TVF PITCHERS EPISODE 5 Reaction by Jaby, Achara & Chuck!

jaby koay

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    1. Subhayan Das

      The investor is so stupid..the other team who stole the idea how are they gonna implement it 😂 just presenting the idea wont give you the working product. Only naveens team cn do it because they have planned the implementation as well.

    2. kabir khan

      Damn. Achara is looking so cute ❤️❤️😍

    3. Abhi Singh

      TVF is The Real OG Of indian Tv Shows

    4. Saikat Banerjee

      Why only episode 5 is available now?

    5. Ansuman Samal


    6. vivek heer

      Hahaaaaahahahha Achara looks diffenet now🥰

    7. Julie

      anybody who is rewatching this in 2021: am i trippin or does jaby's voice sound weird and different from how it sounds now???

    8. Dayanand Sawang

      Pitchers, Cubicles, Kota Factory are the best web series of tvf and liked by everyone.

    9. water sorv1815

      I dont know why I feel sorry for CHUCK...whenever I see him...he looks sad except the time of look at his eyes... plz ACHARA AND JABY give one reaction on CHUCK EYES OF REACTION VIDEO...

    10. Mukul kaushik

      When naveen and his gf seeing each other for the last time i was just looking at achara's face... She had the same reaction like me So emotional achara plz don't cry ❤️❤️

    11. HarryUzumaki

      you are being sacrificed for work, not you are sacrificing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Zenith Ahmed

      Where are the rest of the reactions?

    13. Rajat Kulkarni

      Where will I get episodes 1-4 reacted by you guys? @jabykoay @acharakirk

    14. Khushi Gupta

      So when are you gonna sing a sharukh khan song jaby?? U r almost to 2million..😏😏 @1:13:30

    15. Darpan Suman

      Congratulations Chuck. You have been selected for IIT.

    16. Mohit Soni

      41:00 this scene always gives me some next level of satisfaction

    17. Pradeesh Krishna

      Where are the reactions for previous episodes?

    18. Gandharv Malhotra

      Still waiting for the Shah Rukh Khan song @jabykoay

    19. cool omya

      1:13:11 Did I miss on that ? @jabykoay never goes back on his words? (I know u had an awesome dance video, but singing?)

    20. hemanth kumar tirupati

      Great point chuck



    22. Siddhesh Bagade

      Congratulations on hitting 1 Million.. Comment back with your Shahrukh Khan's song per 1:13:10

    23. Gaurav Patil

      at 12:12 he said "when you enter praise his ted talk, he will get happy" but in speed "ted talk" sounded like "tatte ki tarif kar dena (lick his balls)" so the subtitle guy did a terrible job.

    24. Saurabh Kulkarni

      That's true. season 4 ending was great...

    25. kriya rawal

      Jaby Chuck and Achara make the best the funniest the most compatible team of reviewers... But yes Jaby needs to let Achara speak more..(in his most humble "non-sexist" way)

    26. kriya rawal

      Subtitles were ON POINT Jaby!! Please don't lose him/her...

    27. Hiten Singh

      While he was giving that presentation he had the same pendrive as before he also told that he had to give Rs 35000 for that so he must had given that money to rastogi

    28. C7

      "it's about why not what"

    29. Harshit Singh

      This show is really really good and inspiring I love it very much. Honestly I have tears in my eyes.

    30. yash rawlani

      jaby stop self patrionising , u make a normal situation very akward and u know that still i dont knw why u do it. u r so compulsive to do it . just cant help it .

      1. yash rawlani

        anyway i like all your videos i think i m gonns subscribe

    31. Adangbe Newme

      The pursuit of happiness replica.

    32. Sourav Das

      There was indeed valuable information in mandal's pendrive. Otherwise he wouldn't have been worried when Yogi accused him.

    33. Dazzler Dude

      Hats off to cracking that last part dude... I missed pen drive thing... Thanks much

    34. apoorv vallabh invested she is into the show.......nice to see that.......!!!1

    35. Nakul Chauhan

      Does anyone know the song that is playing in the background during the bar scene at the beginning?

