Crawling Down A Torpedo Tube -US NAVY Nuclear Submarine - Smarter Every Day 241


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    Note: The US Navy put no restrictions on me about what I should say or how I should present what I learned on this trip. Other than making sure my footage was cleared for Operational Security, I am free to say whatever I want about this experience.
    Another note: The Navy did not ask me to provide a link to their website (or do anything for that matter), but I’m going to provide a link because I want smart people to become submariners. The US Navy continues to provide stability and security in ways no other organization on earth does. If you are interested to find out how you can join the Navy you can visit the website here:
    There are tons of interesting career opportunities out there that I never knew about:
    The US Navy has several options such as engineer, pilot, submariner, logistics, accountant, medical doctor, and even Public Affairs specialist. I continue to be impressed by people that I meed who spent time in the Navy. I worked with various people during the course of filming this video and they were all top notch.
    Here's a video about loading and firing a harpoon missile from the USS Olympia (I filmed the impact):
    Read more about torpedo tubes here:
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      When I boarded the USS Toledo I did not know I was going to be given the opportunity to crawl down a torpedo tube. Honestly I was thinking I would have a conversation with someone about the periscope or something but it did not occur to me that when you are under the ice you cannot use the periscope. When they asked me if I wanted to see a torpedo tube I didn’t realized I had no clue how they worked. Most people overlook this seemingly simple system, but when you take a moment and analyze it you will realize it is quite complicated. I hope this is the level of detail you were hoping for in the submarine series, because this is what gets me excited. I haven’t decided which video is next but I’ll tell you this, I did not know one of the methods they use on board to make oxygen. Anyways, thank you for watching the series and please consider subscribing if you feel like this is worthy of your time. I don’t know if you’re the type of person that likes to share videos with other people, but I would appreciate it if you could pass the submarine series on to a friend or two. As always, I would like to express my gratitude to people who support Smarter every day on Patreon at . I am thankful for the support, and the next video has a special surprise for you, the Patrons.

      1. Bruce Leithead

        Gulf oil rig Rescue Gig. ID JRK

      2. Vida Maker

        You Americans speak very fast, it is kind of difficult for us who are not Americans to understand what you speak, say a little more to wander please

      3. Snail 27

        I’m claustrophobic and your not getting me on a sub let alone a torpedo tube!

      4. Real Life Productions

        5th .

      5. Real Life Productions


    2. MattTheManiac

      everybody gangsta til they close the valve and soon you hear water flowing

    3. Kevin Zhang

      who else couldn't stop thinking "what if they closed the door and shot him out the tube"

    4. Gabbeloa08

      How many times he said yes sir 😂

    5. Deutsche Luftwaffe

      YES SIR

    6. BlueKing 0518

      while he was in there you close the cap and launch him

    7. Jeter SpaceMan

      PLOT TWIST: they where Gonna use him as a torpedo but decided not to

    8. Jack Waiksnis

      What if they locked the tube and shot you out.

    9. Australia Made since 1981

      What’s your job description to these videos

    10. Australia Made since 1981

      Carry around a battery operated engraver ice water snow etc you can leave your name

    11. Dark Knight

      Seal team anyone? When sonny got stuck in one.

    12. chet goodenough

      just thinking about the ice at the end of the door. you could run heat threw ut to stop the ice if it was a problem like a heater core. but this made me think of condensation. they are in a sealed system so it has to be a problem. I'm sure they make drinkable water from it.

    13. Kubaadamiec

      Next time on SmarterEveryDay! were gonna use myself as a Torpedo!

    14. Enzo Alzamora

      gonna fill up with liquid and you get to control and EVA.

    15. gary16217

      I grew up in Chicago and my father took me down to the beach to watch the submarine, U-505, being dragged across the beach to be placed up next to the Museum of Science and Industry. Since we lived so close I visited the U-505 many times. We also had the USS Silversides moored to Navy Pier and I went aboard her many times. Since then I have been aboard the USS Pampanito in San Francisco, the USS Bowfin at Pearl Harbor, the USS Cobia in Manitowoc Wis., the Russian FOXTROT class boat in Long Beach and the Nautilus in Groton Connecticut. What really surprised me from your videos is just how crowded with equipment the USS Toledo is compared to the older boats (even the Russian boat) . In comparison they looked like auditoriums inside!

