Explainer: Why India aren't through to the WTC final yet


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    #viratkohli #WorldTestChampionship
    A rule change means it's not necessarily the teams with the most points that qualify.
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    रोजी प्रकाशित केले महिन्यापूर्वी


    1. Srinivasa Aditya Mula

      Nicely explained with board animation how point's and percentage vary as per comment

    2. Richard Robinson

      Whaddya know? Kohli is complaining about something. Guy just needs to shut his mouth and try to score some runs. Currently, he's a passenger who should be dropped.

    3. Shubham Singh

      WTC should be organised just like old 50 Overs world CUP were held (Round Robin format) . A host nation should be made having minimum 5 stadiums and favorable weather conditions for playing Cricket. With Pitches carefully examined/prepared by ICC officials for a balanced competition b/w bat and ball. 8 test playing nations (IND, AUS, ENG, NZ, PAK, SL, WI, BAN) divided in two groups G1 and G2 (4) play matches against each other....synchronisingly. Those two teams who top the table G1 and G2 on the basis of Points, NRR(for draw purposes) qualifies for final. FINAL is a series of 3 matches (or 2 if one side lead 2-0 declare as winner) with 2nd match is Day Night Pink ball test match. If final series lies on 1-1 then both teams should be declare as joint winners. If any day of final series match affected by rain/bad light/bad weather. Proper reserve day must be allotted. How are your views on this?? 🙏Plz right 👇

    4. 3oh3

      WTC = India, Australia & England

    5. Mahadev Parmekar

      I think better option would have to give 50-50 points instead of 33% points to series not completed due to pandemic. That would still qualify india and NZ, either ways, but looked fairer.

    6. shashikant pattar

      This virat sounds too arrogant these days....for every normal question he gets agitated and always thinks he thinks right every time which is not the way to go

    7. Vikas Gupta

      Out for 0

    8. Nipun Kothare

      the real reason - racist fucks

    9. Rudrajit Sinha Roy

      This table is very difficult to understand while chemistry table is easy which has some logic.Seriously ICC makes sometimes bad decisions.

    10. Rahulxt

      True that.

    11. adishan 1922

      As I've said earlier ICC should be renamed as ACC i.e.australian cricket council..

    12. Nikhil Chauhan

      Well, he definitely has the reason for it but I don't think he give much shit about WTC. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    13. Varun Kapoor

      Icc made cwc 2019 final a joke with thier dummy rules


      if india gets into the final,will lift the cup .england and australia give better competition than kivis

    15. Enigma

      Wow.. What a great idea... I mean just dont play some away matches and get fucking points.... Aus, nz, havnt played that amount of matches and are well ahead...... Wow.. Shame on icc

    16. Pingu Penguin

      New Zealand and Australia would have easily got 120 points off Bangladesh, who were whitewashed by West Indies recently. Also Australia might have got a minimum of 60 points off South Africa, given their good record there. Don't understand what virat kohli is complaining about.

    17. Saikat Banerjee

      WTC cut-off should have been postponed to allow all teams finish their matches.. Even Olympics got postponed..

    18. SAI RAM 004

      Virat's anger on Kumble continues.....

    19. Rahul Hingve

      What about Australia pulling out of that series against SA???? shouldn't they do something about that....

    20. Karan Chawla

      I think India and England are the most deserving teams to be in the finals, it seems like New Zealand just got a free pass for finals. It's not like I don't like New Zealand but this just seems unfair for other teams.

    21. ajay pooniya

      Thats the stupidity of icc

    22. Balaji Venkatesan

      ICC dumb as hell. or corrupt? trying to shoehorn austrália in at all costs? looks like they don’t get basic logic. if a team makes the extra effort to play despite covid, go through bio bubble, etc. and they get no credit? ridiculous!

    23. PADY

      Icc officials are literally very high when they make cricket rules😂😂😂 is it that difficult for them to make simple rules 🤦

    24. abhishek chaube

      NZ always play 2 match series at home, so they get 60 points for every win. ICC should also look into the number of matches played by each team

    25. Varun Surendran

      I think india would lose the 4th test

    26. Sheikh Suleiman

      the most undeserving team right now for finals has to be australia. they opted out of overseas tours, played at home and are somehow contenders for finals. even new zealand qualified by just playing at home. ICC = Illogical International Cricket

      1. Prabhat Singh

        No nz they smartly didnt count 4-0 loss from aus in thier points tally

    27. Divyansh Tripathi

      Well explained thanks 😊

    28. Omkar Vedpathak

      The funniest thing, England get the most advantage by such kind of dumb rules in past gets disqualified in Modi stadium. 😂

    29. sumit tahlani

      These changes are so foolish. India should have qualified easily. Nz is undeserving as they haven’t played any away matches and they r already in. Outrageous.