    36. Nandish Patel

      I like all these things that jaby and his team does. But other than than let me focus on how as a person jaby is. I mean whenever I see him talking about things he always make sense. As he did at the ending of this video about sacrifising things to get a bigger picture and many more. He as a man truly inspires me and he is like honest with what he does. not at all biased in his reaction videos. He speaks by his heart(I am not brown nosing here, i said what i feel all the time). And i know i'm little late for this comment and jaby wouldn't even bother to see this but anyway i just made my point. I just love him(not more than my love for achara though ;-) ). I have seen all of the TVF shows before but I am going through them again with your reaction videos. because with jaby it's double fun. I love how he addresses himself as a third person loved it.

    37. Amit Kumar

      Chuck far better than Hope

    38. moojic boi

      Chuck's Favourite word throughout the whole reaction series - "Daaaammmnnnn"

    39. Saket Baghel

      Bayes theorem*

    40. shrinivas iyer

      The shot at 26:56 reminds me so much of shot from song mannipaya from Vinnayathandi varuvaaya :) Wondering who is the DOP

    41. Pallav Dutta

      I feel sory for Achara. both guys forgot Achara at their last conversations guys are thinking about they are smarter than Achara and know more about the other thing. but Achara is more inteligent. reactions displays identity.... just my feelings anyway nice reactions for all the episods. Thanks...

    42. CGK

      Just enjoyed your company. Thanks...

    43. MrRakesh448

      subscribed to listen srk song when he hits 1 million😂😂

    44. Abhi Dey

      @jaby : Its TED TALK guys, the subtitle was wrong saying "Lickin his Balls".

    45. mahendra rawat

      the subtitles are really well done and accurate

    46. cr7 unstoppable

      Achara is beautiful

    47. vaibhav jagtap

      Fuckers did u ever understand the language.... Wtf r u doin....


      How are you getting so much subscriber, easy don't have social life lmao I have neither Oh wait I don't have channel to begain with

    49. Ikshul Jagannath

      Jaby is great...but Achara is the one who has the best insight and very observant.

    50. Tharsh

      More than a year late, but this is one of the best episode + reaction video in your channel. The post-video discussion had so much in it, and quite frankly opened my eyes on a few things for myself. Thank you Jaby, Achara, and Chuck. P.S: Will be holding you on that SRK song Jaby!

    51. Rahul Singh

      Look at Achara's eyes

    52. Jajabor Nongsha

      Tricky part everybody missed was that no other party pitched anything to the investor, it was all bluff because there was only pictures in the pendrive and Mandal countered him at last because he knew that the other guy was doing the same 😊, good work Chuck and regards to Jaby and Team.

    53. Tanuj Namdeo

      Chuck is a good companion

    54. Senator Poopypants

      The subtitles weren't bad but they were inaccurate maybe it was a stylistic choice but just needed to put it out there

    55. ganesh suryawanshi

      Hey guys, I searched on Internet but not found, becoz of you I seen it.

    56. Neha Rastogi

      You guys have made this finale episode even more special..

    57. nikh

      Off course it’s unique bcoz as far as I know in normal Indian drama series which only housewife’s watching then both protagonist must lose their memories 3 times, they must find their identical person 2times (probably), a wife and husband must marry 4 different partners and then again their first partner at the end, sometimes I even think that - not even Einstein was thinking these many possibilities in a single tv drama. And it continues for at least 5 years. And for 5 to 6 days per week. Alright I don’t want to say anymore 💆‍♂️

    58. Sunit Chattoraj

      Hi guys.. I dont know whether u will read this comment or not... I have already watched pitchers and many other videos u guys reacted on... but the funny thing is.. the experience I had with your reaction videos were completely different. It was so raw, yet fulfilling.. it felt like I was watching these shows with my buddies. When u find something humorous and you are alone, the humor quotient goes down... but when am laughing with u guys.. its sooo ... umm... enjoyable. Please react to more such short films. You should try THE MING THING. They make awesome content. Anyways.. thank you guys.

      1. Sunit Chattoraj

        Btw, i am indian (bengali).. so... i ubderstand ur difficulties with few humors 😂

    59. Akshay Sudhi

      ud better sing that song man!!!!!

    60. Anand Patnaik

      Achara my love

    61. ASLAM KHAN

      Wow so cute @breaking scene.. Really its so lovely awesome episode I enjoyed with javy koay team

    62. Piyush Chauhan

      loved the reaction and tvf is awesome!!

