Battle of the Bastards (P.1) - Game of Thrones (Season 6)

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    Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. It is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels, the first of which is A Game of Thrones. It is filmed in Belfast and elsewhere in Northern Ireland, Canada, Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Morocco, Scotland, Spain, and the United States. The series premiered on HBO in the United States on April 17, 2011, and its seventh season ended on August 27, 2017. The series will conclude with its eighth season premiering on April 14, 2019.
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    1. Randall Bell

      Imagine, if Ramsey did not hit him even once, Rickon would reach Jon and Jons army just left.

    2. Lou Man

      好似三國誌, 也有這樣的 情景

    3. douglas787

      The almighty say he thinks he can get me out of this, but I'm pretty sure, you're fucked. hahaha

    4. Michael C.

      It's been a while for me, but... wasn't Rickon, like, three years old at the start of the series?

    5. Nicku Malik

      Battle of the basterds. !! When the title is these awesome then Acting, cinematography and music will need to be super awesome. And guess what it is marvelously awesome !

    6. BrandonScott RobinsonMusic

      Best choreographed battle scene of all time, hands down. Season 6 started gradually sucking more and more but this episode was like an explosion of awesomeness, and then after everything went downhill.

    7. زكريا العطار

      5:00 what is the name of this music?

    8. G66 G55

      "go go! follow your commander!!!"

    9. Steve Conrad

      Probably best not to run I a straight line

    10. Syrex

      To be fair, he was running straight towards John...

    11. miranda she

      anyone care to explain how ricky was running faster than that horse

    12. The guy that played Bolton has to be on the list of most punchable faces in the history of films and tv shows. Good actor.

    13. John Lorimer

      The last season of this show was a master class on how to completely ruin something perfect.

    14. Samuel Pearlman

      He still, and again, knows nothing...

    15. Ashi Sardana

      4:53 Reminds of endgame. That's how captain America felt.😏

    16. Carlos Machado

      *A thousand arrows will fall at my brother, my men and my ground... but none shall hit me.* _~ Jon Snow, 2016._

    17. Jason Eitland

      That arrow had more of an arc than Rickon's character.

    18. Ephraim Omeiza

      He shouldn't have ran in a straight line 🤷🌚 only made it easier for ramsey to target him

    19. Akash.

      Evaluation of GOT, won every battle and lost the war.

    20. Akash.

      2:35 circumstances you face if you didn't saw APOCALYPTO.

    21. Ivan B.

      Don't worry guys Rickon learned to run from Prometheus the school of running away from things.

    22. Juan Laise

      This is the beginning of making Jon stupid for the sake of plot. It's perfectly in character for him to try and save Rickon. What's not in character compared to previous seasons is him charging blindly against the enemy army. Even assuming he managed to get to the enemy line, what then? Was he seriously thinking that he could kill hundreds of men to get to Ramsay? After failing to save Rickon, Jon would have turned back and not given in to rage. This is something that S1 Jon would have done, prior to joining the NW and being mentored by Tyrion.

    23. Olivier Pelletier

      Wtf is this shit? Goes from an empty field, to cavalry running at each other ....and thats it. The bad buy never moved his infantry forward so how are they fighting on foot? And how the fuck to they tell each other apart. And how is it possible to have a 1 meter high pile of corpses in the same 5 foot large area? Nobody thought about moving out of the way just a bit? Wheres the giant? I swear, every GoT battles I see are just shit. One with dragons taking 5 minutes to burn down a ship and the next with another dragon breathing for 5 minutes nonstop in a solid stonemade city and making buildings explode.

    24. Nathaniel Reed

      Prometheus school of running

    25. User One

      I would gave taken shelter at one of the many fire pits, that clearly he could have made it to

    26. Coerb

      I think the best scene in GoT is 05:00 bro thats amazing

    27. evgen pakos

      Лучше смерть чем так жить. Как я. С мужем мучаюсь


      Episode number

    29. PrezLawrence

      Damn Rickon... duck some of them shits! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    30. BigBOSS

      04:10 Braveheart influence

    31. Lifers Earth - David Seymour

      Run in a zigzag pattern at least

    32. W

      Is that mick Mars?

    33. Siddharth Rawal

      Run zig zag bro

    34. Adrian Vasile Ciucu

      Still give me the chills

    35. Rex Noct

      it kinda bothers me the more i see this episode how not a single barrage of arrows touch him

    36. Sand-man

      like captain america against thanos' army

    37. Jesse Jusek


    38. hollywoodwerewolf

      Rickon Stark woke up not in the North's idea of heaven but in San Francisco during the worst earthquake.

    39. Pegasus

      All the kid had to do was run irregularly zigzag. There is no way the archer could have predicted where the runner would be when he arrow reached him.

    40. hollywoodwerewolf

      Jon Snow's never played Medieval Total War. You don't attack a superior force. You gather your archers, put some stakes in the ground and pray.