    16. tom fred

      Been there done that and have the T-shirt. TMC/SS

    17. Benny The RolliNstOner

      I love this nakey channel!!!

    18. Max Elson

      imagine a criminal with a swimming suit when he crawls in torpedo he brakes the thing at the end

    19. Mureithi Kivuti

      Knew it! He couldnt resist taking a moment to praise the snatch blocks

    20. Raynee Bruggeman

      “Alright somebody find buckman launch him out a torpedo tube!” Down Periscope

    21. Pugpig Plays

      14:34 the moment I realize he is not as smart as he looks jk

    22. Dirk Eickholt

      13:36 but then it seems to me that the second tank is now filled with additional water. Before the process this tankbwas indicated as empty.

    23. Globe Trotter

      I am all for education and appreciate these videos. I just wonder how our enemies may exploit information gained from such videos to their advantage and to our disadvantage. Should these things be deemed classified? What do you say?

    24. iceysicles

      how to die: step one: crawl in a nuclear submarines torpedo tube step two: FIRE

    25. Cristian Busuioc

      Destin gets in Navy: You really think you will get away with all this information. Shoot tube 1

    26. I Believe In Gaming

      Omg, I just watched that exercise on MRplans! You were one of the cameramen? That's crazy!

    27. Mc Trucker

      beetle juice: bout', 20 ft?

    28. Alex

      i woulod not be able to climb in there lol i would be so afraid of getting stuck

    29. YearOfTheYeet

      Alt name for this video: Russian spy secretly shows Russian military how American nuclear sub torpedo tubes work.

    30. J3Woods _

      I’d be scared someone’s gonna murder me and shoot me out 😂

    31. Jimmy Akers

      just inside at the muzzle door, over the loudspeaker, man battle stations ready all torpedo tubes.........

    32. Xbox gamer3895 [REDACTED]

      9:45 but its a nuclear submarine, it produces its own oxygen

    33. Robert Stoddard

      This should be added to hitman. Push somebody into the torpedo tube, close the hatch and then flood it and maybe fire it?

    34. Mr. Slime Gaming Official

      2:00 can I touch it? *boom* 😂

    35. seldabs

      Imagain if the top just malfunctioned and opened

    36. That Gaming

      Next up: Being Launched from a torpedo

    37. Rasmus Carlsson

      yes sir yes sir yes sir yes sir yes sir

    38. Neepow Glungus

      5:12 admiral hymen rickover... The catfish lookin genius

    39. pHaZe017

      i feel i can go back now and watch u571 and know what exactly they're on about when they're frantically turning valves.

    40. pathfinder 3.0

      YES SIR

    41. Tomas Gonzalez

      Could someone try to explain how come 1,700 people downvoted this video? Honestly, I don't get it.

    42. D1182 PlayZ

      Imagine that they closed someone in

    43. Roger Thomas

      14:39 the part you came for, the rest is just a boring science field trip

    44. Shawn Massey

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    45. terminator3000

      I always assumed torpedoes were brought into the submarine through the torpedotube. like, when they are launched, but in reverse.

    46. Andrew Wiggin

      you said there were other names at the end, is that like a right of passage for torpedo mates and torpedo crews before they get their dolphins?

    47. Erik Partika

      3:44 whats that ball at the front?

    48. Zenex

      Be glad you weren't being shown round a Russian sub... They'd probably close the tube on you for a joke.

    49. Stephen coyne

      14:40 this is why you clicked on the video

    50. Robert Frick

      Please add a link to the Mk 48 torpedo model huh printed.

    51. TOAST

      Claustrophobic people after seeing the POV footage of him crawling in the tube: *[CONFUSED SCREAMING]*

    52. SergioKV

      Love how they always say "yes sir" and "no sir"

    53. United Europe

      I wonder if Star Trek got the idea of Jefferies Tubes from torpedo tubes

    54. The King Of Jotunheim

      You Ruski Spy Comrade Great Work Next Mission Is Now On Going

    55. Kent Hinchcliff

      How does a civi get into a nuclear submarine?

