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    1. alex benjamin

      You are the best

      1. alex benjamin

        Cool I’m going back home on the weekend

    2. Feder Romero


    3. Манкаш Николай




    5. Psycho_Maniac

      Measure twice, cut once. No need for that tedious shit!

    6. Emir Şahin

      so whats this

    7. Tinny Le

      Holy crap, so much hate in the chat :(

    8. Renata Peixoto da Cunha

      Aí ai minha mente poluída kkkkkk😅🤡🤡😖😣

    9. B B

      Not sure what the song was but it was the same chord progression as Circles by Hollywood Undead.

    10. Cisco Hassle

      .. Why are u guys like idk like making him sad.... Why are u guys like "that ur making is WRONG!" and "why do u have to put screws even tho u can just stick it in!"..... Just why... I meen I love the ones who are dummies cause they still did hard ok?! Just don't make him sad again ok?!

    11. Captain687

      Soon I'll be able to to build a house.

    12. LuckyNuke

      POV : you just decided to crucify Jesus

    13. Daniel Leuthbrook


    14. Young Drake

      The pain that you have feeling, cannot compare to the joy that's coming Romans 8:18 keep safe

    15. Sly Fox

      Ебать, 21-ый век на дворе, а люди заново шпонку изобретают

    16. 白い物体あたいさん


    17. Abdel Hamed Ortiz

      Still not safe 👇there is a chance the wood will broke

    18. KissMyAxe

      Not sure if low frame rate, or stop motion 🤔😆

    19. Сергей Стреляев

      Почему-я подул на опилки ....

    20. D C

      Amateur hour

    21. whiteclifffl

      The first 3 seconds reminds me of my date last night.

    22. FireFoxTony

      As a furniture maker. Can I please ask you nevrr do this. Please. Mortise and tennon, half lap etc but not this.

    23. Marcos Sanz

      Yeah, every day need to make a Wood T

    24. Noahbear

      Wow they didn’t put a condom on their wood, thats very reckless!

    25. Pink Sylveon

      man aint never heard of a notch or screws huh

    26. Jeff Peña

      Wait is this how stupid people do the wood works!?

    27. Mister Badass

      Why did you use a drill bit that isn’t made for wood?

    28. 직박구리


    29. Asian ._.

      2 screws or nails at the top?

    30. Игнат Кот

      Что к чему?

    31. Mohammad Lokman Mustaffa

      What a wasting energy

    32. Екатерина Перфинова


    33. Bravucon Superman

      Buen truco

    34. Ron Sun

      ungeschrängtes Sägeblatt wäre besser

    35. Namikaze YT

      Glue is the best 👌

    36. Blues Vibe

      Could you put one in on the top also?

    37. MAD


    38. SALVATORE IACOI                   guitar and voice


    39. Alex


    40. Firyahya_Official

      What's song that u use can i know the title?

    41. red_ashcroft

      Feels like not sturdy enough for me.

    42. رنا رنا


    43. Moutchi Chimy


    44. Micah

      So we just gon trust glue on those lil circles

    45. DizzyPanda

      Mr. Shit hands stop uploading it hurts our eyes.

    46. 零崎零識


    47. Brent Lyman

      Awesome demonstration! The only possible improvement I could think of is using a Japanese ryoba instead of a hacksaw blade

    48. Michael X

      Push it from downward and it will be all out 😊

    49. Miguel Angel

      Se rajo

    50. Likaa Ghrissi

      ابربي قول شنهي هض 😘😘 👏👏

    51. Rain Sounds ASMR - Sleep Sensation


      1. mikea hiooi

        Even i didn't know anything about architecture but why i feels like this is kinda wrong

    52. Fatema Begum

      Nice I can do that 🤗🤗

    53. وكحه FOX


    54. Raha رها

      good idea #Free_Palestine 🇵🇸

    55. vitesh mantri

      Pull up side,I want to see what happened not out side

    56. Eysah Ali

      Could of just nailed in through the other side 😐

    57. Garvit Bhan Singh


    58. 走れなめくじ


    59. cheesy waffle

      Thats sus bro

    60. WeastJett

      What are you doing step wood

    61. Balok Rumput

      Ohh so that is how they do it

    62. BT S


    63. Papyrus.

      use. a. nail.

