Maxwell's massive switch-hit six caps latest stunning innings | Dettol ODI Series 2020

2.3 लाख वेळा पाहिला605

    An outrageous switch-hit slog-sweep for six that went 100m capped the night for Glenn Maxwell, who had earlier launched Ravi Jadeja onto the Bob Hawke Grandstand roof at Manuka Oval.
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    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 5 महिन्यांपूर्वी



      Ya I am here after Maxie joined rcb

    2. Karthik Shet

      kp is switch hit king rest are bots 🥴

    3. Leen Mahakul

      Maxwell is the best

    4. Saurabh Jadhav

      Who are here for that reverse sweep

    5. 1DA18IS007_Anish B Kakathkar


    6. Maaz Arif


    7. Mayur Singh

      boom boom

    8. Roshan4tech

      I literally laughed too much when Maxwell was doing his best and hitting hard, Bumrah came and Bold 😂😂😂 That's Bumrah for you.

    9. U&U Vg

      I cant even hit a big six like that even right handed and he HIT THAT wrong handed and he hit kuldeep had to keep watching it over and over WHAT A SHOT THAT IS!

    10. Nitin Verma

      Who won this match ?

    11. haris jamil

      Wooh that was massive!

    12. Darte hai kya?


    13. Mahesh Chachadi


    14. AB DE ARMY

      Boom boom bumrah

    15. Abharam Benjamin

      2:08. Bumrah's face

    16. Abharam Benjamin

      Yes I'm here. After rcb got maxi

    17. Just Like

      Maxwell is genius

    18. Gaurav Sharma

      Boom Boom ne maar dii 😶🤣🤣

    19. Kishore Kking

      Who is after Maxwell bowled out of jadeja ball

      1. Vijay Mallya

        @Godfather Yeah could be

      2. Godfather

        Me, that gives confidence that next rcb vs csk, Jadeja will be destroyed and revenged

    20. pes gamer

      Why is this get recommended after jadeja gets out maxwell during csk vs rcb in ipl 2021😂😂

    21. sai krishna g

      Excellent switch

    22. JÁTíŃ Srivastav

      Watching before Csk vs RCB😂❤️👍👍

    23. So zo

      jadeja vs maxi.......jadeja😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😨😭😨....maxi💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

    24. Muhaimeen Khan

      Maxwell: Clutch time Bumrah: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT.

    25. Shashank Mishra

      Maxwell ka reverse six bahut khatarnaak hai this is my favorite shot

    26. Tarun

      Playing for a country is more Important than playing for a franchise He never disappoint in international Level.

      1. Ryzen_Game r

        now in ipl good

    27. Chiraag Shetty

      That reverse hit six is really is so satisfying to watch

    28. Md Tanbir Khan

      Maxwell is very hard hiting batsman


      Innings was Fantastic

    30. Navneet patyal

      Maxwell is greatest megastar evr

    31. Mohammed Imran

      When Maxwell hit boundaries i get very good smile on my face 😘

    32. Sk Ronak

      top👍❤️❤️ Maxwell❤️

    33. Rishit Jain

      Who is here after maxi's 3 back to back great innings for rcb😁🤩

    34. Zubair Hazari

      Massacre happening meanwhile bumrah comes and a rescue the bowling attack

    35. Gamer AsimPak


      1. Gamer AsimPak


      2. Namrata Srivastava

        @Gamer AsimPak jali naa

      3. Cricket Starji

        @Gamer AsimPak Nikal 🖕

      4. Gamer AsimPak

        U chup

      5. Cricket Starji

        Chup 🤫😈

    36. saidulu boya

      Welcome to rcb

    37. Vinay Vinu


    38. Siva Purna A

      Q. .

    39. Huzaif Mokashi

      Boom boom bumrah kardiya Maxwell ko gumrah 🤣

    40. dj uko2 vlog    ✔️

      2:07 bumrah to Maxwell "pehli fursat main Nikal"😂😂

      1. Ek indian

        It was his mistake

    41. Arafat 30

      I love mexwell battling style ❤️❤️❤️

    42. Khatak Khan

      Who win?

    43. Dhanush Ch Dhanu 17

      Anyone here after Maxi's performance for rcb❤️

    44. azas khan

      Kl rahul thinking haramkhor meri team mein tha tab ek bhi chakka nai maara😅

    45. Md Arhan

      E sala Cup namde RCB ne

    46. batsmans special

      maxwell is my best player

    47. Munna Bhaiya

      Maxwell playing with kids


      Hope he plays like this for RCB❤️

    49. Rajesh Subramanian

      Everyone's gangsta until Bumrah starts to show off 😎


        Not abd😂

    50. Debasish Das

      Valo valo

    51. Made by me allrounder

      Every team has this type of player for eg India is having Hardik Pandya England is having ben stokes Australia is having Maxwell

      1. human boy

        Hardik 🤣🤣🤣

      2. cd n

        England is Buttler.