    30. Raghuveer Vanaparthy

      Please remove BGM, especially when you are explaining something.

    31. Pranit Mane

      I hope India somehow manage to qualify and win the goddamn thing.

    32. Hell Yeah!

      This WTC is such a joke We surely would have witnessed a way better test series between England and India if this stupid WTC final shit wasn't there This thing as a whole is such joke It's like destroying Bilateral series

    33. Sneh Patel

      Nice explanation 🔥

    34. Sumit Joshi

      They should have extended date from 31 march 2021 to August 2021

    35. a senna

      Wtf is up with that annoying background noise with this video? Are you trying to make it hard for us to follow what you’re saying?

    36. Aditya Sarda

      Situation quite similar to class 12th student's life: For cllg Admission For WTC Final Percentage. Percentage What it should be: Entrance Test. Points

    37. Pradeep Nayak

      Music is too loud. Didn’t hear a thing!

    38. anuradha verma

      IND vs ENG, Motera stadium: IND loose: AUS in, ENG n IND out IND Draw: IND in, AUS n ENG out IND Win: IND in, AUS n ENG out And what if it will be a tie, anyone? Do number of four n sixes will be counted or what 😂

      1. Omkar Vedpathak

        Then India in. And eng is out no matter what happen.

    39. Ansh Alok

      And newzeland just played in home 😂😂😂. Still qualified even tho they don't deserve

    40. anuradha verma

      NZ and England haven't played each other, While all big 4 (ENG,NZ, IND, AUS) have faced each other, home or away. I wonder why 🙄 .It doesn't look fair

      1. Contradicting Illusions

        NZ has beaten or drawn with England in all test series since 2015. In fact, NZ had won the most recent one late 2019, which for some reason did not count even though it was played within the WTC cycle. So if anything, it does NZ a disservice to not get those points.

    41. anuradha verma

      Silverlinings, It should have been India vs England at lords but it have become India vs England at Ahemdabad, thanks to pendemic.

    42. Dhirshan Gobind

      This is the most ridiculous format in sporting history - makes no sense whatsoever! This is typical of cricket though - like Duckworth/Lewis - no wonder cricket is only taken seriously in 8 countries.

    43. Shankhajit Das


    44. Naveen Bosco

      0:27 Wrong. That was Kohli after the first test in the ongoing series.

    45. Swayame Singh thakur

      English experts are saying that India making spinning track is unfair, and Indian team don't want them to play WTC finals, but said nothing, when the rules were changed after the lockdown, when India was on the top ,above everybody and all of a sudden they went down to no. 3 on the table.

    46. Vinay Ramachandran

      Nicely explained.. thanks..


      Where was icc about fairness in world cup final

    48. Aditya Saha

      I always knew ICC was racist. They just proved it again.

    49. Karthik

      India win the series 3-1 and play final with nz. India 🇮🇳 going to win first ever WTC 💪

    50. Shivam Shah

      Agar india nhi qualify hua toh icc ki maaka bharosa

    51. gautam totekar

      ICC also came up with boundary rule .. a WC final which I cant still forget.. so ICC rules are basically pile of shit..

    52. jyotiprakash singh

      also one thing are you know everbody new zealand didn't play to the south africa and england in wtc also this thing help to the new zealand.

      1. Prabhat Singh

        Alao they didn't count 3 loss against aus

    53. Raghvendra Sharma

      WTC should be a three match series and not a single game

    54. Dhameer Govind

      Didn't Australia resign from the SA series?

      1. Omkar Vedpathak

        Which reduced no of a match they going to play (divider of the equation) which maintain there point the same as ind vs Aus.

    55. Gaurav Anand

      The idea of percentage of points was given by Anil Kumble. There were talks of splitting the points of uncompleted matches.

    56. F R

      By the way World Test Championship very good for reviving test cricket!! Because there is no reason to play any test series without any value!!

    57. Vishnu Pillai

      NZ has great chance to win the final...If Aussies qualify they may win..If its India under kohli it's way too easy for NZ..

    58. Jitesh Kolhe

      It's like a Duck 🦆 worth louis 😂😜

    59. whats in a name?

