Which Way Will the Water Go? (ft. Steve Mould)- Smarter Every Day 226


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    1. T3 Tedwards

      Steve is a really smart guy if you ignore the British accent" **angry tea clink noises**

      1. george kane

        What’s wrong with a British accent?

      2. ratoncito

        @Komen Cents please translate first. Thank you.

      3. Komen Cents

        @ratoncito it's spelt English. Yes we speak English in England. And we also understand American

      4. Komen Cents

        @Oleander410 you don't even know how to pronounce R's. Actually... Asian people pronounce it more accurately than Americans . Funny

      5. Komen Cents

        @d@r$h@n CF force is acting on the pipes, not the water, since the water isn't in a centrifuge. As you'll notice, it's travelling the centrepetal path hence why you see the centrifugal illusion. (Ie the water shoots to the middle therefore passing the middle and passes the outer circumference... not because it's spinning)

    2. SSK - Moonlighter

      Buddy you are awesome! Not Common to be That reflected, and very very Hard especially Having so much knowledge. You know Whats the Best about it? The One who beneftits the Most of this Trade are you and Then your Family and Friends..So the world is kinda fair afterall..no doubt that you are a Great son, Husband, Dad and Friend. Keep it up,

    3. Willie Lopez

      Destin is wrong on those green arrows because the arm are moving at constant velocity

    4. travis povey

      Probably going to use this video in church.

    5. Luis Pellicer Collado

      9:10 *"Does God exist?"*

    6. Jacob Canote


    7. Fadi Ashush

      Man, the bunch of sentences are lifetime lessons.... Loved it....

    8. kraskiprsut

      I predicted it was going to crush into itself, not like loop, but like you would turn hose upwards. After I finished watching, I realised that this is still possible, probably if the speed of rotation would be the same as speed of running water.. and if the rotational speed would be eaven greater, than the stream would be behind rotation probably? Thank you for your videos guys

    9. emman solitaire

      When simple vector addition confuse you.

    10. Isaac Connor

      That first disagreement made me doubt Destin's intelligence, ngl...

    11. Isaac

      No one literaally no one destin: travels to UK just to play in a sprinkler

    12. Lisan kadivar

      F(Coriolis)=Mass. (Velocity of particle in rotating frame)×(angular velocity vector of frame)

    13. Lisan kadivar

      This is clear demonstration of coriolis force action of water particles in frame of reference of the pipes rotating. So not so unexpected......

    14. Kensky

      It was a really good episode!

    15. RandomnessX3

      my monkey brain doesnt like how the water is moving

    16. Darth Rock

      Nope... You're not taking into account the centrifugal force, gravity and momentum. Alabama, you're wrong.

    17. Chetan Technomania

      The Illusion ahhhhhh.... that makes fysiks a little hard

    18. dernolddodge

      Great point. I definitely need to practice that. I really enjoy watching your videos!

    19. Physio Detective

      Thanks for you for your humble approach Destin. And Steve’s graciousness.

    20. sacredevil114

      G'day Destin, very interesting video. I'm no physics expert but I reckon you also need to consider centrifugal force experienced by the water drops impacting the angle in which those move forward. That's why you see a beautiful curve with a small nudge on the curved in sprinkler (as it cancels the part of velocity of water coming out)

    21. Bryant

      It's like when the guy in jurassic park is talking about how raptors attack, ones coming straight on w something cool, but the sciencey one on the left and the life lesson on the right you never saw coming till it was too late! 😆🤣 love it

    22. Mark Leon

      9:57 That is a good wisdom.

    23. Dylan Antonacci

      Your takeaway in this video is my biggest problem as a man in the sciences. It’s always a work in orogress

    24. Joshua Abraham

      thia is one of those think that its much more than meet to the eye. wen yiu just seeing it i doesn't make sense but when you really think of it, it is logical

    25. Dario Durà Armadans

      Hey great vid but the explanation of why it happens lacks something imho. The reason why it looks like the water moves forward is because it actually does! Angular velocity at the tip of the sprinkler is higher than in any other point of it (center has 0), so as the water sprinkles to the center its position is always forward than the position of the sprinkler arms (because they have lower angular velocity)

    26. Matthew Spotten

      Its the greatest thing when you find out that your two favorite channels collabed.

    27. Tempo 1

      That's a real good reflection. I'll take it to myself

    28. Grant Forsythe

      I love how you add the relational epiphany at the end! "When I disagree with someone, or at least I think I disagree with someone, it is imperative that I stop, I listen, and I don't move on until I completely understand the other person's perspective.

    29. Memento Mori

      Sees Alabama Me: No! Don't you dare! Stop it! My mind: "Sweet home..."

    30. Neil Nolte

      9:10 - 10:12 62 seconds that can change your life. Thank you Destin!

    31. Nicholas Rea

      Gosh, I love your channel! It's so fun to watch someone be enthusiastic about stuff! I really appreciate how you stop and address stuff like how you guys were agreeing but not. I appreciate your outlook on life and that you choose to share it with us, thanks.

