Modeling Murmuration - Smarter Every Day 234


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    1. MarkoDarko Keano

      Ah for Flock sake

    2. Aheli Poddar

      Wait that's a Fourier transformation model . Gotta buy it 😳❤️

    3. Aheli Poddar

      When you learn something and you're so excited to share it among everyone!! Yes, there you go!!! I'm going gg. Thank youuuu. Maths is lifee

    4. Shawn Nguyen

      This probably applies to migrating herds and shepherds herding animals

    5. W Lansky

      Nature is so amazing

    6. Tim Does Stuff

      I've ALWAYS wanted to know about this! Waves of birds NOT crashing! Just Stunning.

    7. Jonathan Bronco

      I wonder if the same or similar principles would apply if you watched a crowd of humans in an unguided situation like exiting a music festival.

    8. awsx

      Any numbers involved in nature's algorithms are prime. The same laws and ratios that align sunflower seeds will be surely be involved in some way to determine aspects of this flocking behaviour. Perhaps replacing the typical whole number slider for adjusting perameters with a fibonacci sequence slider or prime number slider would result in more accurate modelling attempts.

    9. Jennifer


    10. corporalchaos666

    11. Charles Georgette

      The neat nitrogen wessely learn because forest distally knot worth a kindhearted caravan. scarce, infamous snake

    12. Phoenix Vanguard

      Could it be that the smaller birds are often prey, and thus must hide in the flock to prevent predation, whereas the bigger birds are less concerned with being eaten and thus feel no need to constantly change direction?

    13. Dickie Brewer

      Maybe you've already done this, but I could watch a whole episode of you working with your kids.

    14. Vishal Yadav

      One parameter u missed was 3rd dimension....when the bords move towards or away from you they look denser......and less dense when they fly perpendicular to you vision. Add this to the simulation and it will look real.

    15. Linda Dorsey

      Do they have a mate that they want to stay near?

    16. Rya Lee

      What if I Were My Dog and My Dog Were Me? Designed to assist young writers in learning during the pandemic! Margaret Van Fleet.

    17. Jan Kees

      Getting drunk after following a bird for a minute.....

    18. Daniel DiBono

      1:53 I have no idea why the birds do this at this point. My mind just clicked to thinking the birds are following the air gusts that they feel. This in turn can guide the flock in general direction when they catch a consistent current or organize in a specific pattern. Edit; without research, my conjecture is that they resemble fluid flow because they are flying in a fluid.

    19. Mary Lagua

      😮 birds

    20. Travis Pendell

      "each bird is making a decision based on math". I don't think it's quite like that. The birds are following what they see, and the math just mimicks that.

    21. Moses Thalluri U0112

      13:27 Matthew 6:26 ❤️

    22. collophonium

      what i actually learned from this is that crane might root from crane....

    23. hoguesteele

      Ben eater is the greatest of all time. I love his videos

    24. Steve Reid

      Is the boyd algorithm two dimensional?

    25. CandC68

      1- I assume the math / behavior works for schooling fish also. 2- As this behavior has evolved of long periods of time, how is it supporting survival? 3- I used to walk to and from a train station when commuting. In the evenings I would see a bunch of birds doing this. But as the sun went down, they began pealing off from the mass and flew down the large chimney of an old house. Like watching sand in an hour glass. That they all fit in there was amazing.

    26. Frank Talking Blackpool

      I've filmed the Starlings in murmuration where I live. You are welcome to watch them fly in front of a full moon. Sadly I can't post a link to my channel but I'm not hard to find and they look cool.😀

    27. Imam Ilham Khawarizma

      144p: ????

    28. ToxicPronoun

      “is this how birds work?” “possibly” me: birds are programmed confirmed

    29. Nick diCicco

      In the spring of 2020 i had to go spend a bunch of time on my family farm in Cherokee county AL. One of the most beautiful, fascinating things i have ever seen was the Cedar Waxwing migration. Large flocks landing in the fields eating dropped corn, soybeans, and whatever else. It's a curious thing to observe.

    30. Marvin H

      camera, screen, video rendering, eye-glasses, indoor lighting. aaaaah. no replacement for the 3D outside experience.

