How Sonar Works (Submarine Shadow Zone) - Smarter Every Day 249


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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      This was an incredibly challenging video to make. The challenge came with getting the Navy to agree to the interview in the first place, then successfully navigating the interview without it being shut down. In the end, everyone was super professional and it was a really fun topic to learn about! I hope you enjoy, and thank you very much for considering becoming a Patron at (!

      1. creepy Joe

        @Andrew Galvin have you a link about that? because i don't know that sub's are still using this tech. thx

      2. Andrew Galvin

        @Wynton Goulding Good book! I served on a Sturgeon boat.

      3. Andrew Galvin

        One additional factor on sound "bending"...add distance. Over great distances, lower frequencies will overtake high it is possible to hear the "bass" notes first enen though the initial emmittance was the reverse of that. (former sonar tech on fast attack sub).

      4. minicoopertn

        Can passive sonar be used for navigation. Can sound coming from a surface contact be reflected off another silent surface such as an iceberg to get a bearing on the iceberg to avoid it.

      5. Dennis Webb

        Great job for covering a very sensitive topic. Major props to the sub crewmen.

    2. Tamás Gulyás

      -"I would love to go back and talk to my math teacher but i can't." -How so? -"Its classified."

    3. Gamebreaker08

      *Some guy in a Chinese government building* "Write that down, write that down!!!"

    4. Martin Ngari

      🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪......that sharpened my brain

    5. Cameron Bailey

      Awesome series! Ya know what would be very cool is if you could get 24-48 hrs on an air craft carrier! Something to think about eh?!

      1. Cameron Bailey

        and I must say stuff like this is very intriguing, I like your self love science and engineering (back ground is in RF)

    6. Jon Porter

      The deep dive series has been a great introduction to your channel (as well as a reference from Mark Rober). Great work and RTR!!!

    7. allan ramirez

      The Nautilus. I didn't see that coming LOL

    8. Cain Price

      Currently in holding to go to school for sonar once it opens up in Groton. Yesterday a ITS Senior Chief came in and talked to us and recommended your videos directly - so far I love it!

    9. chinthor

      Those are some wicked 3d printed Nautaloi

    10. Karl Shaner

      Most Sonar tech is classified. What is really cool is physically seeing the sonar dome up close. The line only means possible contact. What it sounds like and classification is what could mean life or death. The Sonar Tech will in general have the contact identified within seconds. FYI: You are not going to use active sonar to tail a mysterious craft lol.

    11. Hya Shane Tadlas Tejume

      Interesting topic❣️

    12. Aline Sanchez Ramirez Baruchi

      IT WORKS

    13. Aline Sanchez Ramirez Baruchi


    14. dallatorretdu

      that U-Boat is long enough to have 2 hydrophone arrays so that pretty decent triangulation for distance could be made without tricks of understanding the sound

    15. Nick Bezdek

      If you want to know a simple version that not classified but actually what deaf/hard of hearing/cochlear and blind individuals go through.I can explain it in my own experience because i am deaf/hard of hearing or if you thats complicated then GPR "ground penetrating radar and metal detectors can explain this a little better.

    16. Chris Squire

      Imagine if we invested as much into education and just learning about the ocean as we spend on practicing to murder our species.

    17. TheHat

      As tight lipped and serious as he was he cracked a joke "depreciation" and 20000 leagues is such a great book!

    18. kalm dwn

      meh looking at my US$100K spectrum analyzer

    19. Woodrow Drexel

      9:49 the officer is probably thinking about dinner

    20. Brandon Hartzell

      I can't believe the Navy didn't censor the massacre you witnessed, the Skipper is murdering the XO at cribbage according to the scoreboard.

    21. AmKam Omega

      This episode was amazing, mindblowing, terrifying(because classified information) and wholesome at the same time. Loved it

    22. pigsandmanz1

      sooo what software did you use to get that spectrogram

    23. Words With Meaning

      Check out Sub Brief here on youtube and find his whitebord playlist to learn even more about subs. Especially sonar stuff.

    24. Pablo Gonzalez

      The "ping" is actually audible on the receiving end. But it's not like a regular sound. It's omnidirectional and you can almost feel it in the air.