    32. Anirudh

      when you are just here for the science

    33. john harsh

      I just started watching your channel, so I've gone back to watch all of your older videos. Sorry if someone already mentioned this, but you left out the centrifugal force on the water while coming out of the spout. If you spun the sprinkler hard enough, no water would come out because the centrifugal force would be stronger than the pressure, but anything in between causes the weird motion.

    34. Sound of Meraf

      Please explain the logic behind the tripod & ladder

    35. Raivolt

      This is a great 'thinking" video! 5:56 I kind of see why you mentioned angular or rotational momentum, omega, but what does the radius have to do with how it will look from the top down view? You said radius and then stopped what were you going to say about it. Just curious what your explanation was going to be. Thank you very much! Great video, love your channel!!

    36. Pujan Vanani

      Does anyone know what this effect/law is called?

    37. Mark Phillips

      Isn't this just another way of thinking about/visualizing the rolling shutter phenomenon? Or maybe it is simply an issue of needing to be really specific about frame of reference when having these discussions. The direction of the stream ends up being very different than the direction of a single water molecule.

    38. TheIVPope

      3:15 is the face of a man who's brain gears have ground to halt.

    39. Heya Kiddo It's me! Your best bud!

      O-O and I was right =D The water would make that curve shape as the water should still be moving as fast as the nozzle of the pipe in the direction it left it, however since this time it's being shot inwards towards the centre of rotation the distance the water has to travel in accordance to the nozzle of the pipe it is being shot out, to stay straight and align itself with the pipe, the water's speed in which it must be moving ( not the speed it's being catapulted out but the speed caused by the centripetal force) must slow down, however in this case air resistance is not enough to slow it down for that to happen which is why the water overtakes the nozzle until it exists the circumference of the circle the spinning device encompasses ( and traces with the pipe nozzles ) where the water starts to then lag behind the spinning of the device which if you let the water fall for longer, will actually allow the water to start resembling the 'trailing' observed when it was ejected outwards away from the centre of rotation as it basically is at the point it exits the circumference >W

    40. Matiyur Rahman

      9:40 *be nice.......

    41. Kaleb Bruwer

      Wife: "Why are you flying to London?" Destin: "To play with sprinklers" Wife: Destin: Wife: "...okay"

    42. MannyXVIII

      that Alabama handshake thing is still a high valued tradition in Hamburg, Germany. Just to let you know.

    43. Chrispewkreme

      Sidewards > tangential

    44. Dilep Dev

      good advice

    45. Bruno Terlingen

      I love your honesty about perception!

    46. calebt53

      What is the song at the 8 min mark?

    47. Maryetta Jeanmarie

      The ill evening structurally handle because purpose arguably alert concerning a gigantic carbon. thick, gray greasy great sharon

    48. Bala

      Actually i think it depends on the speed of rotation if you spin it fast enough the water will trialling and if you spin it slow as posible then as you said it will be opposite

    49. Mr T

      It's a matter of reference !!

    50. Dylan Allmon

      I don't like this

    51. Myungsunn Ryu

      Taking Coriolis effect into consideration could have win you the debate, but you have earned greater wisdom. Wisdom for me, too.

    52. Unknown User

      There’s also the variable of water tension where the drop behind is being pulled in the direction of the drop in front

    53. Rob Davis

      Deep social truths from physics. Mind blown.

    54. Arn

      Ofc Steve was right. He had already tried the home-made sprinkler before you arrived to UK. Steve might be smart but clumsy as well. he could at least had changed his clothes to a summer outfit and flip flops to prevent soaking his jeans and shoes. who wants to walk around with clothes all soaked?

    55. Terry

      "Oftentimes I get pretty headstrong." Like, headstrong enough to fly across the Atlantic to prove a point? Haha I love the banter. You might speak funny, but we love you, America.

    56. BCC Zoom

      you means that its inertia of motion which makes it go in a straight line and because of rotation some kind of illusion has been made by it

    57. Ricardo Feliciano

      You two are obviously intelligent guys. Couldn't you find a way to do the experiment without getting your feet all wet?! Other than that, amazing work! 💪

    58. Max Max

      Life before COVID looks so foreign...

    59. Peter Tatum

      I think the confusion between Steve and Destin is that Destin is thinking about "streamlines" (instantaneous particle velocity field) and Steve is talking about 'streaklines" (the...well its hard to describe...the path created by a bunch of 'streamlines" as the location of the source changes in time).

    60. TomtheMagician21

      Silly boy

    61. --

      That’s pretty


      My small brain can't handle this

    63. MineHunter

      Steve mould is sooo dreamy

    64. Travis

      thanks so much for makin this video man n introducing me to this alien tech physics manipulation demonstration!

    65. Andrew Lang

      Nothing better then two grown men sitting at a kids Punic table debating a waters direction out of a sprinkler recording with a $6K camera. This is the kinda quality I love from Smarter Everyday

    66. Varun M

      Clarity is denied when a mind observes or hears with a conclusion... Not me

    67. Varun M

      Oh Steve is definitely smarter ... 😂

    68. Keith Waggoner

      That’s why I’ve always try to listen more and speak less... Wish an “ex” friend of mine had done the same... We might still be friends.