    63. Snehil Singh

      Jeetu is the real hero.. :D

    64. Robin

      I am still waiting for Jaby to reach 1M subscribers

    65. Amit Agarwal

      Saw this series just yesterday and then came for ur reaction video. The things that chuck said about the pendrive 57:51 was quite sensible. Looks like now i am relieved about those pendrive thing doubt. Kudos chuck smart work!!!

    66. Amit Agarwal

      28:14 epic dialogue and epic reaction 😂😂😂😂

    67. parth


    68. Sai Nagendra

      40:25 scene was odly satisfying

    69. Rajesh Ghagare

      The script of this web series is so nice that you dont get that same feeling when you are reading the subtitles n watching it .It is more entertaining if you know hindi Some hindi words are just irreplaceable

    70. Rahul Saikia

      I think he said UI/UX not UYOS.......

    71. PodhaEnterprises

      400k subscribers to go

    72. Nirmalya Dey

      58:10. For the first time Achara didn't get something but the other person did. Chuck this time :D

    73. A Billiôn Dreâms

      For me👉(^^) really a Great Inspirational Film😘 I'm really hpy seeing this with u jaby and team😍 mandal suprb 😉 TVF, u gyz amazing 😎 ..👏..👏

    74. Samarth Vyas

      hey Baby and Acharya since I have seen your reactions videos of Permanent Roommates, I have seen three others already seen TVF series again on your channel. it's ultrà addictive as if I am sitting with you guys and watching it.

    75. Mobasher Rahman

      i couldn't find ep 4 and 5.. watched it thanks to your reviews.. lol :) thumbs up! good work guys.. and thanks once again..

    76. k s

      This is a masterpiece. Love tvf

    77. swapnil kapadnis

      Achara you are so cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    78. anupam banerjee

      It just occurred to me the product is also something the naveen mentions that is like a vessel or pitcher containing something may be data. That's is super customizable.

    79. Ankit Sharma

      TVF pitchers 2 will release in the end of 2018 , after being delayed for 2 years.

    80. Duggu T

      at 58:00 in the discussion, if it’s just those photos - when yogi was shouting on him, saurabh would never leave with guilt saying sorry, he would have stayed there explaining that there’s no sensitive information that he had lost.. he has the project details as well in the pen drive, along with the photos..

    81. sayesha chopra

      Abe saalon official video kaha hai chodu

    82. Raft Naks

      But if there was no sensitive information on the pendrive, why would mandal take yogi's abuse when he was accused. He would know that the leak did not happen from that pendrive....

    83. tmb

      why does chuck and jaby have the same last name? Are they adoptive brothers?

    84. apurva patil

      react to chai sutta chronicles by tvf


      and product is TVF...

    86. Harry Sandhu

      I m still confused that rastogi stole their pendrive so how it goes to that kid?

      1. Hemant Agarwal

        Harry Sandhu he is a very good hacker .....even hack gmail .........told in previous episode when he was appeared

    87. Vinay Gaur

      Now i start loving chuk koay his reactions were so nice!

    88. Divya Parker

      Chuck is just awesome....

    89. Divya Parker

      Chuck... Please come every time.....

    90. Diksha Bhoria

      Chuck is adorable.

    91. RanPan

      8am is early? I thought 5am was early o.O

    92. Parth

      Best GODDAMNNN episode ever

    93. Shubham Chauhan

      from last 12-13hrs i had watched permanent roommates1 and 2 and pitchers... it was fun watching with u guys!

    94. Sagar Supekar

      f***k off you guyes why you disturbing while watching....

    95. Dahlia AL

      46:38 mandal getting back at Yogi over the sticky substance on mouse(curd, ya rite) Hence proved. Hilarious!!!!!!

    96. Ashish Rathod

      There was one small scene after the closing credits which I guess you missed... Naveen meets someone... I don't want to spoil it... You can watch it at your convenience...

      1. Shael Kerbel

        Ashish Rathod I watched it but there are no subs. Sort of understood the gist but would really help if someone could explain!

    97. Devarshi Sagar

      you should do" baked" season 1 and 2

    98. clash with ZIRAYA

      I am only here to watch achara react

    99. Weeb Forever


    100. arunima sengupta

      Like Achara, I would also like to believe that Naveen's relationship survived. Yes it is worth. But it is rough. Bring up the season 2 guys.