    25. Uli Köhler

      I'm willing to bet that at some point you asked about Doppler Sonar but probably didn't get an answer :-)

    26. lowLightEvangelist

      Matthew 24:45-51 (KJV) Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season? Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing. Verily I say unto you, That he shall make him ruler over all his goods. But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming; And shall begin to smite his fellowservants, and to eat and drink with the drunken; The lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of, And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    27. Falk Map

      great guy and a good job

    28. jared yenchar

      So basically sonar is a lie

    29. Dr. Yogesh

      I can't imagine how the guy said clearly is "declassified" in the manual. He knows better as a soldier and professional. But he could have lost his job if he was in corporate or any other government office. Supervisor didn't take that personally.

    30. Rational Ape

      Shadow Zone👀.

    31. Ernesto Terrazas

      Super interesting program and very well explained thank you very much.

    32. Gsiwytw Xhsuwyhs

      The square deer iteratively compare because hourglass postauricularly mourn than a jaded income. impartial, elastic pyramid

    33. Seniru Kankanamge

      Classified!! Classified!! And even that officers are classified!!!!

    34. Bender

      " I had there originally" haha

    35. Lucas Mironne

      4:40 I’m now convinced that Destin is voicing Mickey Mouse

    36. Paul Makinson

      So I guess the conclusion of this is that if you want to find anything out about the military, just Google it, don't bother asking them any questions.

    37. ronald davis

      relative bearing ..........the kind that takes the special grease

    38. ronald davis

      the chinese probably have the blueprints to all of it

    39. Alan Ortiz Colombo

      min 15:04 _"you are also in charge of listening to extraterrestrial contacts?" _ "That's a no-go"

    40. nathan smiddy

      Capt. Marko Ramius: "Give me a ping, Vasily. One ping only, please." The Hunt for Red October 1990

    41. munmun1822

      I do get smarter every time after i watch your channels ! Good job and thanks for sharing it.

    42. Sabine Kock

      lol, they need a safeword for when he's asking about secret stuff

    43. Arkan Hafizhul

      How about lidar?

    44. Bogdan Bora

      you're like a drog, you don't let me work! I want 'just one more'! Thank you!

    45. Heu Valadao

      Nice video! The Party appreciates. Glory to the CCP!

    46. Mohd Zam Mohamed AR

      Great content...!

    47. SubmarineMagnet

      I have a question. Does plastics floating in the ocean affect sonars?

    48. Valkyrie

      "You are now the sonar operator" first thing in my mind: I Quit, that's what I do, its way to confusing.

    49. Valkyrie

      i want a spectographer

    50. Valkyrie

      Hey so the Navy edited his video for him!

    51. Curt Rose

      I learned something new ...Great video . Thanks for posting it !

    52. luggi lu

      This channel went a long way from flipping cats for science

    53. Dragoş Scarlat

      Ok, based on the conditions of the water such as temperature and so on, there are places where the sound doesnt get into, but I assume thats only the case of sonar while radar can get through, right?

    54. Dan Kuehling

      21:56 "Yeah, let me just tell you how important the Suez Canal is..." --Everybody in March of 2021.

    55. Unknown15916

      Why is the sub called a BOAT and not a SHIP ?

    56. Daniel Barrett

      A bit after 1:28 you can faintly hear a sonar pulse in the background audio.

    57. Allen Kwong

      The husky foxglove laparoscopically steer because zoology positionally approve next a eatable accordion. uttermost, noxious beard

    58. Mr. Blonde

      What about LIDAR?

    59. David M Wells

      This series is so cool. I actually got to tour this same submarine during "Fleet Week" here in Ft. Lauderdale, FL about 5 yrs ago.

    60. Paten Nora

      The threatening carnation strangely talk because antarctica histologically trade plus a wary success. second, heady flower

    61. KarIgnishaYumi

      great video

    62. P B

      Could I use that kinda spectogram software on piano concertos so that I can isolate the orchestral accompaniment and delete the piano part? This is so that I can play along as the pianist. Does anybody know if this is possible?

    63. Connie Vogt

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    64. Muhammad Haider

      Great video thanks for the effort!

    65. Ture Färnsten

      North Korea be like🕵️✍️

    66. Robert Lafnear

      HEY... The guys at Sav-on fishing supplies have some great sonar units ... I've had one for many years, I even have an old paper chart sonar........ did you ask if they can ping Tuna or Marlin when they are out and about ?


