How to Make Pizza on a Submarine - Smarter Every Day 246


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    So what about the Pizza Recipe?
    There's a thing called the "Armed Forces Recipe Service"
    It's not your Grandma's Cook Book
    Open this document and Ctrl+F for
    "MEAT, FISH, AND POULTRY No.L 165 00"
    I didn't know what "Carolina Gold" BBQ sauce was. Here's an amazon affiliate link:
    There are tons of interesting career opportunities out there that I never knew about:
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      I don't know why... but this was one of my favorite videos from the Deep Dive Series. It's so... personal and real. I had no idea that food is literally THE limiting factor on a submarine's ability to dive. Also, I had no idea meals were such a big deal for morale (Ice Cream on Waffles totally works by the way). I have an email list here if you'd like to get an email when I upload a video: Thank you to those who have recently chosen to support Smarter Every Day on Patreon ( ) . You're awesome, and I hope you have received your baseball! I've been seeing a lot of posts on twitter of people showing me photos of their baseball and it's awesome!! If you have not received your yet, please check for status updates! I'm grateful for your support and hope you really enjoy this one. The next video is both amazing certifiably insane, so please look forward to that! Regards, Destin

      1. Garrett Misael

        @Jalen Moshe i will try it out right now. Looks to be working.

      2. Legend 27

        You make it the same as on land it dose t matter if your under water

      3. ANCHOR

        You the best my man

      4. Geoffrey Benedict

        So my son loved the video, but we are dying to know, How was the pizza?

      5. James Skelly

        I assume they work in shifts on the boat? So I assume when the cook is cooking dinner, is he also cooking breakfast for the other shift??

    2. DeadPengwin

      So... Is nobody gonna mention the fact that there is a door with a radiation warning sign in the galley? :D

    3. Travis Uhh

      do you just have DOD clearance or something like...?

    4. Andy Dmytryshyn

      Yo is no one gonna talk about freezer mans' hair? Homie got tagged by the boys

    5. franky

      oh what i would give to eat pizza in a submarine on pizza night

    6. Brian Newman

      Former US submariner here (USS Salt Lake City SSN-716) and let me tell you, pizza night, sliders, and Sunday sundaes were what we looked forward to. Honestly though, that stuff ran out pretty quickly, and it was PB&J sandwiches for the rest of the underway.

    7. Cookie Bandit

      The key to a fighting army is keeping them well fed.

    8. joe kapinos

      Junk food

    9. Zoë

      I wonder what happens if any of the crew has allergies or coeliac disease or something? Unless that precludes them from being a submariner.

    10. Perko Sherry

      It must smell like bad sweat down there

    11. Mark Privitt

      Fun fact, most of the guys on the subs play cribbage, and they order their custom cribbage boards from the Cribbage Guy.

    12. battlemaster116

      Been on a frigate once, usually was 4 meals a day and for the most part 3 meals always included hot food.

    13. wylieecoyote

      @SmarterEveryDay Great video in a great series! I have a question. Is it a regional or personal quirk when you laugh and make the "sssss" sound? I heard you do it many times - the few were more pronounced. (8:18 8:30 9:48 12:04 12:54) Is it a southern thing?

    14. Kiowa arsh alamsyah

      The are sooo happy when is pizza night I also like pizza 🍕 is sooo good

    15. Kiowa arsh alamsyah

      Food for daysssss

    16. Matt Swift

      Amazing videos Destin! Awesome coverage of life on a submarine! Chance of a lifetime. I just got smarter every day.

    17. Jacob

      Mad respect to the cooks. That’s a tough place to work in

    18. Tom

      Spent way too much time troubleshooting those kettles. The griddle was a nightmare too! Worth it though!

    19. Deb Chak

      It's as crowded as India

    20. Brandon Mecomber

      Army: Heres this canned chicken. Make it last a week Navy: Who wants gourmet pizza under the sea? Airforce: Just go eat at the restraunt next to our hotel

    21. Cesar Aguilar

      9;18 lol

    22. Maui SurfDog

      Lt. has bald spots...stress. Great story, great crew, good chow is the most important key to good morale.....USCG vet. 76-80, BM2.

    23. James Amestoso Palin

      I just stumble in this channel, and I just watch.. a series of his submarine deep dive.. Its so amazing..

