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Clash of Time

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    Today to celebrate Town Hall 14 in Clash of Clans. Let's take a moment and look back to when we all started, level 1. Today we gonna see level 1 troops fighting for their freedom against level 1 defense formation. This level 1 defense formation contains literally every defenses in Clash of Clans but at level 1. All Troops whether it's ground or air troops will participate in this competition. Troops that can destroy all defense is the winner of this competition. This is level 1 defense formation vs level 1troops.
    Let's find out who's the best level 1 troop in Clash of Clans. We gonna use maximum housing space which mean 300 housing space total. Every troops will try to destroy and survive against this massive level 1 defense formation.
    Who's gonna win this epic duel?
    Troops? Then let's find the best level 1 troop.
    will defense formation able to maintain it's position and defeat every enemies?
    Let's see and enjoy!
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    1. Name is Not important

      No one Pekka : literally one shots all most everything

    2. ender bucket

      The inferno towers kill everything XD

    3. Nick Lena

      Stupid music

    4. IPiss SittingDown

      Mortar at low level was the scariest because they would one shot everything

    5. mateo lima carrero

      What is the name of the server ??

    6. حسوني العراقي سوراقين

      حبيبي ولله 😂

    7. jj705 like

      waw it's very good 👍

    8. Trace Warrior

      What will happen if bowler throws golem really mighty

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      Shut up Skelly! -Witch

    10. Yoselin Villegas


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    14. Nathan J.

      Tbh air troops should have its own space like air space instead of ground space

    15. Don Donov


    16. محمد احمد


    17. Dariush Zeynali

      I really had fun with this story line, good job

    18. Dariush Zeynali

      I really had fun with this story line, good job

    19. Long Live The King

      Plot twist: golem is suspiciously a secret toxic player in Roblox

    20. Adamant

      It's so cute you added a little story rather than just gameplay🥰

    21. Donny

      I would have loved a I'm also rock joke from the golem to the bowler

    22. Moter

      Ngl the conversation thing they have is cringe

    23. NameIsCourtCraft

      If there was a challenge for the worst troops... I wanna say minions would be damn good at that

    24. против пантов

      Паздравляю ты между народный

    25. Its_BoRsC

      Idk why I am watching this but it's satisfying in a way haha

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    27. Tavisnation 2

      Baby dragon is so right people love chubby dragons

    28. Lonely_Ghost

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    29. Простые видео и scp

      PEKKA TOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!

    30. Φίλιππος Ζωγράφος

      2:03, I loved this part 😂

    31. Random stuff

      Telling a rock golem "Hey,you want some rocks,rock?" Is like telling a human "Hey,you want some flesh and skin,flesh?"

      1. Random stuff

        @Pratyush Gosain True.

      2. Pratyush Gosain

        Maybe it's*asking*

    32. Chase4682

      People who forgot Super troops can't be level 1: COT u forgot super troops

    33. I. A.

      My village once been attacked by a hundred of goblin... at the end the goblin dont even break my level 4 wall

    34. Tanner Wells

      I watched this whole thing in mini player

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    36. Antonius Faskal

      Wallbrekear 😂👍


      That wall breakers made me laugh so hard.

    38. draglmb

      im just curious how you set this video up?

    39. Bart Koomen

      Bowler wasnt beter than gollem

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    49. L. D.

      Can “Zealot Zedek” needs active th11+ members

    50. Kntrl Gaming

      Golems are good for defending our troops while attacking!

    51. benjamin bician


    52. Z-Knight FERGUSON

      This video was great!!! Thank you

    53. Pranav Kumar

      Bro tell me how you make like this

    54. Howdy

      you need to include the abilitys of the heros smh

    55. Muh Akzan

      I like this story

    56. Aloha Tigers

      I’m not surprised you group them up together and mortar just destroyed them. I was hoping you build a circle formation like the strongest in the middle and the weakest at the outer ring. And try again but this time, spread the troops apart and see the results.

    57. Vishal Kumar


    58. Melkyn Martinez

      And troops lvl 2 VS defende lvl 1 etc etc etc until each troop can pass lvl...

    59. Jose Miguel

      No entiendo nada pero esta interesante la cosa



    61. RaGa Boi

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      eletric dragon is the best troop

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