How to Harvest Pecans (In Slow Motion) - Smarter Every Day 248


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    I hope you enjoyed learning about Pecan Harvesting as much as I did!
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    History of Pecans
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      I've decided to not try to "win the algorithm", and only make videos about what I'm genuinely interested in. Thank you very much for watching this video about Pecans. If you'd like to support a guy in Alabama making videos about (among other things) Pecans, please consider supporting here: I send literally every Patreon supporter a really cool baseball with a Smarter Every Day logo on it.

      1. gerard O'Brien

        S L

      2. Jonny John

        I love these farming videos!

      3. Mr Berzerk

        Am I going to be the only one to make the joke the tree must be aroused

      4. Jeffreys snapped Neck

        You still got some of those. I remember when you got em. It was like a pallet box full of em huh. Oh greetings from S otland btw.

      5. AdmiralHyperSpace001

        What are you talking about, your videos get millions of views and mostly you are making videos of other people doing stuff. I would love to be you, destin.

    2. Australia Made since 1981

      Cheers mate

    3. Australia Made since 1981

      Your dad sounds awesome thank you

    4. Benjamin Blackmore

      Annoys me how they say pecan It’s pe-can not pecon

    5. james

      jesus christ Pea CAN not pecarn

    6. The Masked Musician

      I don’t think anyone really realizes how smart farmers are

    7. Elizabeth Del castillo

      *Compression go brrrrr*

    8. litewatefitr

      This video is excellent!

    9. Ahman Millener

      WOW... I would love see more videos like this. Thanks

    10. Stolen Password

      Pecans swell my throat shut

    11. Jay Fox

      Butter pecan is my favorite. This video is cool, I never thought about pecan harvesting.

    12. Michelle Singleton

      Does anyone know how we can purchase pecans directly from Frank?

    13. Cubed Creative

      Video is nuts

    14. Al Capwned

      Just seeing him light up while talking about something he loves doing made my day.

    15. pangrula

      This guy genuinely smiles from his heart, I wish I could buy his pecan

    16. Jess Rums

      its pea can not pa can

    17. Blake Bean

      I used to build those Savage Shakers

    18. Azazel

      So this is pecan . I have one of those trees I call it walnuts cousin .

    19. MoZ10 Gamingz

      Pick one of that But sirr

    20. Brendan Proud

      nice nice

    21. Snow man

      Very good video 🌰

    22. Long Dong McStrong

      "Well one donked me right on the noggin man" god I love Southern States

    23. BIGCHEW

      Yep..I Also Love Pcans..Or How Ever Ya Say it..i call them what ever come out But I Think Its Just A Sothern Thang & The Rest O The World Just Dont Understand ..lmao !

    24. Thresher

      @SmarterEveryDay Will this guy ship his pecans?

    25. XxterpzxX

      You gotta scrape your freezer Mann

    26. Gunner8

      14:36 Its like a gatling gun

    27. Jackson Leyda

      Today: bill gates takin about nuts for 20 minutes

    28. Kos Ddsky

      Frank is amazing!

    29. Barbara Dias

      So Destin's grandfather worked for NASA? what's in this family's food? Is it something in the water??

    30. gerard O'Brien

      It’s a gud o’l filing panacin lol I hate smarter everyday cuz I am dum and liv in a shak plain vid games all day huh ya cachin Mir idea

    31. Draw The Skull

      I love his accent

    32. Jacob Gardner

      What an utterly charming gentleman

    33. polard keren

      The grease karunagappally watch because believe karyologically delight minus a fine holiday. nutritious, outgoing myanmar

    34. islam gaming

      country girls make do

    35. The Slow Bois

      Wholesome af

    36. BiFoxQueen

      I may be allergic to pecans, but this was still a really neat and engaging video. Good job!

    37. Gerydome

      Tim Cook

    38. Gerydome

      So it's not a walnut

    39. the Prussian empire

      we have a pecan tree and I HATE IT it dents up your car and drips sap that takes hours to clean off (the pecans taste good though)

    40. Phraggers

      Here in north England we pronounce it “peecun” with emphasis on first syllable

    41. Wyatt Ramsey

      That pecan farmer is so wholesome oml

    42. TheLostOne

      Had a bad day today not gunna lie but this video made me smile man thank you

    43. Chris Banana

      so many hands involved... I just smack trees, then crush the shell off with my shoe haha and who cares if there is a weavel :D extra protien!

    44. Bradford Smith

      I would love to buy some pecans from Frank for my mother. Any way to contact them?

    45. MrRealAmericanvalues

      Would love some more agriculture centered videos! Go tour the USDA germplasm! I know they've got quite a few over there. Plant biology is so much more interesting than humans, I guarantee you !

    46. Neil Sangte

      Here we go!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....that was amazing!

    47. Yarp Yepiddy

      God bless this pecan man, need more like him in our country

    48. Tractors Chemer

      Nice video.

    49. LiftedStarfish

      This man has live figured out. "I don't do it for the money. I do it because it makes me happy. It makes me happy to see people happy for my work."

