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    ▶️ It's Clash of Clans update time on Beaker's Lab! YOU CAN UPGRADE YOUR BUILDER HUTS NOW!? BATTLE builders are coming to clash... ENJOY! ◀️
    Use code BEAK and SUPPORT BEAK & LULU! = Use creator code BEAK in the creator boost for any Supercell game! Find it in settings - more settings, and when you make any purchase in the game, it gives us a small reward, that we’ll use for gems, packs, and other ridiculous stuff in future videos!
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    Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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    1. Beaker's Lab


      1. Tripp Jones

        hey beak i just wanted to say i love your content and i love your energy

      2. Sebas V W


      3. Terribu

        @Ace Reece if your going to come in here and talk bad about people or anything remotely close to that you shouldn’t comment anything

      4. Terribu

        Not that there sneak peek vids but I have over 75 notifications

      5. Ibrahim Rahin

        A lot

    2. Guess my name

      Whats the range on the huts note:havent watched the whole vid yet

    3. VS gaming 95


    4. Le Creperie

      Join my clan plz it’s fire force

    5. Caden - Brawl Stars

      wow came from attacking town halls from needing abuilder to upgrade your builders hut and now to upgrade one building you are using 2 builders

    6. BOSS 777

      Fake video

    7. Yande Restu

      builder then : place in the corner map builder now : place inside the defend

    8. Sina Emre Arslan

      Me in the past: Omg i lost a 3 star because of a builder hut in the corner Me now: Which level was it? Me in the past: 0-0

    9. 333 gamings

      Join my clan its : Doooom


      I’m sas I’m only Th10 almost maxed

    11. Alvis Huang

      Barbarian at top: Adios 7:39

    12. Toons Official

      now all they need to do now is bring back global chat lmaooo

    13. Luuttaja

      It's very very cool but it'll also be very annoying and frustrating I'm sure :D But it won't affect me anyway I'm th11 and will probably get to th14 in 10 years

    14. hhh hhh

      beaker's lab you muslim🤔

    15. Kartik Sachdev

      "6:48" Happy to get 6500 *GEMS* from *GEMX.BUZZ*

    16. The Undead Song

      I just had a thought for a future update where they allow you to attack your own base and try out all different levels of attackers to see how your base would hold up against it

    17. atharva patil

      builders be like why th f**k should our houses remain unprotected XD

    18. Cgg abdi goas

      I can’t even upgrade the builder hut!!!! Help

    19. Al Wez


    20. Al Wez

      Awesome vid!, MUCH LOVE BROTHA!

    21. Ricardo Montanez

      So how do I upgrade my builder hut, do I have to be at a certain town hall

    22. Cool Kid

      I was so confused when I saw Builder hut (level 1) on my base

    23. Dragon Lord

      How to upgrade the builder huts

    24. JJ.e06

      Beak: the only reason I play clash still

    25. Clash with SORP

      I like when this happen"someone watches my video randomly", "someone like your comment" and "you have a new Subscriber"...

    26. Clash with SORP

      I like when this happen"someone watches my video randomly", "someone like your comment" and "you have a new Subscriber"...

    27. P Petrica

      This is the dumbest shit that Supercell done


      what fhx do you use?

    29. haver plays yt

      i cant upgrade ge builder hut

    30. Lien Jenscey

      Now we don't have to put these huts on corners!

    31. 15. Mca

      Builder huts are now gonna be the doom of our 3 star attacks

    32. yourareumgirl

      "7:37" Happy to get 6500 *GEMS* from *GEMX.BUZZ*

    33. enzo vallejos

      "6:45" Happy to get 14000 *GEMS* from *GEMX.BUZZ*

    34. Dream Desk

      Why couldn’t they have added them for lower th dude

    35. zoeh plays

      How many days to get the th14

    36. King KarnageYT

      man I only just got th11 why it got to be th14 only :(

    37. Alexis Abundiz

      Town hall 15 the walls could ducking shoot images😂😂

    38. It's Hunk

      What if they heal townhall

    39. Sam Gielen

      There is gonna be a moment we're walls are going to do damage

    40. Mark Zeiff

      Imagine Next update is an underground village. That's where the builders always go when the upside is destroyed

