How Weed Eaters Work (at 62,000 FRAMES PER SECOND) - Smarter Every Day 236


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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Hey there! This one was a lot of fun to make! Ever since the lawn mower video I've been wanting to do this, and I've been working on it all week. Thank you for those of you who support us on Patreon! You bring stability to my family's life. My goal is to be a light during this time. I know the world is a bit crazy at the moment. I wish you and your family peace and love. Spread the love and help others where you can. Look for the positive stories of people coming together in unity and try to amplify them. There's a lot of disinformation at the moment so if you recall what we learned together in the social media disinformation series, think twice before you share something! Warm Regards, Destin

      1. Stephen Hawk JR

        For the slomo shots

      2. Stephen Hawk JR

        I’d really love to see and understand how the sounds are recorded for these.

      3. Steven Riley DeLeon


      4. Shane Bat


      5. Süleyman Tüfekçi

        Hey Destin, is that a Hamilton on your wrist? :)

    2. Captain Obvious!!!

      I thought you just get a Mexican to do it.

    3. Joshua Archdale

      13:55 the big is scared for its life

    4. itsTacoTuesday

      Hearing weed eater so much and not weed whacker is making me tweak lmfao

    5. Justin Morton

      When she starts up and begins to trim a boundary: OMG SO SATISFYING.

    6. Reinis Sproģis

      That generates so much microplastics

    7. Kixito

      16:06 WOW 😯

    8. Jeff Scheel

      killer video

    9. Jayden Destroyer0


    10. Gavin the Pug

      The string sounds like bloody gore.....🤮

    11. Márton Mikics

      13:52 ninja mode activated

    12. atlys

      Watching what is otherwise a relatively rigid and stiff material impact wire and become so soft and gloopy was kinda nutty

    13. Ed Forbes

      Weed eater sounds like a description of me at 15! Here in the uk we call them strimmers. I prefer weed eater though!

    14. keeginsane

      Roll tide.

    15. ASUSfreak

      Previous video was about Cisco CCNA, now I'm watching this... Owkeej lol

    16. Jay Mann

      Poor grass ....didn't stand a chance. How did almost 5,000 people dislike this?

    17. Kristina Arnold

      The tame asterisk pharmacokinetically deliver because tower yearly invite from a dry segment. productive, pretty improvement

    18. GrickinXD

      Amazing how much stuff can achieve with speed

    19. UmpikLumpik

      Is that sound also captured by the camera or it is post production thing? Thank you!

    20. Gregor Coetzee

      This is the most dedicated gardener I have ever seen.

    21. jamcdonald120

      4:40 my weed eater has a centrifugal switch, so as the line gets longer it auto locks, but if it shortens the lock disengages and lets more wire out

    22. Stingrayray341

      Cool shirt. I’ve been by that store dozens of times.

    23. BARTMAN88

      It seems to me it runs like the sprinkler video

    24. Terra Universe


    25. Harold Eldridge

      Bingo you do go right to left slowly walking sideways backwards

    26. Daniel Hale

      Weed eater obstacle course in slo-mo is like a dogfight between mankind's inventions. Ask the fence with a thousand yard stare, it's seen some ****. I was also impressed by the slow-mo of trimming the grass. It keeps springing up only to be pummeled again, and eventually this cuts it down to the correct level. I should stop anthropomorphizing the objects in this video, it just sounds like a low quality movie script Hollywood would pounce on in a heartbeat. :D

    27. Garrett Glass

      Nice clouds.

    28. Spydercolector

      The sound in slomo has to be fake right?

    29. timtrainage

      I don't know Destin, I think Project Farm did it better

    30. Coltyn

      This is like a horror movie for grass.

    31. Matthew Spotten

      I feel like this is a lot like getting your first oscilloscope.

    32. Lucas 'Ktulu789'

      17:37 Destin became Crazy Russian Hacker so slowly that I couldn't notice! Boom! I vas vattching the ad on anozher channnel like zhatt! BTW. It's the second time I watch this awesome video! Love you, Destin! I wish I didn't live in Argentina to be a Patron (without the government stealing 70% of the money).

    33. DatJap

      Whipper Snipper

    34. Dronilk

      Whipper Snipper

    35. Peter H

      All the microplastics going into the environment, this video has convinced me to use a steel blade and not a plastic line for my whipper snipper!

    36. Dark Rose Genie

      VentriloMatic approves of this video!

    37. Fabian

      Maybe this system contaminates the environment and the soil with small particles of nylon. Think in the amount of gardens around the world.


      Weed eater in England we can them hedge trimmers bru

    39. HAUNEBU 2

      Friction happens I’mI don’t think that Weedwhacker’s powerful enough to do an effective test. Look up the strongest Weedwhacker’s I use an echo commercial type! it’s amazingly powerful

    40. HAUNEBU 2

      The string melts! it immediately heats up when it hits metal and wood in melts apart

    41. Ramon

      7:57 talk about leaving split ends...

