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    Best of Jeetu Bhaiya - a collection of best scenes and dialogues from Panchayat, the latest Hindi series created by TVF, streaming on Amazon Prime Video, starring Jitendra Kumar, Neena Gupta, Raghubir Yadav, and others.
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    About Panchayat
    Panchayat is a comedy-drama, which captures the journey of an engineering graduate Abhishek, who for lack of a better job option joins as secretary of a panchayat office in a remote village of Uttar Pradesh.
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    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 11 महिन्यांपूर्वी


    1. Shiva Ji

      All actor are great

    2. Abhay Shankar

      2nd season kab aa raha hai

    3. Shivani Shekhar

      That character name vikash, himself an iim graduate

    4. Surekha Hiremath

      Arey yaar season 2 release karo yaar please 🙏🏼

    5. Music CC

      Great ji.

    6. Dharmendra Gaur

      My altime fevret web series

    7. pankaj kumar

      Kya faltu dikhaya ha asa nhi hota kisi village me ....

    8. Chaitali Joshi


    9. Chaitali Joshi

      Waiting for season 2..PANCHYAT SEASON 2


      We need more web series like this not those shit love stories and fake action movies plz 🙏🙏🙏 Bareli ki barfi bati gul meter chalu Stree Family man Uri Masaan Caravan We need these type indian movies plz

    11. Chandan Desi

      2nd पार्ट कब आयेगी यार 🙏🙏

    12. Divine Bliss

      Banner leke aah! 😡

    13. Pawan Yadaw 2.0

      घोर अपमान = गजब बेज्जती

    14. solid statements

    15. Tech IT Easy

      ओन्ली लाल शर्ट वाला 🤣🤣😜

    16. Sweety Sonkar

      I loved it 😂👌👌👌👌 waiting for the season 2.

    17. Adii Vansh

      This web series is really good ya makes mood better

    18. Divine Bliss

      Jeetu is better than many Bollywood Actors

    19. Naagvanshi

      Sarkaari naukri ka sach

    20. Ritu Jha

      6 52 KC bhaiya mission MBBS

    21. Vinay Prasad

      The best series which helped me start the lockdown phase in a calm manner :)

    22. Rajesh Sarswa

      Real Action 👍👍 gaav ke ladke jesa marpit karte hai vesa he

    23. Priyanshu Gupta

      Jeetu bhaiya bhut achhe lgte ho aap


      season 2 kab tak aayega I'm waiting for 2nd season


      Frustration jb aaap kuch jindgi se umid krte hain aor wo nahi milti to aisa hi hota hai

    26. Mainak Chatterjee

      Same to you...AKELA...👍👍👍👍👍

    27. Anchais k

      Awsome web series 👌👌👌

    28. sumeet

      Video Starts Playing ... “Kyuki mai chutiya hun, mera dimaag chutiya hai” 😂😂😂

    29. Inzamamul Hoque

      Rinki ya ke papa❤️

    30. Saswat Mishra

      Arey season 2 kab aa rha hai

    31. shahina akter

      I wish i could delete my memory, and watch this series again and again.How they acted so real.Mera baas chalta me sabko oscar de deta, I hope they continue this story with season 2.

    32. Ayush kumsri Sri

      Jeetu bhaiya is super yr

    33. Shashank GK

      when the hell does season2 gets released!!!!!

    34. Pranav

      Amazing series realistic

    35. Sachin Revgade

      This is one of the best web series I have come across... In all web series there is no point where u get bore.. Awsome.... Simple and meaning full... Last scene is very beautiful... Actually made me so excited for next season 😊... Acting of caste is also fascinating.. Specially Jitendra kumar👍👍

    36. R S

      Second season kab laoge be..... Itnaa late kartey ho just loose the charm

    37. soumyajit chaudhuri

      Humlog bas high profile jobs k talash mein rehte hai aur gaon panchayat ko chod dete hai gutka khoro k hath mein

    38. Manshaur Rahman

      0:25 look at his eyes

    39. ganesh dalve

      Who wants 2nd season ❤️

    40. Shivendra Singh

      4:18 akele baithe aadmi daru na piye to kya kare i felt that

    41. Siddhesh Varma

      5:08 Are KC BHAIYA yaha toh Chain de baitho.. Btw fav character of operartion MBBS❤

    42. Ankush Kumar

      I can understand the pain, when you have potetial to achieve your success but lagging due to some reasons. I also got 91 percentile in jee mains, but i wanted 99.

