Game Theory: Did Reddit Just SOLVE FNAF?

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    You may be thinking, "Hey MatPat, don't we already know everything about Crying Child?" No, Theorists, we do NOT and you proved it! "Crying Child" is what we've referred to the victim of the Bite of '83 as since the beginning but that child has a name! A name I have figured out! This is one of the oldest mysteries of the franchise and I am sure that we've cracked it wide open! Theorists, no FNAF mystery will go unsolved as long as I am on the case.
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    1. EvanTubeGaming

      guess im the crying child guys

      1. Top Knotch

        I mean Evan made my childhood

      2. Train guy 1 A

        EvanTubeGaming huh funny WAIT

      3. Bettina Sherwood

        if anyone remembered the bite of 83 FAN animation they didnt contain the voice lines of the accual fnaf actors also they didnt sound british

      4. Bettina Sherwood

        @Jasmin Batajoy no that was never a name confirmed by scot that was the name of fans also gacha steros deciding to give him a name simular to c.c. scot never said his name was cgris. end of story

      5. Sleepy Eliza

        who u?

    2. Jan Erick Masamayor

      Hey mat i solved the lore take all fnaf theory then play them like a movie in your head you'll get it

    3. Mj Williams

      Where was the Monika costume from 3:23

    4. Pam eberle

      first of all crying child’s name is chris afton, second if there were two spirits in golden freddy it would be cassidy and anyone else except chris because chris possesses shadow freddy, and it’s not the bite of 83 it’s the bite of 87

    5. Cameron Gonzales

      Okay so, there might be a FNAF game that connects to the story with Jake. FNAF 4 and UCN. Allow me to explain. As we all know, Cassidy has the ability to mimic the voices of other characters in UCN. As we all know from FNAF 4, there's Nightmare Foxy in the closet. I'm relating this to the doll in the cabinet and someone using a radio to mimic the voice of a young child. Nightmare Foxy may not be in UCN or have any voice lines, but what if this relates to Nightmare Foxy and the ability of Cassidy copying the voice of other animatronics? There might be some holes in this theory, but I just wanted to point that out.

    6. Andrew Spectre

      Oh hey there gamer

    7. Anxiety 101

      I got chills when you said Evan was the crying child

    8. Lost Jackilyn6431


    9. VEXTNT

      Here a theory what ballora real name

    10. MrAquaFox

      No ones gonna talk about fnaf plus???

    11. Sherron Richardson

      Crying child name is Chris

    12. Sherron Richardson

      His name isn't crying child his name is Chris his name is and Evan is Chris

    13. VeggieTablz Tablz

      *pulls out the luigi board*

    14. Renae Geary

      glitch trap vocie lol

    15. •oriexchocomalk •


    16. Dormer Dormer

      New security breach trailer. So excited for a new theory

    17. Game Assassin

      I'm not sure if anyone has noticed but in the second security breach trailer (which is the most recent from when I'm commenting this) towards the end after the claw is teased for a split second I saw a different Animatronic. A bunny who looks unfamiliar.

    18. supssam

      May I propose my theory.. in the new security breach gameplay trailer we see a purple claw like hand at one point and my theory is that this is spring trap. We see when the animatronics are burned that spring traps hands are claw like under all the fur fabric and in the trailer for the new game the claw is covered is something purple. This is just my thinking and not definite but I was also thinking if this is right then this could be another point to William being split like horcrux or another possibility is that at some point in the next game Vanny successfully bring spring trap into the real world once more. Just some ideas.

    19. Entry Point Man

      Imagine a guy named jake watching the intro

    20. Hecteus

      Game theory “Open the cabinet Jake” Me: “my names not Jake so guess I don’t gotta do it”

    21. Mudalad12

      the only wholesome fnaf book, blackbird.

    22. Haven Rose

      Wait. But gregory has the same shirt as frying child...