    31. amui

      is dat vim i c :))

    32. BigCountryUnlimited

      I feel like if he is as a hunter he would find out some way to kill a limit everyday or how to pull in a swamp donkey of a buck every year

    33. Evan Fabri

      Perhaps you could set a good example and drive an electric vehicle? Seems the footprint from your channel is high

    34. FiveStarMan 94

      Dude those birds fade in and out of existence , noice

    35. DragonStorm1

      High level Noita wandmaking, deconstructed.

    36. Sidi Mohamed Lehbib

      God's great

    37. Victoria Eads

      Starlings form murmurations during migration. They roost without nests during that time. In summer, though, the adults will nest and raise one or two rounds of nestlings. During that season they will often nest near other starlings, but in much smaller colonies than the migration murmuration. We had a family nest in the corner of our roof last summer. The funniest part of that was our peafowl. One of our young peacocks was very curious about the nest, and he would occasionally poke his head into the area where they were nesting. Momma starling DID NOT APPROVE 😂 Watching a little starling tell off a peacock easily 100xs her size, and watching him sheepishly back off, was PRICELESS!💜💜💜😂

    38. Victoria Eads

      Mmmmmmm murmuration.....

    39. Ruben Verheij

      . (12:50) How [ an anarchist ] civilization can work

    40. Maiar Ahmed

      Great video, but It's not just math, it's God 😉

    41. Satya Chandrark

      But why do they follow those 3 rules specifically ?

    42. Aayan Pratim Deb

      Just for the thumbnail

    43. Jefferson Maahs

      So fish in a school works the same way right???

    44. DAM 4216-8

      b I r b .

    45. Aaron Seet

      Where's the line of code to execute the WeAreTiredCanWeReturnToTheTreeToRest() function?

    46. Aaron Seet

      Next episode: How Do Hornets Work? "I love how they all buzz around me in unison when I approach their nest!"

    47. Milkyway808 Stars

      How the birds work? IS IT THE SAME LIKE THE FISH? When they swimming..

    48. South Seoul

      what coding launguage do you use?

    49. Kim Janssen

      Bird to other bird: The trick is to fly into the center but avoid hitting other birds

    50. Will Vogt

      Destin my friend from high school! And I love what you do and will always love Wheeler Wildlife Refuge.


      Ohhhhhhhh thats totally the logical parameters bugs follow when they swarm

    52. Jonte on game

      look son flying math

    53. Åshwin kc

      These are just birds partying after a long day

    54. Craig McVeigh


    55. WMAaS

      Those birds are just hitting the gym ...

    56. IM Channel

      Welcome to my channel 2

    57. Theophilus Jedediah

      My pop had a ‘whooping stick’ but I never saw a crane whoop someone!

    58. Bettermetal830

      This is proof that birds are robots.

      1. David Davids

        so many idiotCHILDREN, here

    59. Ronnie SWH

      Wish I had the kind of friends you do

    60. Jon Doe

      Why does it seem like sound is also a key factor into how these birds operate? I mean they start off in clumps and merge into a mass and sometimes disperse. That may have to do a number of things but could it be due to sounds as well? Could that be why they clump together?

    61. Matthew Stout

      I think that's called a murmuration isn't it?

    62. Mark Demell

      Man will never figure out the creators creation ,we can try though.

      1. darkisatari

        As Proverbs 25 says, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings [man] is to search it out.” So I think we can and are even expected to figure out more and more about the created world. Of course, the more we learn the more we realize is out there yet unlearned.

    63. abdou palirmo

      subhan allah ❤️

    64. Богдан Благовирний

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    65. Kevin Button

      My question is what kind of batteries does the government use in birds asking for a friend

      1. David Davids

        so many IDIOTS

    66. Doggo uwu

      bruh we all know birds arent real /s

    67. Allan Rashid

      Spot the beard growth

    68. Lee Townsend

      Something I’ve noticed recently is that when you drive past a cow pasture you’ll notice that all of the cows are facing or pointing in the same direction. Even when they are still they are all looking the same way

    69. ✪ KnZ

      god is just playing dota and birds is meepo.

    70. Zen

      Wrong. They’re controlled by the super surveillance hub at the NSA.

    71. Je Studios

      Wait, i never seen this video before aaah.. new thumbnail!

    72. biltongeater smith

      You are now very boring my friend adios

    73. Jonas Ens

      Ben Eater has Akro Mils storage cabinets.

    74. BrannDailor

      man, that must be like at least 10 birds. crazy

    75. Jesse Sanders

      Could I say that the birds make decisions and we can model them with math?

