The Suicide Squad | Mayhem Review | English

Warner Bros. India

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    “The Suicide Squad is an epic movie that demands to be seen on the big screen.”
    releasing in Cinemas on August 5.

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    1. amanbir singh

    2. Naam Ki Journey

      Bade logo ki badi badi batein Yaha Garibi mein aata gila

    3. K P.

      It That A 🦈 Shark In Your Team 😳

    4. Samarth thakur

      Miss u joker

    5. Suyog Ghosh

      Can't wait to see characters from all the genders and races with different sexual orientations which is more important than the actual plot of the movie. Will right a blog after noting down how many they covered.

    6. Aniket Verma short video

      मांग लू यह मन्नत की फ़िर यही जहा मिले फिर यही गोद मिले फिर यही मां मिले❤️❤️ Love you mom and dad ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏❤️.

    7. Aditi Mishra

      That guy was in House of Cards

    8. Suraj Tonde


    9. Kuch Bhi Best movie

    10. Saurabh Rajput

      A slap to OTT as Only in Cinema Release

    11. Sharma Shank

      India mey relese hua ?

    12. Factuber 🍎 paani main nhi dubta

    13. Ax Gameplay


    14. Steve

      #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #ReleaseTheAyerCut #MakeTheBatFleckMovie

    15. Ckk

      Harley Quinn 😍😍😍😍

    16. Neet smart

      reelased? when ?

    17. facts Techz

      Success is the sum of small efforts - repeated day in and day ou

    18. 1000K Subscribers in 01-Day Challenge !

      Please pray for Gold Medals for our Indian athletes in Tokyo Olympics. 🙏 🙏 JAI HIND ❤️❤️❤️.


      DC Movie Are The Best

    20. Aman Verma

    21. Batsy

      Hindi dubbing chutiya h mei to English Mei dekhuga


      Where is tamil dubbed Trailer

    23. sathursan


    24. ONNAMED

      So DC wanna do cease fire with marvel Hmmm intresting 😂😂 Ok let's watch both movies Ok marvel and DC fans Hug each other virtually Imagine that u r hugging to your loving one 👍(it can be your mother father brother sister gf bf etc)

    25. Mester. Fantastic


    26. Harrison Allen

      TMI Mate

    27. The Suicide Squad is my favorite part is Harley Quinn and Rick Flag hug together 0:18

      1. Martín Pérez Disalvo



      Best ever made R rated superhero comedy movie both Dc and marvel universe 😍👍👍❤❤

    29. Suman Das


    30. Dre Gopher

      preparing myself for to see a lot of my favorite actors to die in such brutal ways, getting mentally prepared 😀😀😀

    31. Gnana Sai

      Please release in 3D

    32. Serena khan daddy of amourshippers


    33. Serena khan daddy of amourshippers

      #Restorethesnydrrverse, make batfleck series and Deathstroke. Man of steel with Henry cavill. Ready the armada, we will use the old ways, ready the hashtag

      1. Serena khan daddy of amourshippers

        @Eric Alvarado even for me It's annoying

      2. Eric Alvarado

        Honestly i am interested in future snyder stuff but it's getting a bit annoying the hashtag thing

    34. Gladiator yt

      Heimdol betrayed MARVEL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Jim Milton

        Marvel doesn’t own their actord

      2. Serena khan daddy of amourshippers

        Heimdall was race swapped

    35. Pema Tobgay

      This movie should be released only in theaters at least for few weeks as HBO max is open piracy. As I watched Godzilla vs Kong for free in my country on the first day of release. My country is in Asia and we don't have HBO max.

    36. medicos lifestyle

      Gog of director Jem's gun is my fav.dailough ❤️❤️❤️❤️DC ❤️❤️

    37. Mohammad Uvaish

      This is wild 😎

    38. Purnabasi Bohidar

      Just like Groot: I am Groot 🌷 We hope here in this movie King Shark: King Shark is a Shark 🦈 Edit: Like if you want that dialogue in this movie....

    39. Total Heyoka

      My Baron Zeno❤️

    40. Total Heyoka

      The guy who said 'I hope so'. He my boy 😉.

    41. 5xSo۞

      Suicide Squad better than the Suicide Squad

    42. Darkest Knight

      Imax imax 🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍

    43. rakesh kumar

      Tamilluku waiting

    44. Lyla Gaynor


    45. rujaya reddy

      Please dubbed in telugu

    46. TryNoX4FuN

      *King Shark is a Shark* This line must be in the movie or we riot.

    47. Anju Dave

      Okay this one is good but where is the Spiderman no way home trailer

    48. Dj D

      Please Release this movie in tamil on same day🥺

    49. Comics Legacy

      Harley Quinn ku waiting uh ♥️💥🖤

    50. H Ə N T A I


    51. Tony Basil

      Warner Bros trying hard huh?

      1. Snehil Shrey

        Tf you mean

    52. Manikanda Prabhu

      Release date in TAMILNADU?

      1. I'm Red Hood


    53. Hiren S


      1. I'm Red Hood

        Go away I'm Malayalee...

