THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD Official Trailer (2021) Angelina Jolie, Thriller Movie HD

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    THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD Official Trailer (New, 2021) Angelina Jolie, Jon Bernthal, Nicholas Hoult, Forest Fire, Thriller Movie HD
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    1. ONE Media

      Angelina Jolie 🔥🔥🔥❤️

      1. kathy k

        I'm more excited to see Jon Bernthal in the trailer. Probably doesn't have a big role but I've missed him after they killed him off the walking dead.

      2. Dj Keys

        She always been my fav..action chick.but no hurry back and the right roll I ghess.but can't WAIT to see her new joint

      3. Mr Yang

        The next Katherine Turner.

      4. Carrot Cake

        @inatimi I'm jealous of being old...

      5. inatimi

        @Carrot Cake Jealous MUCH ?? 🤣🤣 - 🙄 | ✋🛑

    2. Taj Vir Singh

      Just got done watching it with my son. Awesome movie. Very pretty Angelina as always 🥰❤️

    3. The Dummy

      Looks like Jon Bernthal is in it also

    4. Dina Lopez Persson

      Wow she is back❤️❤️❤️❤️

    5. Kong Lee

      Movie was trash.

    6. Jonathan G

      Little and finger and Lara croft have joined the chat....

    7. The brain

      Love angelina but horribly unrealistic shes 120 lbs maybe running rough shot through highly trained men lmao a sucker born every day

    8. Faris Qutob


    9. Mayah Frank

      After our fires year after year on the West Coast I really don't know if I can handle watching this. This trailer got me emotional! Was surprised by my reaction. It's been pretty traumatic I guess!

    10. Swetapadma Bagh

      oh wow the guy frm twd i frgt him nm:-\

    11. morrison clarkt clarkt

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    12. Garner Bright

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    13. sean mack


    14. Hasti Kamali

      Omg!!!! I love her. That's soooooo gooood

    15. CEO La Luna

      rip Angelina & Tyler

    16. Frederick Mccray

      Only watching because of Shane😛

    17. 03 AI

      The film had so much potential but everything was mediocre. Is Taylor Sheridan overrated? Or is the original book bad?

    18. Lowell Alawi

      i love angelina but this movies was so bad :/

    19. All Madden21 never sleep40

      Seem like a good movie. Jolie need to make another tomb raider movie..

    20. All Madden21 never sleep40

      1:12 the wrong turn scenery.

    21. All Madden21 never sleep40

      1:03 hmmm trust

    22. All Madden21 never sleep40

      0:32 hmm yup!

    23. All Madden21 never sleep40

      0:02 my baby tomb raider...

    24. Mika kol

      Very good movie !!! 👍

    25. rocel codilla

      she still pretty

    26. eusebia franck

      The thirsty creator happily twist because trunk hypothetically bat before a animated knee. cute, knowledgeable face

    27. Matthia Laporte

      She's bakk

    28. bob rock


    29. D Legionnaire

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    30. bg se

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    31. Tommy Mateo

      This was actually a good movie !

    32. Sebastian Koehn

      I just saw it, the kid acting is good!

    33. Jangan The Great Wangsu

      Good MOM.. 👍👍

    34. Martini Montana

      Angelina boiled Botox in action move cat.6

    35. orang aring orang

      Angelina Jolie really diamond

    36. mydo nerler

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    37. launig_

      i shouldn't have watched the Trailer, because now i don't have to see the movie anymore

    38. Lil Yeet

      Pig tails are just big fuses...

    39. TeaBagger08

      Hollywood sucks........

    40. Workout Music life

      angelina jole is the best actors

      1. Workout Music life

    41. Tracy Jennings

      Im so happy ANGELINA JOLIE is on screen again and then i saw TYLER PERRY too. I am excited

    42. Mana's Talk Sessions

      Angie we LOVE YOU!!

    43. za za tomy

      That lip filler is working hard

    44. ZX_Nomad

      I just watched this and I had tears in my eyes a bit ngl

    45. Benny Tirado

      Yea well, don't get all excited about this movie. It will definitely disappoint you.

    46. Alexxis Delmoral

      This Movie was so good. Definitely a must see!

    47. Snoopy Bollox

      I'm not sure wats more terrifyingly bad this film or wat Angelina Jolie has done to her face....