    42. The Dominator

      What is this language where you call it a bloody ‘weed eater’

    43. Rj gaming

      6. 24 _6.40 quick silver aaaah worthy opponent

    44. Lost Marimo

      Slow motion when it hits our skin and flesh

    45. MikeC19100

      Wow! I never guessed that there was that much tension on stationary objects when the weed-eater line connected with the objects. Now every time I use that tool I will be thinking of how it's banging against walls, fences, posts, etc. If you ever do this again how about recording how it looks when the line comes into contact with various wall typess, street signposts, and the sidewalk.

    46. Evan Fabri

      Booo to every weedeater that has ever been used. Atrocious noise pollution. Incredibly selfish to use one.

    47. Dancan799

      Sees title expecting some sort of chemical, sees a strimmer. Oh you funny chaps with your strange names for things

    48. Johnny Rep

      There is something so satisfying in watching the slo-mo chopping of grass.

    49. MaximalistTrader

      That string is trash.. it’s tearing the grass and not cutting

    50. Kyle A

      Most intense anime I've seen in a while

    51. Steven Willmy

      Tune your carb!

    52. jimmy white

      WTF is a "weed eater"? It's called a lawn trimmer, or just a trimmer!

    53. Stevooo 1

      I was sad when Mythbusters stopped making episodes. However, today I found this channel and feel rejuvenated! This is internet gold for science lovers like myself

    54. Aaron Azazagoth

      Next on Smarter Everyday: Hairdryers and the amazing thermal qualities that they have.

    55. Mayur Patel

      When they are playing in slow motion, it feels like torturing small innocent plants.

    56. ToastedDoughnuts

      Did anybody else notice the smarter every day logo on the rotating part of the weed eater?

    57. yoni591

      Do you fake the sounds in slow motion footage? Cause i know slow mo guys do

    58. Noneyo Business

      Is a weed eater any way related to a weed whacker?

    59. Brad Jefferies

      We call it a whipper-snippa in australia

    60. Marcos Roberto

      7:13 fruit ninja

    61. Noah Siegel

      W E E D E A T E R

    62. the bling-bling cheese 64

      W E E D E A T E R

    63. Michael Garza

      Who stole my grandmas gate and fence 😡

    64. JAW Media

      Hey I am not sure if what I was hearing was combustion cycle or not but if so. That engine fired 22 times in 1 rotation of the head. Granted it's a 2 cycle engine but still if that's true that is almost unfathomable

    65. Lukáš J.

      I wouldn't say the torque is function of length of the line. More likely the longer the line the higher the torque needed to reach certain speed. One could then argue that torque is function of speed which is correct but the torque was not measured. The speed was derived from the sound so the speed is function of length of the line. Which is in line with the torque being the same with more resistence to movement caused by the lengthening of the line causing lower speed.

    66. Austraya

      It’s called a whippa snippa

    67. maruku jimu


    68. Joe's Youtube

      What is 2 + 2?

    69. [ S o l i t a ]

      8:43 a small piece broke off to the left

    70. William Hulse

      I call it a weed waker but ok

    71. Nesddy X

      I usually call them vegans

    72. ROBLOX pro700

      weed eater

    73. Beanie Dog

      I only speak weed wacker

    74. Tobi En

      That park is your GARDEN?

    75. HenryManson

      Slapping the Shiznit out of Plants at 62k fps

    76. Guilain Bohineust

      i am amazed at how amazed i am by this video.

    77. Petreeteus

      All those micro plastics coming off 💀

    78. Márcio Vianna Júnior

      I'm starting to consider subscribing because SCIENCE that's why

    79. Two Owl Candies

      It doesn't eat anything, it whacks: Weed Whacker.

    80. Márcio Vianna Júnior

      I have passed the curiosity test

    81. user ing

      Imagine it touch our naked skin😱😱

    82. Larry Bane

      Where I live we call it Grass Cutter

    83. Matt Derynioski

      The part where you’re cutting the grass looks like something out of the Matrix.

    84. J.C Officiale

      I always wondering this man

    85. the Channel with no name

      is this your garden?

    86. Thomas Lee

      A-ha, the source of micro plastics in my lawn.

    87. IenjoyBiscuits AndGravy

      Glad to know I'm not the only one who has accidentally put holes in my vinyl siding with the weed whacker.

    88. matthew anderson

      Cut fire with that thing in slow motion

    89. Kenton Bubela

      My dad took the guard of of his so he can weedeat big areas at a time🤣

    90. /00\

      Terlalu banyak bacot

    91. mightilybix

      Horror movie for grass audiences

    92. theRIPwagon

      For the reccord hog wire will be lower gauge. That's called hardware cloth

    93. Михаил Г

      А у нас это триммер, и он мешает спать по утрам воскресения



    95. UpVoltage Overclocking

      It’s like putting a smaller or bigger prop on an airplane engine, it effects rpm

    96. Garrett Reynolds

      1:04 come on! Finish what you started!

    97. Jeany Luisa

      I think that automatic cutting of the line is only smart for people who dont dislike plastic particles in their lawn. I never really liked those little pieces of line in our garden. If you want to make it look even more like science, measure things in millimeter ;-)


      👈👈Without any video 20 subscriber challenge.....

    99. Leeroy

      RIP... Poor fence 🙃

    100. JegDeg

      Sponsored by reycons? Edit I saw him wearing them so I was like what, but then I watched more and it turns out it actually was