2KBABY x Marshmello - Like This (Official Lyric Video)


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    2KBABY x Marshmello - Like This (Official Lyric Video)
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    1. Marshmello

      That New New with 2KBABY! Mello Made It Right 🚀 Stream/Download "Like This" ▶ 2KBABY.lnk.to/LikeThis

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      2. Fabian Persson


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        Greatest music ever kepp up the good work mello

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        I like your song so mush mello 😘❤❤

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      Te amo marshmello quando cresca quiero ser como tu

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      this is so good like this

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      1:36 watch it carefully.

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      “Niggas calling the police but saying Gang Gang” 🔥 🔥 🔥

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      Ты англичан но ты мой любимый музыкант 💪👍

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      I'm a fiend for the cream.. like a basking robin

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      They spelt dwyane wrong 1:00

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      Dog ad

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      Best song ever

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      Marshmello is the KİNG

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      Good work🤙

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      this is the BEST!!!

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        pls heart me mello!

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      It's kind a smooth and pop song

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      Wow 0:38

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      Soy el único que canta esta cancion?

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      They should add an emote of this on fortnite

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      I love how 2kBaby actually makes his songs sound good with almost no bad words

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      Say hello to Portugal🇵🇹🇵🇹

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      0:55 SICKK BRO

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      This this this

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      Very nice

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      1.25 is 🔥🔥

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      me gustaaaaaaaaaa la amoooo buen ritmo

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      1:00 **DWYANE Wade

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      Best song 2021

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      Una obra de arte

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      Fajne piosenki

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      1,000,000 ✅

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      Can we take a moment to Appreciate the *EDITING* put into this video.


      thank you

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    58. Shazada Nawzad

      Pretty cool so nice i like it yup i like it

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    60. Dani gamer 3340

      Hola no puedo ablar inglés

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      Always imagine getting heart form Marshmello but it is Only a dream.😩

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    87. Familía Campos de Mello

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