    48. Steven M

      Loooks bad ass can’t wait🙌😌

    49. V

      She's Gorgeous 😍 😍....

    50. Don Draper

      I wonder who's husband she stole this time 'round....

      1. MomBlk332CN


    51. Mono Ped

      kinda like tom cruise as jack reacher

    52. david torgeman

      is this over privliged white women relly a real represantation of America! Rasist muh hahahaha

    53. Linda mike

      The unequal pants interestingly joke because rose separately recognise lest a barbarous surprise. snobbish, freezing syria

    54. abdul rauf

      Welcome back 👸 of Hollywood

    55. Aly Khalifa

      Just imagine Angelina Jolie is back Who's watching in 2021 May

    56. Catherine S. Todd

      When and where can we see this online?

    57. X S

      I remember Taylor Sheridan used to be in Sons of Anarchy. Now he's behind the camera. Practically everything he's written or directed is worth watching. This definitely will be too.

    58. Secrete Obsession

      I'm glad she's back whats going on with Salt part 2

    59. Miss MAKATA

      There is littlefinger and Shane as bad guys. Yummy 🤤

    60. Marisa fernandez Casem


    61. Shabi Mi

      I'm excited

    62. Abdurrahman Imam Subki

      Maleficent might adopt a lost son😍

    63. Kevin Azoulay

      Another stinker for jolie...

    64. Smita Bhattacharjee

      Mrs.Smith got her divorce and now she is back in the game !

    65. Dine20 Nene

      Yes the queen in Hollywood is back

    66. Dine20 Nene

      Oh my God my Angelina Jolie..... 😍😍😍😍😍❤️ She's so beautiful and cool

      1. Angelina Jolie

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    67. Kreja CHANNEL-Tomislav Krejacic


    68. Antigone Jovic

      Is there a rifle range locally?

    69. Payne, Inc.

      Damn...she's still fine 😇

    70. MMaya

      Angie's back!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    71. MrTeG3SH

      Lara Croft retierment plan gone wrong i see

    72. Marcelo Rodriguess


    73. RTR Al

      I guess being Governor didnt work out for Carcetti 😂

    74. Jennifer Moreno

      I love it already !!

    75. Jayp Raw

      Ohhh Angelina Jolie got ops?!

    76. wicked damage

      shane Walsh and Angelina Jolie AHHHHH

    77. Gary Tay

      Tomb raider is back!!

    78. Nelvik Junior

      Am I seeing some Tomb Rider vibes here 😍

    79. Dan Welsh

      Must need a new husband or something

    80. Ангел Рая

      Кино, которое стоит посмотреть?

    81. Life Of Los

      Angelina ALWAYS understands the assignment!

    82. Galactic Psychosis

      This looks like a shadow of the movie Harrison Ford was in many years ago when the kid was Amish.

    83. Manuel Friend

      Wow this trailer was nostalgic. Totally reminded me of the game Firewatch.

    84. Robert Turner

      Nope. I won’t see ANY film with Jolie in it. Parental Alienation is just too low to go. I boycott all films she is tied to.

    85. NMK One

      Looking forward to watching this one.

    86. J ???

      Those who wish Angelina in their bed..👍

    87. Jomar Bautista

      Ok angelina is back....

    88. Timon Tomoiaga

      Oh yeah thr queen is back 🥰

      1. Angelina Jolie

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    90. shmari1975 jolie

      🙌🔥🔥Excited to watch this ❤️

    91. bck

      SALT is back 👌

    92. Kevin Ngare

      This is what Carcetti doing after becoming governor

    93. Melissa Koc

      Smojya cvetocek

    94. charlotte jamer


    95. balog bolog

      so we si angelina in action again

    96. monica hocking

      Far to thin for the part!

    97. dema Sharabati

      You don't have to be Palestinian to support Palestine. You don't have to be Muslim to support Palestine. Being human is enough to support Palestine. 🇵🇸 #انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح #savesheikhjarrah #ŞeyhJarrahmahallesinkurtarın

    98. Melanie Molyneaux

      Littlefinger being a butthole...once again 🙄

    99. Christine Capron

      Go Angie , you're back , Love to see u in action again , Love u

    100. Fithra Chastity

      Angelina Jolie: "Don't ruin my morning" 🔥