    41. aaron breeds

      straight line ? cmon man lmao

    42. natebardwell

      "Loose" Bolton

    43. Khatri Family

      Still I got goosebumps when I watch these battles

    44. Siaynoq8

      That dorky Stark kid had it coming.

    45. Robert Murphy

      Serpentine! Serpentine!

    46. Anne Lou

      the author of this book is so cruel. He killed a kind character. 😏ihatetheauthor🤣

    47. Stephen Dudash

      one thing i dont understand is why did he zigzag after he saw the first arrow

    48. Odin Combee

      4:03 That shot is honestly fucking amazing

    49. Charlotte Narimas

      How does jon see that far if he road so long

    50. Robbo57

      Ramsay Bolton was the best bad guy in the series. This episode and beyond the wall were the best 2 of the whole adventure.

    51. Izzy Bee

      This was the best of the lasts seasons

    52. Joebotnik


    53. Quinn B

      I’m just saying dude, you don’t run straight in a situation like that

    54. n4jeeb

      bruh i woulda been ducking diving all through that field

    55. Rag Rag

      It's like he was one character too many from the very start.

    56. Nickerz

      Perhaps try running in a zigzag, Rickon. You moron.

    57. Lucius Vorenus



      The most forgetable of the Starks.

    59. Q H

      Poor horses

    60. Camilo Parada

      "Hey you wanna join us in a hand to hand battle?" Nope

    61. John Baker

      Godsdammit Rickon, freaking zig-zag at least!

    62. Dare Devil

      No plot armours were harmed during this battle🤣

    63. Ерлан Билялов

      That 4:09 scene is powerful

    64. Logan Williamson

      Rewatching this makes me realize how just truly amazing this whole show was until that final season. It makes me wanna watch it all over, but knowing you spend so much time getting absorbed into the world just to get to season 8 & those two dudes just completely ruin it & don't care either is so infuriating lol

    65. that.kid. jp.draws


    66. Top5NoQuestions

      Zig Zag Rickon 🤦🏾‍♂️

    67. Carl Stockman

      Serpentine serpentine!

    68. Bla Bla


    69. Jessica Yomo

      And that was the moment he fucked up ...

    70. sunny deyali official

      why would anyone run straight when u know the guy with the arrow is behind u

    71. sunny deyali official

      instead of running lie on the ground and roll.U might get lucky

    72. Pwimetime

      Valarian sword properties - Elastic when riding a horse 1:22

    73. Scott Ricci

      This battle was THE BEST battle scene of all battles fought in GOT! Lots of good POV shots during daylight. Well filmed, well edited!

    74. T H

      loved ramsay, complete pragmatist. If it werent for plot armor Jon wouldve been dead 100 times

    75. Fox ?


    76. Christian Cavalieri

      zig zag damn you

    77. Harry Angulo

      5:09 my favourite scene ever. He was prepared to die there and then and refused to go down without a fight

    78. Lifers Earth - David Seymour

      Ramsay is the anti-Froto

    79. camq0789

      So the brother does and they just stomp all over him lol

    80. Dark Eco

      Actor who played Bolt Ramsay was unintentionally a better joker than both Jared Leto and Phoenix.

    81. Gurcharan Jadaun

      How confident was Ramsay He didn't even try to hit on his first two shots 🧟

    82. James Dollshead

      Ramsey really was a wrong un

    83. Narbel Gaming

      why did he have to run in a straight line

    84. George Danilov

      Plot armor 88 lvl

    85. kyzercube _

      What do you call an illegitimate daughter?

    86. TreyParkersBitch

      “GET WORD TO THE-“ ...dammit

    87. Soni I

      Imagine he was Usai bolt

    88. DSKC gaming

      This was one of those scenes in Game of Thrones that you just put your hand on your head and said really never heard of zigzagging

    89. Mik Moen

      Fighting on top of mounds of bodies that weren't there a few minutes ago is just very disturbing.

    90. Ryan Martinez

      I think most actors are actually evil that enjoy getting to do these things even if it's on set (as long as others see them on screen doing it)

      1. JustinGr03


    91. Eddo Sumarsono

      Mick mars before motley crue

    92. Hasheo

      Just don't run in a straight line you fkn moron

    93. Heuvelke

      I really am the type who likes to fight alone or with a small group. Charging with horses like that is pointless. This pure chaos of mindless battle because of lords

    94. Super Gamer Pals

      This was the best battle ever seen on TV

    95. Gyuresssz

      Can you remind me why did Ramsay leave the fort he was holding?

    96. Dav Vsqu3z

      Best battle ever.

    97. ▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░◢Shiro Matatabi◤░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂

      I see we're still doing the "run in a straight line" thing that everyone in every movie does.

    98. Krzysztof Bodzianowski

      The more you hate the role the more you appreciate the actor

    99. Gary Mussell

      I think the image at 5:10 is what won the show the Emmy that year as best drama show. Absolutely brilliant writing, cinematography, and acting.