      1. Haven Rose


    23. ExoticTerror

      How come u weren’t posting fnaf theory vids for a long time mat? Pls answer

    24. Leg3nd1603

      no one talking about how the aspitipy parody works...? like... it REALLY does work

    25. 《 kawaii weirdo 》

      When to watch this: When your washing dishes At 3am when u cant sleep Long car rides

    26. The Iron Bear

      So this is a mini theory for you on why mangle might make static noises, and generally a bit on how these bots function. So my idea is what if the bots feel pain, because mangle has definitely gone through something that would be painful. If the bots feel pain, mangle, if we believe actually is a take apart put back together attraction by the time we start fnaf 2, mangle might just be insane due to pain or stress or both. The static noise is just pure insanity that isn't really words. While I was researching the mangle idea I came up with another one, bad enough damage to the head can cause insanity, or stress, which can lead to insanity. Essentially my idea is, I don't believe in it much, that the character we play in fnaf 4 is insane. Doing that every night is probably stressfull, not to mention an awful head injury. The characters we play could be insane, its why we don't die too.

    27. Ei Gaming

      Maybe what is the box is a birth certificate and it has the name of the crying Child also known as Evan.

    28. Reece Hoyt

      how did Michael become a robot because I thought the crying child was the robot

    29. sly Salamander

      What if in the books Charlie’s brother what if he was like physic Fred bear?

    30. Mila hunter

      1234 sister location pizza simulator and vr help wanted this feels like and looks like a hint to which i know very little if anything about it seems to me good old vanny is the on the verge of a fifth slash lol???

    31. Mila hunter

      in the mind of a person who is constantly in darkness those tally marks are actually the number of guards

    32. sly Salamander

      The ending of the fourth closet made me sad but I might reread them to find something

    33. Derek Arenas

      But if in the book he never died then crying child didn`t experienced coma and you`re telling that the child is relatively another crying child or the same one making Evan Afton the murderer of the series and maybe he based itself on his brothers name to put to the "real Jake" would be Foxy bro and Jake would be Crying child and Evan Afton would be the main killer of the franchise and Michael would be Evan Afton`s brother that has not been told to us.

    34. Mila hunter

      OPEN THE CUPBOARD JAAAAKE...... me !!!SHUT UP!!!! ya damn carpentry re opens laptop

    35. •Strawberry Hxlo•

      Only the Gacha community would know crying child's name as Chris.

    36. katelyn gamer

      C.C. is Christopher, Chris Afton. its on google

    37. Spookyskanda

      one of the bears is an EVANgelist

    38. Dylan Valdez

      The amount of time the lore is taking is what killed the game

    39. Late Gamer

      i got a film thoery: is coco and the book of life the same

    40. Ivy Leaf

      You should check out the gacha life / club things about fnaf (They call the crying child c.c or chis tho)

    41. Philip Brice

      if evan is the crying child how is jakes dad evan

    42. BigMilkers223

      I found some older fnaf books at my school's library :D

    43. Lennert Joostens

      cant you find something with the name eva XD

    44. Demonic Toy Chica

      Nobody: MatPat:GOLDEN FREDDY=CASSIDY=Crying CHILD Me:Fredbear=Crying Child

    45. Jacob South

      Being named Jacob this intro was terrifying

    46. Hoblgof

      Me reading this as my name Andrew with a friend named Evan 😬😳😱

    47. PiercingDagger

      I thought it was the bite of 87

    48. Jake Sanson

      man i just wanted to watch a game theory and the first thing i hear is him calling out my name

    49. Enn_trap 666

      Sounding like pennywise in the beginning of the video

    50. Pepsi man

      I think Evan is the name of C.C/BV

    51. Roblox Cuty

      His name is Christopher

    52. RadCat Studios

      1:50 The new security breach trailer be like:

    53. Gavin Aikens

      Take a shot every time the fnaf lore is missing a piece

    54. 小天使小魔鬼

      my ex ruined the name evan for me OUT OF ALL THE NAMES ITS EVAN

    55. JJ Elson

      Doesn't make sense though, the crying child is Evan, but is the father to Jacob, but possible brother to Michael Afton, how would he be the crying child if he died in the book?

    56. Katie Krok

      there’s ghosts, lore, and bloodstains in a children’s workbook....what

    57. Abigail Vaughan

      The crying child’s name is Chris afton

    58. JoyousPotato

      Why does MatPat sound like a scary Chris Griffin in the intro? Just me?

    59. Annie Rankine

      You don't know 'the crying child's name?' I thought it was chris afton. William aftons youngest son?