    43. Rajesh Chauhan


    44. Anshu Rekha

      Finest performances .. loved jeetu bhaiya finest acting

    45. The Cognition

      Those who messed up CAT this year, can relate lot better than others

    46. N S

      Lovely Series

    47. Satyam Kumar singh

      0:24 😲

    48. Tapu KUNGAR

      I have watched thie web seires already 3 times... 1st time I downloaded it from telegram than after watching deleted due to storage problem in my mble than again I download it and than delete it due to storage problem

    49. Sumit Mishra

      Pradhaan ji bluff kr rha hai.. Uktimate

    50. PP_4

      0:23 best

    51. Piyush Hindu

      Very Nice webseries

    52. Manish Kumar

      Vikas was the best character

    53. E DES


    54. shafiel islam shifain

      I really hoped there'll be 2nd season

    55. Vishal Singh

      Next season kis yug me ayega

    56. Abhishek Sharma

      Jeetu bhaiya rocks

    57. Meditation Music

      I wish there will be S2 because the first one is awesome yr

    58. San S

      😀😀When is season two coming, waiting desperately

    59. Sangeeta Tiwari

      Yr acting level❤❤❤😍

    60. Sangeeta Tiwari

      Ashole matlab🤣🤣🤣

    61. Anayt Rahman

      Everyone relates to this web series....

    62. dipanjan chatterjee

      Season 2 kab ayega?😭

    63. Roshini Anil

      Everyone would want to see season 2 of panchayat

    64. Naina Rai

      5:05 Jeetu ki sanki toh achhe achhon ki phat jaati hai. 😆 First in Pitchers, now here.

    65. Pankaj

      Mera CAT mein 53 percentile aaya tha.. Lekin XLRI mein 99% aaya tha

    66. mohana singh

      Only web series which I can watch with my family without any hesitation..... waiting for season 2 so eagerly

    67. Khan Shah

      When Part 2 will be launched, I saw it in the lockdown. He also climbed on the tank twice and fell in love with the village.

    68. Zadid Ahsan Khan

      OO!! KC is here

    69. pankaj kumar

      I am waiting panchayat 2

    70. Santosh Dubey

      He's gonna be a legend, mark my words.

    71. Rajesh Kumar

      We want season 2


      Daroga g wo laparwah ho skte h chor nhi dil jeet liye mukhiya g 🙏

    73. Vikram_ Nishad

      Excellent excellent excellent

    74. Rajasthan culture

      गजब बेज्जती हैं यार 😂

    75. nitanshu

      main bhi chitiya hu

    76. Praveen Gupta

      One of the finest Web series from India on OTT.


      Mere to 82 se bhi km the

    78. soumendra Dash

      Reality of life. 👍👍👍

    79. Mohsin Mansoori

      "Barat me jo mil raha hai uski panni hatana" this may have different meaning for legends !

    80. Vikash Bishnoi

      Yar ye mx player pr mil kyu nhi rha h

    81. Vidya Arvind

      Totally loved Jitendra Kumar's acting and characterisation in panchayat. My favourite episode was the computer monitor one in which he vents out his frustration with village life and then the slight smile lighting up his face when he meets Pradhan ji's beautiful daughter Rinky atop the water tank. Eagerly waiting for season 2. I hope along with the love story of Jitu and Rinky, we see how she helps him in his work since she plays an educated village girl. Hope to see hints of the chemistry between SRK and Gayatri Joshi of swades in season 2.


      Jeetu bhaiya awesome

    83. kd k


    84. Different Angle

      Angry jeetu bhaiya is the best jeetu bhaiya

    85. YASH

      Reality of most of the civil engineers

    86. Haha! Mariyaم

      5:23 KC bhaiya ❤️😂

    87. Kritik Deshmukh

      Ooo KC is here

    88. Satyam Singh

      Season 2 kb ayyega ji

    89. Bhupender Verma

      Dislikes from Salomon khan fan 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    90. Ayush Anand

      That background music at 4:10 always touch my heart

    91. debashis

      Waiting for 2

    92. Jitendra Kumar V

      Waiting for the Panchayat season 2

    93. Sonu Jha

      Please please please please S02 please I wetting Love story gajab hone wala hai

    94. Tanmoy Dutta

      Panchayat 2 kab aayega???

    95. Jayesh Pattamatta

      I think he will be next Irfan khan because he expresses most of the expressions by his eyes! Awesome Jeetu bhai !

    96. Ali Anwar

      Gand Ka CheT 🤣🤣

    97. Aakash Patel


    98. Akshay Agarwal

      Thumbs up to Jitendra sir

    99. Akshay Agarwal

      Best Web Series I ever seen

    100. Subhajyoti Saha