I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive


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    This was the most insane thing I’ve ever done
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      This guy is doing some real bad things, this I ver bad luck.soon he’s going to regret the things he does

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      great show

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      Who else yawned to him yawning 8:39

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      That was a lot of cups full of piss

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      What inspired this challenge man?

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      I am SOOOOOOOO claustrophobic! I could NEVER do this!!

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    55. dying inside and outside

      2:11 fly guy has arrived

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      the fact that he does this for yt...

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      Dude imagine the anxiety .... I know I wouldn't have made it

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      My grandma is soon starting this challenge for life

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      How do he dont ran out of oxygen

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      My uncle has been doing this challenge for three years

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    71. Escanor SDS

      At least he is already buried if jimmy dies

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      You should do the Chinese water torture for 12 hours

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      Hi, You probably wont see this comment but i wanted to say that i love your vids and all of the challenges you do. Keep up the good work

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    91. kroomie

      2:42 is it only me who thought chris's sentence was sort of a joke? "UrINE a hole" it just sounds funneh.

    92. marshmallow

      Looks dangerous

    93. Thelma Dís

      What about the oxygen this is dangerous 😬😬😬😬😬

    94. lemon tea

      What about oxygen? You couldn't spend in that coffin that many hours without incoming oxygen!

      1. AngeloGaming

        Well he survived

    95. Max van Oers

      10:48 just for me

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    97. The definition of YEET

      Karl and chris were the only ones for a while

    98. DG Playz

      Eww he didn’t wash his hands lol

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      My dog and cats have been doing this challenge for 40 years Hehe...😭😭😭

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      ;-; come on I wanted it on the date it's literally one month ago I think I already subscribed but I didn't know