    56. al forbes

      Wonderful engineering: Just a shame it's purpose is to vaporize people.

    57. A random banana

    58. Victor Fredslund


    59. Kettune :3

      Imaginge him locking that door hes in there

    60. Ayush Pareek

      "Yes sir" I am in love with this...😉

    61. Yanko Joseph

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    62. Steve Onotsky

      I didn't realize that I was claustrophobic until I watched this video :D

    63. BllueBalls

      Y are you allowed to put this on youtube?

    64. WILD

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    65. ThePlumpWolf

      Gonna touch i- latest new a nuclear submarine has just exploded from the inside due to unknown reasons

    66. Chris Lonie

      Why would you give this video a thumbs down...? There is lots of muppets out there.


      world of warships players be like - '' I don't need to know all of this , all I need of the 3 button and then wallah torps accessed '' world of warships players will understand this joke .

    68. Madrrrrrrrrrrr

      I thought nuclear subs can make their own air. So yes the air from the tube can be reused but not because they have not enough air. That's also why a nuclear sub can stay under water for a loooong time.

    69. somebody y

      Everybody gangsta till A torpedo is shot

    70. helmut girak

      Your videos are so very amazing, informative and addictive 😃 KEEP THEM COMING 👌👌👌 Thanks

    71. jakob Hummel


    72. Coxsosanis

      I was waiting for the people to stab his back and shut the door and start to fill the tube with water

      1. �̴̀͌̕

        he is famous lol

    73. Mable Jones

      The high-pitched element eventually tow because shovel progressively squeak above a jobless blade. grotesque, bawdy dinghy

    74. Gatchaman_Bird_Style

      You would think as complicated as a Sub is that the Navy would have a special pen that would write on cold/frozen steel. Lol Just saying! Awesome video series! Thanks 🖖🏻

    75. makuszko

      - so what do you do for a living pal? - I grease things ;)

    76. dick johnson

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    77. Navy Hole Snipe

      That TM is having too good of a time watching him go down the tube!

    78. Silent


    79. Drum Kid

      Take a drink every time he says rock and roll

    80. Chrisst

      Looks really messy in there doesn't it. Boxes and stuff, like my old shed. Shouldn't it all be all clean room and Enterprise bridge.

    81. Chrisst

      You'd defo crack the torpedo hatch a fraction once he was in it wouldn't you.

    82. wylieecoyote

      Great video. I don't see how it could be downvoted.

    83. Nahuel Belich

      very nice weapons sistem but, ¿how does the toilet work?

    84. DIZIIN

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    85. Henri Hänninen

      Give appreciation to the welder that did the welds that can be seen at 16:26 what is shocking is that, there aren't as many passes as you'd imagine the would be. Single bevel, 4 visible. That about 20 beads. Take not instagram welders. These critical welds that pass an inspection in a nuclear sub, aren't pretty dime stacks.

    86. Ali Jafari

      coolest shiat ever!

    87. brednbudder

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    88. Lily Houw

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    91. 4 string Guitar

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    92. Brown otto

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    93. Matty Block_YT

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    95. Designator

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    96. wazzup105

      How awesome is that. I visited a sub once in the harbour for a tour but they kept us away from the delicate parts. I loved every part of that crowded cramped space. So much ingenuity.

    97. Ke3per88

      When a submarine surfaces how does it replenish air? A big fan blowing in the entry hatch? Or a special system to flush the submarine with fresh air? Hmm.

    98. Datoda

      Even with mild claustrophobia this was incredibly painful to watch

    99. Blanchard Production Company

      I got a shortness of breath when he was in that tube.

    100. Lothar Soran

      It's nice to listen to this fellow explain things. Great detail, easy to follow, and best of all? None irritating and none patronising tone. A fascinating subject I am greatly enjoying these submarine videos! Keeping me happily entertained as a new subscriber during my harder days. Thank you!