    60. Foxy The Toast

      You know how we most likely play as Micheal, if that’s true why do we get attacked when we are NOT William Afton or is it because we look like him?

    61. Jordan the Crazy

      is andiematronic’s theory connected to your theory?

    62. ꧁ᴀ ᴍᴜғғɪɴ꧂

      Thoughts on the new fnaf trailer MatPat 🤨🎤

    63. Milos Macanovic

      I think crieng childs name is EVAN...this isnt the end off the coment next video ill tell the rest

    64. gacha midget

      I'm sorry crying child the gacha community will no longer be calling you Chris you are now Evan

    65. Zero Oceanic

      Some people on rhe fandom call the crying child Chris. But for some reason for me Evan feels a little off, why would Scott give a "hint" on something that is 6 years old! It doesin't feel right to me. But i'm good with Evan..... for now

    66. NinjaMetal

      I now share a name with a FNaF charcter. Cool

    67. Kawaii Chan

      My theory, based upon what you discover in FNAF AR, is that Vanessa is fighting for control of her own mind. As was suggested by Mat Pat, but I came to this conclusion long before he made his theory. But this gameplay trailer solidified it. The person talking in the beginning and the man yelling are William Afton. Why do I know this? I analyzed the voice and compared it to the voice you hear from the FNAF VR minigame. It's the SAME VA! Therefore there will be times she is in control and genuinely wants to help us, but I think Afton will slowly win as she dawns the suit. Showing her full body committance and that she is now fully in his control. I think one of her acts of defiance will be giving Gregory the wrist watch seen in the trailer. Because it has access to cameras in the multiplex, a map, an inventory, and logs. The only way he would have access to this information is if SHE or FREDDY gave it to him. Another thing that suggested a shift in her personality? One, she has the purple nail polish, and secondly... As she watched Gregory from outside the glass elevator her neck twitches subtly. Her lips were partially opened in shock before the neck twitch, but then her body subtly becomes more trained on Gregory after the neck twitch. And when she says they have to get him "Out by morning" it is my thought that either they are going to lose control of their own body to William by that time or she is trying to lure him out by that time. I think there is a clear distinction between "Vanny" and "Vanessa". Vanny seems like a nickname, less formal and playful. While Vanessa is a real name. I think Vanessa is the real her while "Vanny" is a combo of "Bunny" and "Vanessa". Something William came up with. A new name for a new killer. I think we are going to either save her and ourselves by the end of the night or at least try to. But I think William is due to return as a nightmare animatronic. Due to the ending with the hand in purple lighting or Vanessa gets stuffed. Either way it is the rebirth of a killer.

    68. Mr.C Cool

      It could be either Evan or Jake I mean there are similarities but it also could be neither and Scott was just like you said throwing is a bunch of information

    69. Chloe Duncan

      Confirmed: MatPat is a lore troll at times.

    70. the bunny gamer

      according to the thumbnails of these videos alone, we miss a lot of things in fnaf

    71. Riley Cortes

      1:50 his name is evan

    72. KodaSoda

      I dont know if matpat has talked about this, or if its just not important, but i'll say it anyway. In the trailer for sister location, you can hear a little girl whispering and mumbling. Its hard to her what she saying. Maybe you have to mess around with the audio? But i all i could understand was 'Don't do what he says' Another thing is, the girl doesn't sound like baby, or ballora, or any character. Its most likely elizabeth. I don't think this will have abig impact on the loar, just something i noticed.

    73. Martina Ahrens

      Cry cheid = Chris afton

    74. Nytro Pro

      I think that security breach is a before anything happened like the bites and that the name of the crying child could be Gregory because in one of the shots you see to lines on his shirt... I know it is a bit of a stretch but could very well be possible

      1. Nytro Pro

        If you are going to do a video on the security breach I think you could put this theory in and say if this is possible or not thank you mat I would appreciate this I’m not a theorist but I might be if this is presented