    52. icyicecream gamer

      Switch hit king🥳🥳

      1. icyicecream gamer

        @HYDRA FF GAMING Oooo no problem brother, my bad😅


        @icyicecream gamer bro Mene kuch Kaha hi nhi tumko🤷

      3. icyicecream gamer

        @HYDRA FF GAMING bro I know about dhoni more than you that's why, I said he do not play switch hit, he is good in other ways, like captaincy and a good finisher and many more.

      4. icyicecream gamer

        @human boy understand bro🥰🥰

      5. human boy

        Noob... Can't you understand jokes?

    53. Jatangi Srinivas

      Who is here after 2 wins of RCB

    54. suraj pradhan

      Mike hesson seen this and bought maxi to RCB and now Rcb is table topper 😄😄

    55. RCB SCATTY

      Who is here after maxi yesterday innings

    56. Anil Kumar

      Wicket keeper kl rahul 😂😅

    57. anji 463

      Commentary super than ipl

    58. selmon bhoi


    59. Devdutt Padikkal

      2:04 Anyone notice bumrah ask captain for giving him bowling and then he cleaned me 🤔

      1. ga Vidz

        Or I think virat called him bumrah

    60. Allan Joshua

      Maxwell is bad batsman

      1. ashley ben

        @Valisab Valisab like Ur dad

      2. Allan Joshua

        @Valisab Valisab what Photo

      3. Valisab Valisab


    61. Rahul k

      Kl rahul looking at the six of maxwell after ipl😆😆😆

    62. Ganesh Kanchan

      Glenn 🔥

    63. RukiE D

      01.37 what reply to leg targeted yorker.its al about power and littlebit addition of timing.maxwell hit sixses as his name"MAXwell"


      After rcb match

    65. Rashmitha Kotian

      Maxwell powerful 666666

    66. Devbrat Kumar

      I like how every video ends with wicket..

    67. Chubby Kajal

      Suggest me after 100M six today 😂😂😂😂

    68. Fade Viper Gaming

      Kl Rahul Be Like: Saala IPL mei kya hota hai tujhe

    69. Cric Addict

      My favourite shot❤️

    70. Pushpam Kumar Soni

      Rcb vs mi time

    71. Sunitha Ravi


    72. Sourabh

      Bumrah at end 🔥🔥🔥

    73. bijay kumar

      Want to see this in ipl for RCB

    74. Sivakumar Yalavarthy

      You can't to boom 💥

    75. Heritage star 32

      Maxi Big sixer

    76. Varun Tiwari

      Everyone is a gangster ,until bumrah bowls a yorker.

      1. TECH STOCK

        CheckMate Bro... U Forgot Mr.360

    77. Cronus Clutching

      And then india got the game😂😂🤣🤣

    78. Education Gyaan


    79. Arif Gul

      32 is lucky number

    80. Arif Gul

      Maxwell beautiful caption.l want to Maxwell come in psl (Peshawar zalmi)

    81. Pratap Singh

      Rivers is the best only Maxwell

    82. Revathi.R Revathi.R

      please we want this form for rcb

    83. Gourav Pal

      Bumraha is king

    84. Archana Sharma

      I LOVE MAXI shorts

    85. MD saidul islam

      Maxwell is Most Cricketer

    86. Amit vagarth

      RCB YOU ROCK😍❤️

    87. Nasir Mehmood

      Against very weak team 😂😂😂

      1. Nasir Mehmood

        @thejaswini g haan

      2. thejaswini g

        Tere Pakistan ko dekha hai😂😂😂

      3. Cricket Starji

        Bhag salle

    88. Ebran Ansari

      Referral codes AASALA3GH

    89. Sallu Ahmed

      Maxwell ab develra rcb 💪💪💪



    91. svisalam

      1.11 wow 100 metres of reverse sweeep . This almost like if we hit the ball in Chinnaswamy we shld go and get it in ma chidambaram

      1. thejaswini g


    92. MD RIPON

      Altime greatest rivers short

    93. Death Hyper


    94. Padmalochan Gochhayat

      Welcome to RCB


      Who is here after rcb brought him for 14.25 crore

    96. A K photography


    97. Tiwari ji

      Yaha mujhe laga ki team me bhumrah sir ki kyu rakhte he bhumrah sir ka me fen amit tiwari ji india mp ratlam sevariya

    98. Sanjay Satpute

      I like it

    99. Sk Jahid Hasan

      Joss Maxwell

    100. Renu Kashyap

      Australia ka yuvraj singh