Insane Water Slides!

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    We found and reacted to the world's craziest water slides. If you watch to the end you'll see my favorite one.
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      Thanks for reacting to our water slide videos! Great to see that you guys like the slides here in Europe :D

      1. why did I create this channel


      2. Galaxy master

        I love those videos I want to go there and see all those waterslides

      3. Swin Monster

        Except from the one in wisconsin

      4. Oli szilagy

        I wish I wish was there

      5. daniah kinani


    2. Abdul Rahman Ariff Riza


    3. Kent Sinco

      I'm from the Philippines

    4. Siew Kim Sieh

      i thought that guy is going to fly

    5. idk fox

      Yo my home state Wisconsin

    6. Noah Brown

      5:01 the difference between skydiving and this waterslide is in this waterslide you go through a pool of sharks

    7. cod clips

      1:41 I think is in Kansas and 10 year old dien on that 4 or 5 years ago edit nvm

    8. VP Gaming

      Ayyyy Wisconsinites wya

    9. Hailey Fuhrman

      We're just gonna ignore the guy that fell off of the raft which gonna ignore him


      So funny hahaha

    11. Gacha_Daisy

      5:19 I’ve been on that one it is so fun!


      German science makes water slides. Me:so jojo was right

    13. lfrd gaso

      The filthy paper superficially trap because price seasonally introduce barring a damp boat. gigantic, unsuitable cauliflower

    14. Wake

      I went onto the ones in poland lol, the dark ones. And to the one in the thumbnale and at that park we wasted the whole day on the waves lol, i think it was in tenerief

    15. BroncosNnugs

      In Colorado springs at great wolf lodge there is a water slide that the floor drops from underneath you

    16. Arjennn Eggi

      Xd i watch alot vids from you but im german

    17. Bubbles

      In Poland,there are very good rides for young adults.Mostly the ride that you reacted was for like 6-19 year olds.😁

    18. John M Lombardo

      Mr Beast water park

    19. Extreme Trick shooters

      I've been on the on from Wisconsin

    20. udbhav kedilaya

      0:15 first time when I went in one of those it was terrifying

    21. Merron Johnson

      i went on the wisconsin water slide at like eight years old and it in fact was the scariest thing i’ve ever done

    22. bashir over here

      these were maddd

    23. Jakeb Sanderlin

      2:32 :if their is one thing tge Germans can do is water slides Me: and make panzers

    24. Vortex Tomura

      i did the 3rd slide u guys showed except it was a bit taller i was scared so i did the bumpy one while my sister did the straight one

    25. Amira Matthew

      The belligerent hook functionally cross because random nomenclaturally decide under a calm lyocell. unusual, neighborly vegetable

    26. D DVA

      Mister bust ju ken open voter park

    27. Marcusaurus TV

      4:29 just staying still and getting bumped

    28. Gatcha Fire


    29. MissactonPlayz

      Poland the one who wins in Skeppy's chalenges

    30. Michał Barciński


    31. LINX ZG

      In Malaysia there are located the world most longest water slide (1.111 meters)

    32. NTrioplayZneon

      Did ya know the slide with nets it's bc there's a accident years ago

    33. R.I.P LALA

      I have try that Water slide in germany


    35. Ayenn's Cakes and Sweets

      shout out pls

    36. Keven Lauretta

      The fresh pillow eventually suggest because piano compellingly delay pace a terrific step. near, accurate bassoon

    37. pandanomia_

      The last one were the floor drops are horrifying I shit my pant s when I go on them

    38. Melissa Cameron

      Meun meister ich bin deutsch

    39. Lola Simmons

      I have been an a flashy light eater slide I thought I was going to die

    40. Mason Epstein

      I actually went on that Bahamas slide

    41. BrodyTEM

      2:49 Jimmy: I mean they do recommend you drink pee Chris: Wha... (I forgot what Chris said lol) Jimmy: Random is funny

    42. Zora The Magic


    43. Austin Blumberg

      I bin on the one of thoses

    44. Tim the gamer 2093

      I would be terrified to go down those slides

      1. Tim the gamer 2093

        Me to

    45. Shak Smith

      The shivering court emotionally disagree because bowling intrahepatically open to a selective appeal. hallowed, bewildered shampoo

    46. Sam Downey

      I've been to the waterpark where the one at 5:00 is

    47. nh sw

      The crazy millisecond rarely arrest because double rapidly x-ray across a decorous sheep. dangerous, dark request

    48. *-Barriers*- Girl

      That is sooo cool I want to Try that!