    50. Johnny's Videos

      Pecan gatling gun

    51. Erik Chavez

      I just wrote pecan tree cuz I was eating some and came across with Destin, again.

    52. Joshua M

      Butter Pecan is my favorite and always has been

    53. Bru h

      Nuts are great

    54. Daniel Dickey

      I love when dustin says “ok this is gonna time to goggle up so that tells me iss gettin real”

    55. Kyle Dault

      I hate everything about pecans. cool vid though

    56. anormalking

      Tim Cook is the greatest farmer

    57. Tim Howell

      I love how happy he is to explain everything!

    58. KISSMYACE3203

      That nut cracker was actually very similar to what I had in mind for operation, I felt smart for a second.

    59. Valerie Sanchez


    60. Daniel Reardon

      Imagine if the Nasa co worker didnt mention that punishment

    61. Sqoou Too

      Sounds like the punishment was a trick to get him to decide to dig the holes. The pecan trees were already planned and always going to happen, and he was likely already scheduled to do the labor but didn't know it. It's the right temporal and parietal junction that interprets these scenarios. The NASA coworker reframed the travel and pick up road trip he was always going to go on, because in that mindset, he was aware and interested, whereas if it were self framed, he'd have a teenage whatever attitude like it was work and a burden. This way, the meaningfulness of the generations was embedded and passed on. A person who feels like they're paying off a debt will do more than a person who feels like they're being made to do something against their will. Right TPJ social engineering at it's finest imo...

    62. Gordon S

      This video is art!

    63. L3GION

      2:38 tell me this isn’t Bill Gates’ long lost twin.

    64. Joe Thompson

      frank looked so happy having someone that understood and appreciated what the process was

    65. Joosep Tapfer

      Is that old guy Tim Cook????

    66. Fish_Feet 2468

      I wouldn’t have even thought about how people farm pecans, and dang is it cool!

    67. sarah t

      when youre allergic to pecans

    68. Goat

      Tim Cook be grinding

    69. Kristine Phan

      The soft woman apically fax because half-sister surely bow upon a absorbed postbox. merciful, squeamish stool

    70. Ian R

      When your tree trunks are so big you need a tractor to be your vibrator

    71. Laura Griffin

      Heading over to Kiwi Co right now !

    72. cneddy22

      I've never heard it pronounced "pecon"

    73. Chamy Godfrey

      Love how he leaves Bible verses at the end of video..God bless this man

    74. Raagam Parmar

      Video: _about Pecan_ Me: knows 0% about pecan...

    75. mozkito life

      I'll take all the pecans with weevil larvae in them. Extra protein :)

    76. mozkito life

      Expecting his Dad to say pee can and heard pe carn tree. I don't know who's right. We say pee-can. Which sounds disgusting when I think about it. Edit: got to the end and heard the farmer say it right!

    77. Valerie Atwell

      This was so much more interesting than I expected. Chalk that up to an interesty story and interesting people who are enjoying what they do. Thank you.

    78. Zlatan Onkovic

      I didn't even know Pecans existed until now

    79. MrElofix

      Oh my gosh..this farmer looks like Bill Gates :)

    80. kangourouuu1

      Intro reminded me of "how oreos are demade" or something like that. Destin could make a side-channel dedicated to stupid viral videos easy.

    81. Not. Daniel

      I wann hear how you say Pecans in the most languages i hear. For example we say ořech in Czech. tell me what it is in your language!

    82. Fredrik Mellström

      Frank looks like Tim Cooks nutty brother. 🙃

    83. Vald0304

      Gotta love that youtube video compression

    84. Harrison Lauritsen

      War eagle

    85. DJB NL

      I've never imagined looking at fruit harvesting B-roll could be so entertaining!

    86. Sebastian Sebastian

      4:03 YOO

    87. Vok250

      "violently shake the trunk and then you get the nut" I didn't realize I was pecan farming all these years!

    88. Blake W.

      I worked at an ice cream shop (Kilwins) and I can say Pecan icecream is critically underrated.

    89. A.I.M ❼

      Who else is allergic to pecans🤔

    90. Alexander Raibley

      You make really good quality content Dustin. Always informative, and always entertaining.

    91. BCC Zoom

      they look like wallnut

    92. Najwa Laylah

      Those look far less messy than dealing with walnuts, and they do taste even better!

    93. IAmBear.

      Frank is my fav

    94. Zachery Samson

      youtube compression said "No" to the slomo

    95. King Crab

      It really made my day to see the old guy get happy about someone wanting to learn more about what he loves to do.

    96. Eric And Samantha

      Tim Cook is getting into Pecans now after Apple

    97. SnowCYYCling

      Brb gonna buy me one of these grabbing machines for...grabbing stuff.

    98. 9A-RAMA

      Of course you came from a scientist family... YOUR GRANDPA FRICKIN WORK AT NASA A

    99. Gavin's Videos

      Well im allergic to all nuts

    100. tater salad

      This reminds me of the America that I’m used to and wish it was more like. Next episode should be topping/cropping tobacco. Ain’t nothing better than using diesel fuel or kerosene to clean your hands from the gum. ‘Merica.