    76. developer nine

      It isn't they are making decisions *based* on math, it is that Math does in fact model what we see in nature. The reason math models what we do see things, and our brains work to generalize things. We do this all the time. Which is why we find models that describe what we see. What is amazing is that *our* design ... how we are built ... works to find these models all the time. When you see things like boids algorithm, or F=m*a ... or E=mc^2 ... we find the math model that works for the system. Why that is so neat to me is that it shows "we are fearfully and wonderfully made."

    77. Blood moon

      That is the single loudest keyboard i have ever heard

    78. Rummzeiss

      idk how birds work but I know they work for the government

      1. David Davids

        yes, and we know, you are an idiotCHILD

    79. mehr preet

      They've collective consciousness like ants

    80. Dice Blue

      this is the best video you've made and it wasn't recommended to me or shown to me and I've subscribed and belled. Tragic. also, if this was in the UK you would have been arrested for not having a bird watching loicense.

    81. Hairysteed

      9:30 Stewie Griffin: "WhHHooping crane"


      Intelligent people.....usually have great souls...(besides those who don’t lol)

    83. Amanda Vassiliadis

      Reminds me of galaxies colliding

      1. David Davids

        reminds me of a toilet flushing B F D

    84. Trevor Matthews

      Add a predator trying to single out one bird and it makes sense. Fish are masters at this. Actually my own theory about people is sort of similar. Imagine a rumour starts and it does the rounds on social media but no one is quite sure if it is true. You’ll get people clumping together, particularly with like minded souls. If you could model a rumour on social media, picking up extra bits of info at the boundary edges, then one group swoops near another group view and a new kind of shape emerges going in a new vector.

    85. Joseph Watts

      Would be cool to attach a transponder to one of them

    86. Chris Holloman

      "This video is about boids...BOIDS, I tellya! BOIDS! " - Elmer Fudd :D

    87. Heika

      I thought of a way to increase the realism of the boids algorithm in 2 dimensions. You could replicate the z-dimension by using a variable that changes the area/size of each individual "bird", such that they want to match the size/area of the birds in its visual field. Then you could replicate the change of the birds profile that you see when birds fly towards/away from you, compared to when they fly up/down and side-to-side.

    88. Hanyang Lee

      When I was a child, I was taught that birds are free. Now I was told, birds make decisions by math. So, question is, is free will really a thing?

    89. therealxunil2

      99% of birds are lazy sobs who don't even have jobs. They don't work at all.

    90. gurka321

      And l was wondering about this very same thing, this past week. As Spock would say, "Fascinating"

    91. Dawson Does

      Hi Dustin, I was wondering if you would consider doing a video about the mechanics of Evolution, would be really interested in seeing a video from you about that! Thanks for all your work! Dawson

    92. Jay Sims

      Mermaration? Excuse the spelling.

    93. Ron Simpson

      I am writing a science fiction book using this principle for drone fighters in space. This is what I discovered. First, why do they flock? Small birds and fish avoid predators. The larger birds don't flock the same way, not just because they are larger and their flight characteristics are different, but because they are not avoiding predators. Because there are so many variables, it seems completely random, but there are patterns to it, if you look close enough. First a unit moves in the same direction as their neighbors. Second, they remain close to their neighbors and third, avoid collisions with their neighbors. Modify that model using concentric zones for alignment, attraction and repulsion and you get an even better model.

    94. Christ On A Mtb

      A few British blokes looking forward to this

    95. Drion_086

      I never thought to see ben and you together in one video! It's awesome!

    96. xXBoSS_rhynoXx

      I mean I dont the birds make their decisions based on math I understand what your saying. The decisions they are making look similar to the algorithm

    97. xblackdog

      Further proof that birds aren't real.

      1. David Davids

        @xblackdog really???? all you boys are CRACKED. i know funny, and these stoopid 'bird' comments are NOT.!!!! they are, at best, juvenile stoopidness.

      2. xblackdog

        @David Davids bold words from a bird believer.

      3. David Davids

        further proof that you, and So many others, are IDIOTS!!!!!!

    98. Victor Caballero

      That’s why I believe in Jesus, the creator, an ALL KNOWING GOD.

    99. Harry f Hawk jr

      Is there a single bird calling the shots or is it just follow the leader.

    100. ArchetypeGotoh

      Is BirdFlocking the same as FishSchooling, except in a different fluid?