    54. Cedric Mathew Hudson

      So sad that Peacemaker killed Rick Flag

      1. president great white

        Spoiler alert 😤🙄😒😠😡❌⛔☢️☣️

      2. genae south

        why tf would you spoil are u serious

      3. I'm Red Hood

        Fek , Go away Spoiler... It's WB India , what are you doing here?


      Please release Tamil dubbed on August in book my show please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    56. Sai Aravind Kannam

      0:03 ❤️Wow 😘😍 So cute

      1. Sai Aravind Kannam

        @SAMEER 😂 yeah

      2. SAMEER

        Take that back joker will kill you

      3. I'm Red Hood


    57. Ruan Ageu

      OMG 🤩😍

    58. Emmanuel Dela Paz

      I love how they mentioned "Guardians of the Galaxy Director: James Gun"

      1. Iron man

        @Abhikrishna Ps So you mean Dc is woke too with cringe jokes right ? 😂 And Scarlet Sued Disney not marvel Get your facts check before you comment 😂 And If you Think MCU is filled with cringe jokes Go and watch Captain America Trilogy,Thor 1 and 2, Doctor strange,Black panther, Netflix Punisher, Daredevil,Jessica Jones,iron fist and Defenders 😂 Lol you are just a hater

      2. Abhikrishna Ps

        @Iron man lol still doesn't matter Cause GOTG had cringe jokes

      3. Iron man

        @Abhikrishna Ps Lol Nope this movie had same type of jokes like as Guardians of galaxy 😂😂

      4. Ishaan Vatsal

        The one who says mcu comedies are cringe well when I remember cringe I see your name only😈

      5. Isha Khan

    59. MiniMusicArmy

      #Tamil Dubbing

    60. Ishaan Kumar


    61. Surya

      தமிழ் dubbed

    62. Anna Krasnova

      The most beautiful women! here!

    63. Nigel Miller

      Nobody cares if someone comments “first”on a video I thought this thing died? Like It’s not a challenge

    64. vedha vedhya creation's

      How to see movie in telugu

      1. vedha vedhya creation's

        @I'm Red Hood thank you for telling

      2. vedha vedhya creation's

        @I'm Red Hood ok dude

      3. I'm Red Hood

        I don't know Bruh , This movie now have 97%/100 Rotten tomatoes... It's big and Nice...♥️🍻


      Release date dude

      1. I'm Red Hood


    66. Spidey

    67. Aromal E

      Ejjadhi 💯🔥

      1. I'm Red Hood


    68. Karthik

      Tamil dub

    69. Snehil Shrey

      Everyone's saying this is the goriest and the most raw superhero movie ever made. Can't wait!

      1. Han Solo

        @Snehil Shrey im not mad im just saying that thats definelty not right Dredd would be the most violent

      2. _Co ok_

        @Bharath Kumar it’s a superhero film, it’s just from that genre, u don’t need to be so literal

      3. Bharath Kumar

        @Valeri Marinov We're talking about India not UK

      4. Bharath Kumar

        @Lyla Gaynor This WB India why are you talking about UK In india it will be on aug 5

      5. Lyla Gaynor

        @Bharath Kumar No, its out today...

    70. Danger Dhanan

      Waiting for tamil dubb ❤❤

    71. மனிதம் பேசு

      22ND fuxking comment 😁😁

    72. * தமிழன்

      Tamilians waiting 😌

      1. Batsy

        I will watch in English

      2. I'm Red Hood

        @Meme Man behind the shadows 😂GOTG is Newborn... You may search their Orgin year

      3. Jim Milton

        @Meme Man behind the shadows but Suicide Squad first appearance was in 1959 and GOTG was in 1969. So your comment is shit.

      4. Meme Man behind the shadows

        Ironic suicide squad is a diacount version of guardians of galaxy

      5. I'm Red Hood

        @Jim Milton Some of 'em , not me

    73. Manash Mahapatra

      I love 😘 Harley Quine ❤️

    74. Jack fins


    75. Thakur Shaurya Pratap  Singh Somvanshi

      Madr chodar movie


      superhit already !!!!

    77. Mester. Fantastic

      Kya Hindi Ma Aye gi

      1. Batsy

        @Mester. Fantastic yes Hindi mei aavegi

      2. Mester. Fantastic

        @SwiFT_LoRD YT kis na kaha

      3. vedha vedhya creation's

        I want in telugu

      4. SwiFT_LoRD YT


    78. Ysj singh Ripshi singh 22

      Please pin me

    79. Motivational ☆

      माँ:- बेटा क्या कर रहे हो बेटा :- माँ आपकी लम्बी उम्र के लिए youtube पर like कर रहा हूँ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    80. D.S CREATION


    81. explainer sarath


    82. Himanshu Verma


    83. sujal jadhav

      First comment 🤭😂🤘😉😊

    84. h

      A shark?

    85. Ysj singh Ripshi singh 22


    86. Nikil

      Dei loosupayale #RestoreTheSnyderVerse 😀💁🏻‍♂️.

    87. Daniel

      First comment 💗

    88. Shank Singh