    69. NioGreek

      I love the Alabama accent

    70. Dennis Allen

      This is one of the better videos I have seen in a while. First off, it travels in a straight line was my takeaway. But the bigger takeaway is, we only become stupid when we shut our brain down. Not turn it off, but more so when we block the acceptance of information.

    71. Levin Panitz

      Hi Destin, I have a question about this video. You sometimes said something along the lines of "we're looking at the snapshot". So now to my question how is the snapshot different from "the not snapshot" both physically and logically?

    72. Aaron Huntley

      Steve is a really smart guy if you ignore the British accent - you lose 1 subscriber

    73. Thawney

      My favourite thing about the accent joke is that I've had teachers apologise nearly EVERY TIME weve had a video from an American saying something like "please ignore the accent" .

    74. saket mundhada

      You both are not right dustin. See 2:43, the british guy was correct

    75. Dziaji

      Seemed pretty obvious what was going to happen. It looks cool, but nothing mysterious.

    76. Luke Arts

      Audio-books, sure. But please stop promoting the use of them behind the wheel. When listening to audio-books, you cannot compare it to background music on the radio. You're not going to listen to an audio-book that doesn't matter to you. So the topic matters and you want to listen. Even a phone conversation, where you can interrupt, stop talking or ask the other person to repeat what they said, has been proven over and over again to be a genuine and massive distraction that effectively causes accidents by the millions each year. So you must understand that listening to an audio-book, that keeps on talking and will make you miss something if you are not listening properly, definitely takes a way a huge portion, and most likely your main focus, off the road. My life got destroyed by somebody who was driving while his focus was impeded. Please, don't create more distractions, don't create more killers... Thank you.

    77. Gordon Swanson

      wow that would make some cool fountain!

    78. Dee10

      wtf? magic? i dont entirely get it ... kind of... maybe..... no i dont

    79. Greg Chancey

      Now to just get my wife to see that perspective but even if she does it would be admitting I'm right about something so I guess it's impossible,lol.Thx for a great video once again.

    80. Daisy

      Important to note that centrifugal force on the water exiting the nozzle creates negative/zero pressure in the first scenario and positive pressure in the second scenario. This changes how much of the rotational energy is delivered to the water droplet as either radial or tangential velocity.

    81. Doug 3D10

      Brits usually right

    82. Cole Prazanowski

      Lol is there no sprinklers in alabam

    83. Kalvin Li

      How useful is this video for Americans now. With this much divide. Each side is shut down to the other and emotions take over.

    84. Robert ONeill

      another variation I want to try is what happens when the jet is pointed opposite the "bend" in the stream. I am sure a force diagram would predict it.

    85. Robert ONeill

      I wonder what would happen when the rotational speed increased. My theory (without force diagraming) is it will bend further outward.

    86. king gaming

      I still don't understand why it doesn't lag behind when the tubes are curved

      1. king gaming

        Like I don't know if its based on the speed or what

    87. king gaming

      So I watched a video of 2 men playing with water

    88. Phanidhar H

      10:00, When I disagree with someone..nice one..

    89. Casuality

      "Steve is a really smart guy if you ignore the British accent" My British half is angry, my german side is laughing in superiority.

    90. Buddy lenway

      I wish politicians could see your point of view about disagreement

    91. oTurkish13x

      He could have auditioned for House, no joke

    92. DarkVitamins

      9:10 Not trying to make anyone feel bad but, you should be more and more aware of the "Half-life of knowledge" the older you get. Some young kid could have just recently researched a topic that you thought you knew 20 years ago and felt that way since.

    93. TimesWatcher

      Alternate title: Using high speed cameras to capture the psychology of being wrong.

    94. Abdullah Al Amin

      At 9:00, some water is actually lagging behind as well as the most amount going ahead. Any ideas why this anomaly?

    95. StarWolf 621

      StarWolf watched this.

    96. Michael Antonio

      3:32 I like how you change your answer, so that way you're right either way. But Steve, being smarter, picks up on that. You can see that he caught you because Steve does that classic subsonscience "shame, shame" finger gesture, lol.

    97. Michael Antonio

      0:36 Burnnnn!!! But honestly Dustin, Steve definitely has more intellect than you. However, I think that you have more book smarts.

    98. Yezpahr

      Mindblowing. I'm curious what other shapes would do. What would happen if you fork those 4 pipes pointing inward, the end of the pipe would look like this: -< One stream would go with the rotation and the other would go against the rotation. I think the following shapes would also produce funky results. My suggested experiments would be: -( (an splitter with inward bend) -< (a splitter + straight bend), -= (another straight bend with possibly different results), -C (an extreme inward bend) and one where the forks bend "outward", Υ

    99. Jakub Kędzior

      8:00 was Steve right? He did say it was going to curve but in the opposite direction, I think. Didn't he mean that it was gonna lag behind?

    100. East Fremantle

      @9:41 a great life lesson we should all practice.