IITains)

    60. Mayukh Chatterjee

      Wonderful creation of TVF

    61. Gayindu Pathmaperuma

      1:14 Thats Richa right?

    62. DEMON YT Gaming

      Sir, I really likes this web series. This is my first web series I watched. And I always wanted to go to kota. But I don't know the environment of kota. Sir please shoot the second season of kota factory. Sir pls I want that sir pls. Hope u will understand and shoot the season 2.

    63. Ram Neekhra

      You guys create.. MASTERPIECE 🔥... for every IIT aspirant

    64. Jyoti Hirak

      Next part

    65. Vineet Anand

      Season 2 ♥️ ASAP

    66. Pankaj Rane

      Plz yaar s2

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      I want to be writter in tvf

    68. Tirth Solanki

      I can't imagine a colored version

    69. bharwad chirag official

      🔥 urvi singh 🔥 meena

    70. Prabhat

      This video is an example of how to prepared, understand , and feel about their character in whole story Really very very amazing affords to make this series Thnkyu very much for making this story at free of coast Thnks👌🏻👌🏻🔥🔥🔥🙂

    71. Yash Verma

      Yrr make same version for students appearing for CAT IIM

    72. Nandini Chintawar

      After watching this I simply can say "Bohot kathin hai dagar shooting ki"👏👏😂💕

    73. Chapri Fusty

      O shit we thought jitu bhiya is a real teacher

    74. Ayush Singh

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    75. Saurob Das

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      Meena is love❤️

    78. Ankit Razz

      Vaibhav's landlord missing 🙄

    79. Prakhar

      You guys created a series with each frame a masterpiece. Even after 5 years, I am able to related my experiences of Kota. Bohot Sahi ho yaar tumlog.....

    80. shivi raweri

      This is so good! Looking forward to the season.

    81. Sunshine Infinity

      It's a masterpiece ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    82. Raghav Arya

      Lights Camera Experiment That's why we love TVF❤️

    83. Tadar Kachie

      My pre-board exam is tomorrow and I'm watching this😂rn! This series boost you up so much to study at the same time you want to skip your study and watch it and complete the entire episodes😂😅😁😆.

    84. Mehedi Hasan

      Loved 💝 that..

    85. Naz_Mep_s3_6993_MANISH srivastav

      It has been more than 3 year but still waiting for 2nd season like same the day I watched 1st season and thought about 2nd season ❤️🔥🔥🔥👍🏽

    86. God HoppeR YT

      Pitchers 2 kaab ayaga

    87. Nancy Singh

      I am eagerly waiting for season 2 ❤️

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      Superb series

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      15:34 Johnny sins😜

    90. HITESH SEN

      I'm also want to a friend like meena❣️

    91. Shubham

      20:28 Corona Visionary 😛

    92. Shubham

      *IIT preparations Correct Subtitles

    93. fahad bawany

      Best Hogaya !! Truly enjoyed and understood the hard work. STORY + CAST, Each and everything is Awesome.

    94. Himanshu Singh Rathour

      Anyone watching this masterpiece in 2021 👍👍🔥

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      But we always have a friend like uday


      😳this is when u realized that meena is a iitian in real and the fact is he had done iit from iit bombay😳

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      How much hardwork ❤️❤️ great job

    100. RaZeOp Gaming

      17:36 he said 13th lol