Navy SEAL Astronauts - Smarter Every Day 243


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    Bill Shepherd
    Chris Cassidy
    Jonny Kim Bio
    Learn More about the Navy Seals
    Learn about the US Navy
    I visited the Navy Seal - UDT Museum in Ft. Pierce Florida
    (Not Officially Affiliated with the US Navy)
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    Ambiance, audio and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Chris Cassidy is currently ALONE on the US section of the International Space Station. How crazy is that? I really enjoyed speaking with him and Jonny. I started this process thinking the Seals probably focus on the ability to overpower the enemy and smash things, but it turns out humility and the ability to work on a team is by far the most important attribute. You can follow Chris and Jonny on twitter and Instagram (I'll put the links in the description). Thank you to those who are supporting Smarter Every Day on Patreon! ( ) Did you get your baseballs?

      1. Ken Graham

        Great to see a Navy SEAL in space. I was a submariner, retired now, but used to deliver any where you guys wanted to go. Proud to call a step brother. We submariners share a similar brotherhood and since you guys also hide below the ocean and just as comfortable in the ocean depths, I always thought of you SEALs as a step-brother. Not sure if you are still up there but stay safe and return home soon

      2. Randy Peddycoart


      3. Randy Brumbaugh

        @EARTH IS seriously FLAT o

      4. Vasakhi

        Isn’t he back already recently?

      5. David Smith

        If we brought China and ISRO into the ISS, then Nobel Peace Prize

    2. Dono imdono

      Destin - this is one of the best short documentaries I have ever watched ! thank you. truly inspired and inspiring.

    3. Lina Lombardi Santos


    4. Dustin brad

      When he said that reminds me of a trim wheel in a cessna 172 i was thinking the exact same thing

    5. Willie Nelson Gonzalez

      Jonny Kim, Navy Seal, ER Doctor and Astronaut. That man is putting the “A” in Asian!

    6. Maryetta Jeanmarie

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    8. Roger Cushman

      This was a great video. Another job well done.

    9. B Lt

      Why would people put a thumbs down , i guess there extremely jealous and a bunch of losers!!!

    10. kenny .D

      I got goose bumps watching this

    11. Hanspal Singh

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    12. Valkyrie

      i wonder... after being in space for years on end and then coming back to does it feel to actually STAND ? Whats it like? to have hard ground under your feat after years of stress, floating, and all sorts...I just wonder..

    13. Dark

      Astronaut, Doctor and a Navy seal. Sounds like my tinder profile

    14. Eduardo

      You’ve got two initially synchronized atomic clocks and two iphone cameras. One iphone is recording one atomic clock display and both these are placed at the international space station. The other iphone is recording the other atomic clock display and both are fixed at earth’s surface. After a time span needed to desynchronize the two atomic clocks

      1. Eduardo

        by one tenth of a second due to the difference between the two clocks displacement speeds then all equipment - clocks and iphones are brought together. Pne will rightly notice the one thenth of a second phase lag between the clocks but will the iphone videos be at the same sinchronous second?

    15. gregory coopwood

      This is such an awesome video!

    16. A B

      He is what once I wanted to be. Life happens and I have mad respect for him

    17. Alex Ortiz

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    18. Micheal Belt

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    19. Shaul Firon

      Big fan of the show, love your vids. Pls work on your camera movements a bit, too jumpy. If you don't have a gimble for your camera its a good time to just can't hold a camera and get a stable motion experience...

    20. Michelle

      Including everything else he does, does Chris also speak Russian?

      1. Rick Kwitkoski


    21. Michelle

      I love being all alone in my world, although it's not the same as actually being all alone in the world.

    22. Michelle

      Is there anyone in space during quarantine?

      1. Rick Kwitkoski

        Yes. You can watch the launches, the returns, the spacewalks... MUCH happening there. Everyone is tested and quarantined for weeks before going.

    23. Leslie Robertson

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    24. Hitchens

      Soon to be, Mario Romero

    25. battlebrother tifes rolilios

      SEAL's: Brother, brother I am pinned here!