    41. kkroj56 gaming

      me a th8 not knowing u have to be th 14: LETS GO

    42. Kaung Thant Htet

      Ur just fucking talkative

    43. Aaron Rios

      What level can you use battle builders

    44. PoetsOf Fall

      Its like a little bit warcraft vibe

    45. Emperor of Antarctica

      Supercell is trying too hard lmao but I love jt

    46. David Vasquez

      I’m barely at TH11 lol

    47. PLR_Sinx

      bad video

    48. Kaleb Rutgers

      That ain't fair I'm th9

    49. Sound Sleeper :P

      wow i cant wait to use this in 3-4 years XD

    50. major 9854

      I'm actually at town hall 14

    51. Skelly Boii

      they throw nails at the troops attacking

    52. Ozair Khan

      Much love from canada

    53. Slurp Nation

      Nobody talking about how this man wearing sunglasses indoors

    54. TidalPhoenix 249

      This is sick but if only they could build that fast when u upgrade a building

    55. Jordan Perry

      They prolly should dial back the hp on the builder huts but other than that it’s an okay idea

    56. Kaleb Gochenour

      Someone tell me what iPad stand that is

    57. Jethro Georfo

      Am I the only one that do not like this update?

    58. Insane Blaine YT

      Beaker: this starts in 321. Ad: having back pains? Me: WOW

    59. Maxwellia

      New players are getting it hard 😂 they ain’t giving them nothing

    60. Aiden Barkley

      Iv been waiting to be able to upgrade the builder huts forever

    61. yoyo gamer

      Me:*hope that battle builder can be found in another lower TH* Sneak peek:you can only found this on TH14 Me:awww that suck......

    62. Xavier Durham

      Put them around infernos or scatter

    63. Filipe Souto


    64. mithicalgod09 bg

      :'( i need years to be th14

    65. Kento

      3,2,1 boom an ad

    66. MathiasH

      i think it is pretty balanced. its more like a option than an advantage

    67. Need for Speed Steve

      Beak got more drip than goku himself

    68. john patrick rentoria

      Why i cant upgrade my builder

    69. សាន វណ្ណនិត


    70. boss_ 2gaming

      3 2 1 ad pops up

    71. XeaKK

      WHAT! That is so Epic!

    72. Hakim Zulkanai

      welcome to fact or cap, where we test thing on youtube to see if it real or bullshit

    73. Oli G

      Love how beak still says new girl

    74. Spade Slayer

      This reminder me of that clash a Rama episode were the builders switch with the troops

    75. Amir Abou

      Moment of Silence to people with no TH14😥(including me)

    76. James Lovdokken

      In 3 2 1 ad *cries in no Adblock on mobile*

    77. hip hop station

      which app are u using

    78. Aadi Pandey

      Builders building the buildings that shall contain the building builders

    79. Lazar Marojevic

      Me at th 11 max 😢

    80. Vivek Nelapatla

      Beak I remember when you had 100k subs and youre at a million! congrats bro!

    81. Sal Utauo

      Wow the nostalgia, I haven’t watched beakers lab in years

    82. FlamingBoyz

      It’s all cool but u have to be th14 to do all the cool stuff

    83. Brayden Montano

      Hey love the videos but I have have an idea for these type of informational videos you should do the time segments on the time bar so we can navigate what we are trying to see about the new th 14!!!

    84. Igaveliahiv

      Im only town hall 12 lvl 3 😔😔

    85. Xavi Videos

      where the bunny


      Wait how did u upgrade the builder hut i can't upgrade them:(

    87. Glitched Controller

      How come 3 max battle builder huts can take out my entire army

    88. Ross Saccheus

      There should be an Health bar on the builders now cuz they are on the battlefield

    89. Roee Limon

      2020 Tesla farm 2021 Builder farm

    90. Magne Herman Bossen

      You just know builder huts gon be in the middle of the base now

    91. Andrew Liao

      How on earth did you get the th level 14 early???

    92. F.B.I

      This can be a disadvantage for people who have 2 builder huts🤣

    93. Wolfe Playz

      Who are they expensive

    94. Felver Hope Andrin

      Daghan kay kag yaw2 jd

    95. BIGRaff Beatbox

      Who else thought they were going to repair and build any building faster or upgrade 2x faster with upgrades?

    96. Krispycake


    97. SHREK? idk what to name

      Imagine all you have is a damn builder hut and archer fighting for that 3 stars

    98. Bruno Molina

      but can it repair the th?

    99. Le Ninoyz

      Nostalgic music

    100. asparagoose

      Honestly don’t rly like the upcoming hero animations :/