    24. Don’t Copy My Style

      Buddy was dead serious abt those poppers. 🤣💯

    25. Count Hermaeus

      Brilliant. I love eating, it's my favourite thing.


      what temperature does water boil down there ?

    27. Ma Balyam


    28. Prakash Chandra

      just curious how do they dispose trash and sewage waste?

    29. Fluffy bunnyslippers

      As a professional Chef of many years, i am deeply impressed by the work ethic of these young chefs. To work and produce such high quality food under those conditions is truly exceptional, even insperational. I would employ any one of those guy's in a heartbeat. NO question.

    30. Arnold Layne

      How many sailors are usually on a submarine?

    31. Daniel Osko

      Yo all made me hungry!!! lol ..., God Bless you all.

    32. Indiana National Guard23

      Bro that food they eat on the sub oh my god I would definitely eat what they eat

    33. Gabriel

      Wow I’ve worked in kitchens for 6 years and this is a whole new level of finesse. Respect to those dish washers

    34. Sir Tanon

      I find it hilarious that they're watching "Down Periscope" on a submarine. Love it!

    35. cyberryderfx

      On Chinese subs there must be some chicken running around, as they always run around everywhere in China 😅

    36. thomas1020

      Very informative video. Thx. Go USN.....

    37. Ajay Kazami

      Food looks so good 😍😍😍

    38. mosipd

      Our of curiosity, why is the chilled storage a radiation area restricted to 3 hours per day? Is it next to the reactor or something and has less shielding?

    39. Willie Nelson Gonzalez

      They can’t grow food .... yet! If folks can make vertical farms then hopefully that technology could be somehow used on a submarine, which would also help with air cleansing and CO2 scrubbing. Grow salad leaves and some other basic veg (carrots, mushrooms, potatoes)!!! I hope it happens!

    40. Keith Roberts

      So they’ve got a buy their own food now you don’t get free meals?


      What these guys accomplish in the space they are doing it is phenomenal! OUTSTANDING EFFORTS.

    42. drew fullhart

      When he said my name about audible i freaked out

    43. zx24me

      My brother (First-Class Petty officer) is stationed in Groton, Conn. Thank You all for your service!! I would give-up one of my meals in a day so those boys can have anything they want to eat.

    44. James Torti

      on time, you are wearing a watch. does it work or is it for show?

    45. cidshroom

      Did you make any jokes about the Toledo sinking the Kursk?

    46. Zeky Ahmed Murra Antón

      The abaft education thankfully scorch because earth clearly harm following a faded sheet. immense, wholesale sycamore

    47. Eric Kaufman

      we all know Down Periscope is a documentary

    48. Arin Adams

      I think I wouldn't be able to survive on a submarine. I hate small spaces and though of being in underwater miles under the sea makes me nervous.

    49. Poly Mathew

      Some boats we do chicken and waffles on Sunday midrats, ice cream is a must.

    50. Poly Mathew

      Use to make around 80 pizza crusts a week just for Pizza night prep. Often made different flavor crust with garlic or red pepper. Also made a taco pizza recipe I learned from Village Inn Pizza Parlor in Wyoming, MI

    51. Poly Mathew

      The Culinary division gets together for the menu plan and we headed it based on nutritional value.

    52. Poly Mathew

      This was my Job, Culinary Specialists TUNA former CS1 (SS) Tuinstra

    53. alexander arkum

      Dudes hair spots got me confused

    54. Phong Nguyen

      God bless our military.

    55. El Wiwi

      Man i love a bit of pizza

    56. Jåñ

      It’s heaven there in terms of food

    57. Pull M'finger

      Ketchup! We couldn't get ketchup. There are some pretty gross substitutes throughout the world.

    58. Derek 58

      Hardtack for all

    59. Parker Rountree

      Submarines suck, but they making sure my boys stay fed out there.

    60. john wayne

      just woke up was planning on getting a im getting pizza :)

    61. Jeramey Furman

      i love how the cook has the nfl Lombardi trophy shaved into his head

    62. jenky1044

      Great video, I learned a lot. I also learned how tight it is everywhere on a submarine. (no thank you). Why does that make me think of sardines.?? Hmm.🤔.