    26. Le Goupil

      Those guys are just so amazing smart and polyvalent, respectful and humble, they do all those amazing things ... and then I look at the struggling artist in the mirror and I weep like a toddler

    27. BLD Lightpainting

      And soon a woman seal? LOL! Look, we all, young and old, black and white, male and female are equal in our Creators eyes. But you would have to be very naive, ignorant, or just plain uneducated or inexperienced to not understand there are very large physical, psychological, and biological differences between men and women. Therefore, there is never going to be a man that is going to be equal in all ways to a woman, or a woman that will be equal in all ways to a man, which is a good thing, just as they were designed and created to be, so they should never be compared as equals in this respect. But equal in worth as human beings, most certainly.

      1. United States of America

        That, out of everything you heard is what you took away from this entire video? The very best of us became Navy SEALs, Doctors, and Astronauts, and then some of us complain about their opinions in internet comments.

    28. Cloudroth 216

      Jonny Kims episode on Jocko is one of my all time favorites!

    29. stef huit

      Wait... Did you got to see the preview For all mankind season 2?

    30. Daquan Adams

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    31. liamskimac

      What inspirational men

    32. Don Clay

      This was an awesome video! Really enjoyed it.

    33. Banks Dennis

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    34. Ken Graham

      Great video. I spent a lot of time with SEALs because I am a submariner and was on a submarine that would deliver them to their area to depart and sometimes return. They are a great group of men and I am proud to call them a step brother. See, as submariners, we share a lot with our submariner brothers that was blood sweat and tears. We are also at home in the ocean depths and you got the chance to make a great cruise with some of my brothers. The SEALs I have a great respect for because when they see that Trident, they know that is a fellow brother just as when I see dolphins, I also see a brother. Keep up the great work


      dumber with every episode

    36. Miguel S Enriquez

      Hay bros

    37. laith elayyan

      why is the flag displayed in the museum shown at 0:52 hanging upside down? I mean if you want it to be more identifiable in a deployment situation then the large white text is above the white circle not below it. Just sayin

    38. r j

      the brotherhood ! hmmm

    39. Stijn

      Is there an international (since im not from the US) or US part of the military that is basically exactly like the seals but doesnt aim to harm others, I would love to be a part of that. I just don't want to handle a gun or intentially harm anyone even if they are an "enemy", the training and brotherhood part are still very important though.

      1. Rick Kwitkoski


    40. Stijn

      YES!!! Soo much yes! in this video, I loved it sooo much!

    41. Omar Salih

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    42. elftax

      Just noticed that Chris shows very little emotion when alone with Destin but his demeanour changes when with the other Seal

    43. Daniel G


    44. Julian

      I discovered your channels around a month ago or so and I'm trying to catch up :) Thank you :) a big hug from Bulgaria

    45. Life Is Turd

      probably the coolest part of this video was when the camera floated when Chris let it go

    46. William Lamy

      SO GLAD you spotted the cyrillic name! I was amazed at it while watching him talk and you pointed it out at the end :D

    47. tvx gamer

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    48. Make Money

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    49. Pastel Assassin

      Starting from around 31:31 it seems like the footage up on the ISS has some white dots impairing the video. I know at higher altitudes above the Earth's atmosphere, astronauts have been said to experience high energy particles enter their retinas and impair their vision somewhat. Could the white dots on the footage be evidence of high energy particles entering the camera's lens?

      1. Rick Kwitkoski

        don't see that Do you see the dots at all resolutions?

    50. Alex Ortiz

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    51. K-9,TheCat

      COVID = BS

    52. GaLoS

      Amazing men, amazing video!

    53. waszap j.


    54. Johnny Knoxville

      You had me Chris, until you said "Woman" SEAL - You've been politicized.

    55. Adam Marinos

      Very cool. Amazing men

    56. Randy Peddycoart

      Navy Seal Astronaut! Drop the Mic :)

    57. Andrew Lang

      Listening to Jonny on the Jocko podcast was a treat. The meat head idea of SEALS is from Hollyweird. Except Jocko lol. Question: Do SEALS extract from a target with the sub they arrived with, the one Destin sat in?

    58. yasen king

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    59. fargneta

      The first "frog-men" were the Italians, during the 2nd World War. They rode torpedoes which they then hooked under the keels of the ships ... Durand de la Penne and many oyther ....

    60. Chuck Kern

      very cool stuff. thank you

    61. Yoram Alon

      Imagine a submarine skin made of a self tuning split ring resonators metamaterial. That submarine would be invisible to any active sonar. An equevalent evolutionary solution should exist on certain fish skin. Biomimicking engineering?