      Who is Geoff character? Why does ICC have all non critical players as administrators? They should have docked all points from Australia for not playing SA. Time that India gets its voice heard in ICC.

    60. NoName

      Australia chose to not play SA series. They hardly played any away series and lost one series at home lol. How can they still be a chance to play the final? They should not get any points. India toured everywhere

    61. Esshan Chawla

      Talking about some lucky fixtures, Pakistan were the most unlucky in this case cause they played against England, Australia , New Zealand away from home.

      1. Hatkesh Ki Public

        So what they also played 2 and a half home series only one match was left but despite that also they won't able to qualify

    62. MAD Fahaam

      I don't think we should complain this was the only option after shitty covid

      1. Gauri Shankar Badola

        Extending WTC final date?

    63. AkshaT

      hahahahaha i can see indians crying over NZ's qualification hahahahah

      1. Harish Prajapat

        @AkshaT ya that Still because if we want to listen something , we just dont pay any heed to other things , we just want to be stubborn for the fact we want to listen from another like you , you want to hear people from others that "nz is best team and if they have played in india , they would have white washed them , same like 0-3 in australia 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      2. AkshaT

        @Dr. Nasty-Dave u r somewhat correct , but its not that they did not deserve it , i agree they played a lot of home matches but still.....

      3. Dr. Nasty-Dave

        nz qualified because of some illogical rules

    64. Sourabh Singh

      Going by this i see England losing more than any one...they have 442 points but still they are 4th in the list and are out of finals

    65. Shekon Tekon

      When ICC talks about fairness, they mean it. I meant the skin colour !! 😋🤣😁

    66. Shekon Tekon

      So you are penalizing those team who have taken the efforts, the risks and the sacrifices(bubble) to play and call it a fair change of the rule. Well when you cannot defeat them in the field, defeat them on the books. India should prepare a dead pitch for next Test.

    67. Jesse Pinkman

      All the legends in the comments...try to make fair rules and see how difficult it is....

      1. Omkar Vedpathak

        The fair rule. Extend time to complete the series. Or compare same amount of series for all team (same no of home, same no of away)

    68. Prasann agarwal

      New zealand is playing unfair as they only play 2 test at home so easy points in the bag

      1. Nischal Ashamgari

        We don’t have enough money here in nz to host teams for more matches cause the ‘Indian Cricket Council’ takes up all the revenue

    69. jainpuneet16

      Chutya kyu ro raha hai, percentage point sahi haina usme kya kharabi hai

    70. Shashank Achari

      I Love kohli coz he never rely on luck. Whatever he has achieved till now is only through Hard work and Determination!!

    71. Muhammad Khan

      So basically for India to win the last test they have to prepare even worst pitch then the one in the previous test. 🤣🤣

    72. rajesh vemula

      why kumble did give this pattern...

      1. rajesh vemula

        @Aryan Singh yaa he is good bowler but he is not good in management or coach....this year ipl also panjab has 53cr but still didnt able to buy good player..just simply wasted making price high of other players Kyle, moris but didnt buy what is use of keeping 18cr team will not get benefit panjab and rr are always buy sasta player

      2. Aryan Singh

        Finally someone spoke the truth. It was none other than anil Kumble who gave this idea of percentage 😣😣😣😣.....

    73. James Jones

      You dont need to make a video about this. They aren't through to the final because they aren't good enough.

    74. Vaibhav Pratyush

      What if its a draw

      1. Omkar Vedpathak

        India in

    75. Abhimanyu Kohli

      Yup, pretty unfair.

    76. Nikhil Sacheendran

      For me india and england are the most deserving teams !! Nz are extremely lucky to play the final ,

      1. Areez, Muhammad

        @S B THARUN REDDY Nice observation


        Ikr They always get away with thing 2015 wc semis 2019 wc semis

    77. Virat polamreddy

      WTC is a silly idea... Something that goes over a period of 2 years😂😂😂😂😂

    78. GM 02

      ICC just fucked up the complete Algrothim of WTC....

    79. Bangalore's Hydro Home

      It should've been Ind v England at Lords... Imagine giving 6 subjects exam, in the first 4 you got 80% and in the last two because exam was difficult u scored 65percent, and u ve been rated with ppl who didn't give last two exams, and since their percentage is better in the first 4 subjects they were hailed as toppers... Eng and Ind both working hard, having tough series but those who are not playing series are those who didn't give all exams... It's not fair to rank them at the top when u won't know what percentage they would've gotten if they had played all 6 series.. Either England or India or in worst case both teams will be robbed the wtc final opportunity..