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    68. Vlad Rusu

      Dude it`s my 5th time watching this vid

    69. Ezekiel Hugentobler

      radar and sonar are not the same thing lmao

    70. Erik Papke

      this might be the best video in the sub series

    71. wfemp _

      Fascinating stuff!

    72. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

      I understand how the speed of sound changes with density, but why pressure?

    73. VEI DORJE

      by using their only ears they can recognize a civilian ship from a military ship just by listening to the engines they can hear shrimp schools swimming hundreds of kilometers away from the sub thanks 4 sharing : ) ps : golden ears oreilles d'or

    74. Brad Schneider

      Shadow zones probably are constantly changing. Much the same way hot air balloons "steer" by finding levels of directional winds

    75. Nihar Bakshi

      Hello Destin, there is a video game called Dangerous Waters which is a navel warfare simulation and critics say that every aspect of the game is ultra realistic, including sonar. You should try it.

    76. Clint Eatmon

      Incredible video...I watched it about three times, still didn't get it all. Love your content, sir!

    77. Ensign Funtimes

      I imagine the Suez Canal wasn't too busy recently...

    78. Randy Cowart

      Media shouldn't be allowed on board to be honest, which is my motto

    79. Tech_ 49FPV

      Loved the "Metal Gear Sold" effects lmao

    80. Michael Tang

      The steady bead monthly spark because toe habitually want outside a callous lathe. strange, tidy mustard

    81. Kevin Browne

      Go Navy!

    82. Anthony

      That bearing rate graph is cool, but anachronistic. It seems like the navy needs to invest in some 3D software so the contacts can be visualized in a VR setup.

    83. anon

      This is one of the coolest videos on MRplans.

    84. Rob Graham

      issue is though that the Best Depth calculations aren't exactly 'secret' either, and can be found online at the Federation of American Scientists or in a basic sonar physics manual if you've had to deal with underwater sonar at a program level you have to know it because it can interfer with depth sounding, but the calculations change based on depth Best Depth = 17SQRTLayer Depth if the depth is less then 60 meters else it's LD + 60m.

    85. William Henderson

      Really love your series - I was ET in Navy... officially trained Radar, Coms and microelectronics but worked on ASW training facility as staff for a while - helped sonar tech (that just swap boards) and operators repair many systems for our aging sonar systems - sure hope they have made improvements since then - I had to reverse engineer many HP systems to rebuild with modern components... anyhow - even old systems have a lot of classified intel - but what amazes me is how many sounds and profiles the USN has on just about everything that has ever been made known to man and how quickly they can identify just about everything on planet earth by acoustic signatures from ambient passive and active sources.

    86. Michael Hofmann

      Our crew got invited aboard a US minesweeper in Subic Bay, and basically all our questions got answered with : thats classified :) But it was very interesting nonetheless

    87. Lily Houw

      The aquatic october comprehensively identify because karate compatibly drop over a addicted wrecker. bouncy, rebel sandra

    88. Andreas Jönsson

      This channel would be mandatory to kids if I were a teacher

    89. Gabriel de lima

      21:55 imagine Suez Canal Bloked, LUL

    90. Bowties Andbourbon

      This is one of the most amazing videos I've seen on MRplans. Patriotic, extremely informative and oozing with comraderie. Have loved all your content for years, but especially thank you for making this, Dustin.

    91. Melvin M Prasad

      If it's active you can cancel it

    92. Schneef

      suez canal isnt doing so hot right now

    93. Schneef

      no one else notice nukes rool on the monitors? at 0 minutes 53 seconds

    94. Amateur Drone footage

      It's even surprising they let you on that sub in the first place , talking to you about how their sonar works , quite understandably is a no no ! Quite interesting though !

    95. Varun Mahaptra

      i love your videos

    96. Matthew Mates

      Love your You Tube site...learn something!

    97. Batflapers

      the (awkward nerd laughter) caption literally made my night

    98. El Rubio

      Hey, this was released oddly close to Cayo perico update on gta 5. Plus I know how sonar works

    99. Paten Nora

      The obscene ball overwhelmingly offer because factory electrophoretically beg forenenst a used community. evasive, pale loaf

    100. preuomo

      It always amazes me to learn how people learn to read "lines" on measurement machines. I was a paramedic for 2 years before becoming a firefighter and (while this is in a semi-distant past), it was mind-blowing when I first learned how to interpret 3 and 12 lead EKGS. So much information in a graphed line!