      The international Space station does not exist… It only exist in your mind…


        @Rick Kwitkoski I’m not here… I’m only in your mind

      2. Rick Kwitkoski

        WHY are you HERE????

    63. Nic Boulay

      I can see a lot of dead pixels on Mr. Cassidy's camera sensor. Is that from space radiation hitting the sensor?

    64. Bram Hengeveld

      That... was wholesome.

    65. Marion S.O.

      Mit meiner Kurzsichtigkeit, muss ich mein Handy vor meiner Nase halten....🙃 Kleine Anmerkung!

    66. Marion S.O.

      Ob wir jemals dieses Museum besuchen könnten....wahrscheinlich nicht😔😔😔, bin so traurig

    67. StarWolf 621

      StarWolf watched this.

    68. Luis Salgado paredes

      Not much difference between Johnny sins and Dr. Cassidy as far as titles talks LOL

    69. Miky ॐ

      The Channel

    70. samuel p


    71. Lewis Hachmeister

      Olympus EM1 Mk3 > Panasonic GH5

    72. Mystery Mayhem

      They're going to need to amend the acronym for S.E.A.L. teams to S.E.A.L.S. (SEa, Air, Land and Space)

    73. John Kean

      Hate these vids they make one feel under accomplished 😢

    74. John Kean

      So if u want to become an astronaut: get a Harvard degree, become a Doctor whilst youre improving you're navy seal skills ... mmm l don't think its gonna happen 😭

    75. John Kean

      What l don't get is, with all the technology around, why they have to go outside to space-walk _AT ALL_ 🤔

    76. John Kean

      On the ISS: "Running around, with bags ... " 🤔

    77. John Kean

      Chris has the eyes of someone whose seen over the wall. 😮

    78. Ben Harris

      say someone falls ill on the s.s do they have emergency shuttle to get up there ??? loving all your work Destan

    79. Josh Fields

      Destin, I LOVE your content! I’m a detail guy. And on this video, one detail that struck me is while Chris was answering your questions on board ISS his nametag/SEAL device on his EVA suit in Russian! And I noticed BEFORE you mentioned it at the end.

    80. Keith Waggoner

      Wow. The ISS is living proof that all of us, regardless of color, creed, sexuality, upbringing, religious beliefs or station in life, can get along... Maybe we all need to move there...

    81. Chris George

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    82. krazziee2000

      very cool ..

    83. Brain Freeze

      What’s interesting to me, what mission is a Navy SEAL on to be on the space station?? :)

    84. Roger Whiting

      In the first BUDS film the instructor looked like Jocko with hair. Was it him?

    85. Michael Demetriou

      Well if you can become a SEAL then I guess you can make it as an Astronaut they are really special people.

    86. Bella Curcio

      We need to be envisioning a long term future for Earth where we can operate globally, as one, and not competitively against each other as nations or cultures. That's the only way we are going to really transcend our little life here on this planet.

    87. Adric Braithwaite

      For those wondering about all of the dead pixels in Chris' footage from the ISS, it's caused by increased radiation from being in low Earth orbit.

    88. Muhammad Raza

      daym that asian guy is insanely qualified

    89. Monster

      For those who don't know, last December he was selected for the 2024 moon landing mission.

    90. Dr_khan4u

      at #0:52 why the Muslims holy religious Frame is upside down? they did it on purpose or in ignorance?

    91. chris kaprys

      This is why I love MRplans. Thank you, Destin. This is really special.

    92. Black Man

      American pride at its best

    93. Mihi Gyver

      the swiss flag on 15:37 has the worng format! xD

      1. Rick Kwitkoski

        Yeah, a lot of flags will get an incorrect aspect ratio. The Canadian flag very often does.

    94. Tailhook MD

      Dad: Son all men are created equal. Son: Yeh but dad I saw a video about this guy.

    95. alejandro López

      Wow awesome video!!!

    96. John Roland Binamira

      SEALS Sea Air Land Space

    97. Players Remorse

      you should check out the one in Canberra

    98. Camdyn Ramser is 14 Miranda sings this 34 KK bye 1

      Omg wtf

    99. dave stewart

      Man we need a whole series on Kim well on all of them. Incredible humans. Great video!

    100. Chiara Trionfini

      Navy seal my hero, fantastic operation, I'm my heart👏👏