      1. MAD Fahaam

        Ind England In Lords was a daring task

    80. ANUJ DUBEY

      NZ has played only 1 away series that too in AUS where they lost 0-3 and all the defeats were of huge margins. Really not getting how these home track bullies have booked a ticket to finals !!!!

    81. Srinivas rao

      N Zealand should be put to test outside N Zealand

    82. Srinivas rao

      How N Zealand hv qualified not playing much good cricket left to be desired. We should be first to qualify

      1. Prabhat Singh

        They didnt count 4 loss against aus

    83. oshizone

      Most kucfed up board is ICC. Everything from Duckworth bullshit , to Pomps stealing the WC from NZ using a crappy rule of no. of boundries. Now this whole Test Championship started as something to look forward and now with Aus and Eng out, they are trying to use some other Kucfed logic. Balls to ICC and balls to Test championship..!! In the last 3 months the real champions has been revealed. Beginning of ASIAN Rule..!!!

    84. Tanay Srivastava

      Newzealand is non deserving team of the wtc finals...they r only played on their sutface with easy teams..except india...and they hammered by aussies in australia...I dont really understand this ridiculous rules

    85. Shuvodeep Ash

      Don't let NZ's good blokes, gentleman captain image divert you from the fact that they hardly played overseas while qualifying for the WTC final...so it's hard to say they are deservedly there

      1. Prabhat Singh

        Alao they didmt count 3 loss against aus



    87. Kathir Magaesh

      Newzealand didn't play many overseas series especially in India.

    88. A Nam

      Has Kholi told anywhere that he is upset with these points? Clickbait by cricinfo

    89. The Last Stylebender

      Problem with this rule is that if you don't play you get 100% point.

      1. Dhruv Gaming


    90. The Last Stylebender

      By this rule, if a team played no match or played only one match and won, wouldn't they be in thae final .

      1. MAD Fahaam

        Icc knows that only eng,Nz,Aus,Ind will qualify

    91. Varun Chaturvedi

      What an irony NZ has won 6 home matches (2-match home series vs India/WI/Pak) and 1 away test win vs SL (drawn away series vs SL). NZ was routed 3-0 in away series vs Australia. NZ are poor travellers, don't see them winning/drawing vs (likely finalist) India in the final at Lord's.

    92. Sahil Kalsulkar

      Only india and England played 6 series

    93. Aayush Srivastava

      ICC is dumb

    94. Couch Potatoe

      New Zealand played all the hard sides at home , why no one asking their merit?

      1. Couch Potatoe

        @Lokesh N Y what ? I am literally asking why New Zealand should be eligible to play this final and you asking me about home advantage, you good bro?

      2. Lokesh N Y

        You should think about home advantage first

    95. Sharan Ram

      Hate Newzealand. They don't deserve to be in the final. India is the most deserving team to be in the final. And there should be a tight competition between Australia, NewZealand and England to play final with India ICC don't know to calculate

    96. Shadow Boy

      It's just Australia and England who rules ICC !

    97. Alex Frost

      Pause at 1:42 and see Jay Shah Expression.So cute

    98. Sanjay Pruthviraj

      It will be very challenging for India to counter the ball from Newzealand swing bowlers... cz., conditions in NZ & Eng are pretty much similar and swing is lethal where our(Ind) batsmen struggle to counter that... Boult (incoming deliveries to RHB) & jamiesion (outswing with rise from good length areas cz of 6'8") are hard to face.... And that too only 1match is very very difficult to adjust by our side... Hope they have a better strategies to overcome like they did in Australia.

    99. GG Comments

      We can certainly rely on ICC to make any tournament messy and complicated. DL method, World cup boundary count rules, refusing reserve days for matches (even in world cups), ranking point calculations and now this. No wonder they can't get their act together for a fair points table.

    100. GG Comments

      Wouldn't it be simple to let all countries finish playing their tournaments? I mean *what's the hurry?* In times when even olympics gets cancelled, ICC can surely wait few months to let all participants play their matches. Perhaps ICC is adamant on using Lord's ground as final's venue which can only be used in summer. Thus the inflexibility. I feel for English team which has travelled a lot, tried to fulfill all it's commitments, played more matches than any team, win more matches than any other team (except India) and still can't qualify despite 442 (2nd highest) points. While Australia who refuse to travel, has played half the matches than England, only played 4 out of 6 series, has mere 332 points and still gets to sit back and qualify. The real contenders are England, India and New Zealand.