    75. Reagan’s Gacha 118

      I think the tally marks represent how many nights Mike was able to survive

    76. Paula Ruelas

      I'm really mad at this point

    77. Paula Ruelas

      I can't believe no one has figured out the name yet

    78. LizzyPlaysMiniDog

      Thats my little brothers name, i got a chill down my spine hearing that

    79. Cyrocyincal

      5 years

    80. Enid Animates

      I have the activity book, my brother got it for me. A few days ago I was bored and looked through it again. I saw the tally’s and wondered, ‘Where do those fit in the lore? Or are they already part of it?’ But now I’m wondering another thing, on page 18-19 there are tally’s and puppet is watching from under the desk, so who are they? Why do they come in with the tally? What do they have to do with it? Or is it a coincidence? Also Matt, I’m kinda convinced that he COULD be the crying child, but in a different form. _Undead_ like his brother, could Cassidy be (forgot his name ;-;) cancer kids mother? How are they related? But loving the FNAF series anyways. Edit: Cassidy also asks, ‘Do you have dreams?’ With a photo of nightmare Freddy. I’ve forgotten if he’s canon or not but if he is, is Cassidy _inside_ it? Either when he’s asleep or awake. I forgot if this has been covered, but I’m just going a tad insane aswell. At the end of the book we see nightmare Chica, is this after the fire? Did Chica ever escape? What does she have to do with Mike, Cassidy and Evan? Also The tally numbers on the grid are: E E E J I. I couldn’t think of anything that could be related, to this though. Maybe initials or first names first letters of spirits? Or something else? I’m not sure, I also think I spelt Chica wrong? Also (again I know, I promise I’ll stop soon, maybe) what do the stars on the front cover have anything to do with? There’s 5, 7, 1, 4 and 2 that you can see clearly (I got two from the bottom left hand corner acting like they were whole), This was the letters: E, G, A D and B. Again, no idea. Also, has anybody tried counting the blood splatters? Putting them in the 8-bit chart? What would that do? I might do that later, but for now I still have about half the video to watch. Another edit: Using E V A and N, you can get other words, Vane: like a windmill type thing, Vena: Blood vessel Nave: the church part for religious congregation. Which could *technically* all be based around the crying child. There could be a vane involved (in his death, the weather is relevant and a vane can also be a spinny thingy, which would include the fan seen early on on camera in game one, or I’m actually crazy now), the vena was what could’ve been cut and the nave was his funeral, his body being laid to rest. I’m gonna start counting blood splatters on each page now, to get something? Maybe?

    81. jaden yuki

      Scott slang

    82. Lászlo Deák

      Sad Security Breach noices.

    83. MMDGLaDOS Gaming

      i thought the crying childs name was chris .-.

    84. charlie the gamer711

      angry child is literally underfell

    85. ruby my guy

      Im a little rusty on the fnaf lore but i think maybye security breach might be the same location as fnaf 2. It sounds absurd but there are a few similarities e.g the play area for fnaf 2 and the play area in fnaf security breach. (also theres the ballpit teaser in security breach but i dont know if the ballpit was in the fnaf 1 location ). If we figure out when security breach is set that would make even more evidence aswell

    86. Tsukkihina_simp

      I’m into this I believe it

    87. ass wad

      and they all lived Happily Evan Afton

    88. tony

      Boys we are not done yet these years have paid off but we need to keep on going even if we’re 40🙎🏽

    89. ZofrinFN

      9:02 that could mean that’s how many people he has killed and that might play a big part once we meet new characters.

    90. Tsukkihina_simp

      I always thought it was Chris afton

    91. SythChris

      who else got goosebumps

    92. Gobo The Ghostie

      you should make a episode that summarizes all the up to date info on the FNAF series because there’s a lot of theories on you channel that you’ve back tracked on.

    93. Ludwig

      The pages

    94. Kaeden Saunders

      I can only imagine how people named "Jake" would feel! 😂

    95. Sammi Gutteridge

      You know at the beginning of this video of the missing children graves there is a grave at the very back

    96. khang le


    97. Dum_one _kid

      My theory: The crying child Is no other than an Evan WHY? look at the dots in the book it is a kid named jake who has a tomer The crying child bit of 83 I thank scot is give us a clue who The crying child really is and it is Evan.

    98. Nicci Cunningham

      Maybe use the tally marks to convert them into letters and then put the letters into the eight bit foxy grid

    99. Haha Panda

      Do a video on the new trailer

      1. Mossific

        He will its just it takes a long time to make a vid

    100. Dark Red link 9632

      The f mat Michael and Evan that gave me child fsr