    64. Cndace Candler

      May 13, 2021 is the 22nd World Falun Dafa Day and the 29th anniversary of Falun Dafa’s public introduction. Elected officials sent letters and videos to mark the occasion. As of May 13, the Canadian Falun Dafa Association had received over 120 letters, proclamations, and videos. Elected officials who sent video greetings From left to right on the first row: Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Kent, MP Mark Gerretsen, MP Ziad Aboultaif, and MP James Cumming From left to right on the second row: MP Tom Kmiec, MP Kerry Diotte, Dominic Cardy, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, Belinda Karahalios, Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP), and MPP Lindsey Park Thank Falun Gong Practitioners to Voice Out for Freedom Video greeting from MP Peter Kent MP Peter Kent said, “Hello and virtual greetings to all celebrating another virtual anniversary of World Falun Dafa founding day. We meet again, unfortunately on screen, rather than together on the lawn of the Parliament or Toronto City Hall. “This has been another difficult year for millions of Falun Gong adherents who practice the tenets of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance and meditate exercises under the dark shadow of the China’s Communist regime. “Not only across mainland China, but in Hong Kong, harassment of Falun Gong community is escalating as the Communist Party widens its brutal persecution of all dissidents. “But we also know today that Falun Gong, a long legal entity in Hong Kong, is resisting the regime’s intimidation. Important voice and defense of the democratic principles of free thought, free speech, free assembly, and the rule of law. “Now most of the 29 years since Mr. Li Hongzhi founded Falun Dafa/Falun Gong have been extremely difficult and dangerous for practitioners, detention, torture, forced organ harvesting and murder. “But on this anniversary, it is an honor to join millions enjoying freedom around the world and offering our support of greetings: Zhen, Shan, Ren (Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance).”

    65. Zeluca

      Even i didn't know anything about architecture but why i feels like this is kinda wrong

    66. 大根博士


    67. DrewJanus

      Put any pressure on the wide side and that shit wouldn't hold ten fucking pounds, why even have the studs there, the only thing keeping that shit together is glue.

    68. namnam 1956

      الخشبه: اه اه ياميتي

    69. I3lackFlo

      740k likes 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ People just get dumber every minute. Pray for our races future.

    70. Aiden Tomlinson

      The is an easier way called just gluingbthem together rather than puttingnin two pins and gluing them

    71. Paanda

      Ayo step board what are you doing😳😳😏😏

    72. Tired Doggo

      Bruh, there are so many better ways of doing this, than destroying whatever beautiful wood you need to use.

    73. michelle auger

      Love your videos I always wondered what those little saws were used for lol

    74. Waluigi

      Netflix: are you still watching Someone’s daughter:

    75. Gamer Human

      There is a fucking thing called screws

    76. Guruguru Marimo

      I should probably call her

    77. SheldonsTurtleAdventures

      Okay who else but me kept making weird anime noises when he kept inserting and taking the stick out of his slot

    78. CN’s Bettas

      aye yo

    79. Brain

      I should call her

    80. Raymund Mark Burgos

      duuuuuudeeeeee its pick axe

    81. Руфинка Айткулова

      Моя фантазия в начале видио...

    82. Euan Deang

      Saving this so i can impress my Dad and Uncles for a day that will never come

    83. Brett Gumeson

      yeah just keep shit posting bud

    84. RC Motovlog

      Potek glue pinangdikit sa kahoy

    85. 『اأمـ'ـؤرري』

      بالي راح بعيد بدايه المقطع😐💪

    86. kConray


    87. Giovanny Lopez

      Am I the only one that blow out the debrief. 😅😂

    88. zude

      ur mom

    89. Ich bin kritiker

      You can slide it down and it doesnd holds

    90. Sd Morais

      Pra quebrar é um, dois.

    91. VieTDrawing

      you can ligitimately push the wooden board sideway and it will just slide off all the parts

    92. aggressive poop

      What do i do with this information

    93. امل الرامي


    94. Varun ff

      Literally Nobody: Me,First 5 seconds:What the heck is this.

    95. KaiFe4RR

      wAT R u doIng sTeP W00D🥵

    96. てかてか

      僕はなんで最初の動きに興奮してたんだろう ふぅ、

    97. barbatos_social account

      "Yay we did it.....But for what?"

    98. Aido4772

      The wood board 9 months later🤰

    99. 은하 고등학교


    100. Deddy Novandriyanto