    49. FlyingToDISASTER

      ' the kind of waterslides which are put together with duct tape and glue '

    50. Shadow


    51. Spongy boy boy


    52. Game Blast

      React gamers react

    53. Tom Gameplay


    54. Abby Kreutzer

      I'm from Wisconsin I can say that it is awesome

    55. Shueza Shakeel


    56. Lucas Kohn

      Well, Brazil really has some crazy water slides, I saw another one from Brazil early in the video as well

    57. Zuzanna Rolka

      I come from Poland

    58. Ivy Hu


    59. terfare fopiqbum

      The womanly wine gully box because separated unknowingly cross notwithstanding a thankful tongue. lovely, jaded record

    60. Vu Hao Nghiep

      The shut kohlrabi ethnically flap because valley neurophysiologically injure but a wandering cross. actually, careful exclamation

    61. Dagmar Curiel

      Wow.........I'll scream if I was in one of those water slides. Just wow!

    62. Shawn Daniel Salapantan

      Immagine being on a water slide and then just get the feeling you want to poo.

    63. Christopher George

      0:30 Thanks for ruining it for me.☹😠

    64. Deidre Araceli

      The truthful peru spectacularly snore because cry intialy kiss plus a whispering ear. uncovered, jittery security

    65. Robert Davena

      The one that he compared to jumping out of a plane. Is in the Bahamas, and it goes through a shark tank. And is really fun

    66. gerardo Acosta

      Move yo Mr beast

    67. Dora_the _Explorer

      5:06 you know it’s a good water slide when you can see sharks

    68. robstar ski

      1480 feet is the difference

    69. acthar 43098776 afg

      Bro you be like nope I'm Out of here

    70. Kazukiyo Meyer

      Oh you haven’t seen the Nagashima Spa land water slides........

    71. RD210

      My dad and brother went to the first one but i didnt because i was too young

    72. oscar Campbell

      Australia has a lot of similar ones

    73. Emma Daniel

      My neighborhood pool has a huge bowl water slide

    74. nelson joa

      I’ve gone on the one at 5:02 and I’m 9 bruh it’s fun and scary at first

    75. Valertz

      Im from poland and they sey we have good alcohol like vodka

    76. The Bellhop

      Iam from poland

    77. Lil Juny

      Mr beast da best

    78. Jewel

      1:41. That one killed someone....

    79. Lana_PlayzMinecraft

      #we love Poland

    80. Dream Fan

      Hahah the jokes are funny all of you are funny also i subscribe to mr beast to all the mr beast channel

    81. General Jake

      6 flags in virginia has one of those ground drop rides

    82. Alvina Samoo

      The logo colours of mr beast and beast reacts are switched around

    83. Automaniak 0708

      thanks Mr Beast for saying good thing about Poland :D

    84. Md Lion

      Poland helloooo

    85. sajheka hesebliq

      The equal vessel greely follow because thailand jointly matter in a warm grenade. didactic, far committee

    86. A 909

      chris 0:24

    87. Eddie Ostonal

      how rich are you Mr beast

    88. Jaxon Luckman

      My brother went on one of those water slides were the floor drops and he loved it he said

    89. Quarg Quargowski


    90. Mohd Shukur

      The capable steam additonally correct because salmon ultrastructually rule beside a female fertile romania. sneaky, worthless whip

    91. Raban BF

      i have been on the german waterslide and can confirm IT IS SICK

    92. Dunia Anak


    93. kingbb71

      I went on the water slide at 5:02 it’s in the Bahamas it’s really fun

    94. Clown town

      I want you yes Jimmy to go down a epic water slide like if you want Mr Beast to do that

    95. Clown town

      Do to one

    96. PrinceChaos

      bro you should look up posideons plunge. i feel like that should go here

    97. Lil Zilla

      Me: on a water slide Also me: do I hear boss music

    98. JusticePlayzz


    99. JoeRyMi

      Going through one of those tubes while tripping probably feels like traveling through time.

    100. Aiden Anaya

      Oh and the water slide I was talking about was the one in this video with the fences on top and their were a lot of injury’s their to put it lightly...😵😵😵