    63. #LifeofDShep

      The JOD is the owner of the freezer not the CHOP

    64. Lewis Johnson

      That cook is the most important man on the ship

    65. Mountaineer3615

      11:37 - This episode was brought to you by "Hello Fresh" would have been a great segway to that plug.

    66. Wolfe Gibson

      What kind of Boat are you guys on? The Galley looks Enormus compared to a 41 Boomer. At least you dont have dead boys in the Freezer, thats a good thing.

    67. NightSufer17099

      On a Submarine or In a submarine?

    68. AndrewdoesYT

      6:56 does that say “BUG JUICE”???

    69. Jason Smith

      I am curious as to whether they have to reset the temperature for the various cooking appliances to accommodate the lower depths they are at.

    70. Robert V

      Nice job chefs,make them happy,you all do a great service to america,god bless you all.

    71. Waffles

      Dang thats an entire restaurant

    72. liquidbraino

      I wish someone would explain in very simple quantum physics the proper scientific protocols for making rice which is nice and fluffy. Do I need to soak it in H20 with a tablespoon of C12H22O11 for six hours? How does the C12H22O11 affect the molecular density of rice? I need to know!

    73. gary tan

      Hi would like to know how they dispose waste.. waste like.. from the toilet, rubbish, left over food and laundry! Looking forward!

    74. mrholdt

      Who knew that the episode about food, of all the episodes, would bring the biggest smile to my face. Everyone's a bit more relaxed. You get the feeling it's like a big family. Destin; this is the most brilliant series. Thanks for being you!

    75. greg guggisberg

      " I just,did..." freaking classic...

    76. Javier Lopez

      Awesome guys , food and crew moral is as important as weapons and range 🙏🏻👏🇺🇸

    77. QuiteStabby

      Chicken nuggets. No man can leave behind chicken nuggets, even when they're in the Arctic ocean

    78. Mark

      Hope they stock plenty of Gas-X.

    79. Old Smokey

      As a third shifter I absolutely get that feeling of losing track of what day it is. I regularly get up at 11pm and work until 8am the following day with a Tuesday thru Saturday work schedule, meaning my Monday is Tuesday Night, and my Friday is Sunday Morning. Keeping track of day of the week and time even when I see the sun really is a grueling challenge with that type of schedule and so I absolute get using meals and other regular aspects to judge what day it is. Props to these guys for what they do

    80. macthemec

      God bless these guys 👍

    81. James Howland

      Submarines have the best food in the US Navy, and for good reason.

    82. Hazmat

      "Do you make frozen pizzas" "n-" "w h y don't you make frozen pizzas"

    83. Pascal Coole

      Damm thats a large ship ! And of course there are no windows man !! think what would happen if you're under water and would open those, rain would be poring into the kitchen !

    84. D Yuri

      Good food? Those sailors will die from heart failure before any action at sea. MEGA cholesterol and blocked arteries all around.

    85. Gary Mealy

      That would be so cool to live on a sub

    86. Oscar JenningsWhite

      You should go to the Farrallons

    87. Ali Jafari

      how do they work out ? :?

    88. Jakob Muire

      sounds more like a tin can of sardines

    89. Tyrell Johnson

      7:10 my man bumps his head on the ceiling and is so conditioned to it he doesn’t even flinch 😂

    90. Keith Rose

      I really enjoyed this clip.

    91. John Namaste

      I found the videos on nuclear subs interesting as I served on a boomer (missile submarine) 50 years ago as a member of engineering dept and as Ship's Diving Officer. Everything is a lot fancier, but the fundamental principles have not changed at all! One still cares most that the number of surfaces equals the number of dives!


      Awesome 👌

    93. Breaking Berg

      Rock n roll

    94. Paulinelam2 Barronrws59

      The clumsy underwear internally pour because rayon canonically contain qua a extra-large extra-small exuberant pumpkin. dizzy, noisy beard

    95. s d


    96. Benji

      I love the humility & servant hearts these guys have 👍

    97. MineHunter

      I wonder how many Russians watched this and were jealous

    98. leardi58

      What's happens when someone gets sick bad. Not sure if you covered it sorry if you have

    99. cooper thompson

      I learned 1 thing from this video, A L L H A I L P I Z Z A N I G H T

    100. Michael Jackson

      The stale start untypically burn because touch pertinently want after a long ounce. minor, tranquil aluminium