10 Iconic CrossFit Games Moments

CrossFit Games

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    What are some of the most iconic moments in CrossFit Games history?
    These 10 moments have been nominated by fans as some of the most cherished memories in the sport.
    The CrossFit Games are the ultimate proving grounds for the Fittest Man and Fittest Woman on Earth™ and are world-renowned as the definitive test of fitness.
    Tickets to the 2021 CrossFit Games are available here: games.crossfit.com/article/2021-crossfit-games-tickets/onlinequalifiers
    00:00-01:52 Stacie Tovar Retires in Dramatic Fashion
    01:52-03:40 The Liftoff: Toomey vs. Barnhart
    03:40-05:08 A Literal Tug-of-War: Froning vs. Bridges
    05:08-06:31 Kari Pearce Sets an Individual Record in Mary
    06:31-07:23 Neal Maddox Lends a Helping Hand
    07:23-07:58 Bailey Keeps Cool on the Run
    07:58-09:30 When a 380-lb. Clean Looks Easy …Fraser
    09:30-10:12 OMG What a Finish: Tia and Kara
    10:12-11:24 Fittest Man on Earth Races the Fastest Camera Man
    11:24-12:34 Former Navy SEAL Crushes Murph
    The CrossFit Games -- (games.crossfit.com​)
    The CrossFit Games® - The Sport of Fitness™
    The Fittest On Earth™
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    1. vanillapudding94

      Some of my favorites that weren't mentioned: 1. Sam Brigg's winning Murph and high-fiving everyone on her way back 2. Alethea Boon's comeback after tearing her Achilles 3. Kari Pearce winning Atalanta 4. Ben Smith's war cry at the final event his champion year 5. Every time Cody Anderson has defied the odds with his strength 6.Vellner and Fraser taking a dive on the obstacle course 7. Dave Castro telling everyone they had to run back at the 2020 ranch run 8. Watching Ricky Garard lose to Fraser and Fikowski even though he was using 9. Any time Dan Bailey goes so hard he drools 10. Seeing Noah Olsen podium in 2019

      1. Rodoval507

        No 7. was epic because not even the people watching knew lol.

      2. Celona Music

        #8 I got bad news for you...

      3. StayHungry Перезагрузка

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      4. Neversaw

        Hahah the drool

      5. Zach Coastie

        @Brendan Tomlinson The midline march domination was so good.

    2. xander soriano

      10:47 - WOW that cameran deserves a super bonus and that's what you called passion of nothing beats passion

    3. Dave

      "Iconic Crossfit Moments" is definitely a joke. It's a forgettable, fake sport with no-name athletes doing exercise. It's not like someone's 500th home run or something. HOWEVER! They do call the place they perform a "stage" so that's accurate.

    4. Mark Tilbrook

      Song at 9:15?

    5. By Abder

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    6. Nahuel

      11:04 I love this, great video!

    7. Sheila Gardner

      The lively sturgeon phytochemically doubt because bandana contrarily sprout minus a dynamic hydrofoil. robust, angry wilderness

    8. William Qin

      steroid abuse

    9. Eugenio Herrera

      what a man josh bridges

    10. JP_L

      The camerqman was... Unexpected. "wait a minute" lmao

    11. Mudd Whistle

      The national cheating and incorrect way to exercise championships

    12. Nícolas Paulino

      Tia vs Kara is #1. Unbeliavable

    13. Thicky McGhee

      I am going to be 100% honest. The women look like dudes. There is no way you can tell the difference.

    14. Sayed Masihullah Sadat

      Fraser what a beast

    15. Mark Kennedy

      Cross fit chicks might as well just have a dick lol

    16. Mitch Murray

      what a joke, just a bunch of roid junkies

    17. Fourtii

      Washed up Olympic LOSERS

    18. VasppHO

      The best CrossFit moment from this game will be when CrossFit dies

    19. celtics

      chin ups need more strict form than flopping like A FISH.

    20. JLMaster96

      Crossfit is for clowns

    21. Biden 4 Prison

      0:00 Zero reps on those Pullups, what are we celebrating here?

    22. Ye Ts

      crosfit is worst sport u can ever imagine for a human health and body

      1. Ye Ts

        and i hope those who make money on the crosfit will spend this money for apotheke

    23. Ben Keserovic

      Is this thing drug tested? ;)

    24. vman5555555


    25. Roger Trahan

      This is what it must be like when a decathlete competes against a single discipline athlete - both incredible at what they do, but the difference is humbling.

    26. TopNotch Knowledge

      Those pullups though...😬😬

    27. Falesz

      Anyone know the song at 9:16 please?

    28. ELF ARMY

      02:38 frog's neck

    29. Lurkyte Spaed

      This is crossfit LOL


      muié tem mais braço que eu, eu sou uma vergonha, pqp

    31. Michael Mitchell

      Whoever edited this video my hat is off to you on the music choiecs and timings

    32. Mateo Quiñones

      pulls ups: 0,0,0,0,0,0.....

    33. Rusty Shackleford

      Incredible these guys all did this drug free.

    34. aarswft

      Frasier winning the sprint will forever be #1.

    35. Neil David

      Bridges winning the murph is my favorite. He did it for Murphy🤝

    36. oldschool throwback

      That was probably the most boring video I've ever seen. Lame.

    37. jms0313


    38. Ivan Cano

      they did 0 pull ups in total

    39. Bianchi Jonathan

      i prefer one the guy Rich Froning he is the best crossfit.

    40. The Dibaduu

      4 the memes...

    41. Enrique Lopez

      i thought the camera man was n the race

    42. Laura Weldon

      Team Fraser after this video!

    43. Adam Balazs


    44. TSFxNiGhTmArE

      Guys please help me whats the song at 9:19 :'(

    45. ajeeth s

      First place gave me goose bumps. Epic Moment

    46. Audrius G

      So.. crossfit is basically doing everything incorrectly :D (cheating)

      1. NOFOOD?


    47. wasted

      I didn't know crossfit competition even exist

    48. Allan Torp

      No Camille Leblanc-bazinet winning the Individual 21-15-9 Complet unbroken (as the only one, men and woman!!) in 2014

    49. Shalissa Whojeschowski

      ZERO! ZERO!

    50. Lasz Zárusz

      One of the cringiest videos that I have seen. The fans, the celebrations... everything. Sect of retards

    51. Harman S

      Is there any dope test for this competition?

      1. Rich’s forgotten cousin

        Yes of course.

    52. TubeManagement

      they should call this the whitey games.....cause that's what it is lol the owner made that clear in 2020

    53. Tony, le Lavallois

      So weak. Calisthenics are true athletes. Not these amateurs

      1. SomeRandomGuy

        lol no

      2. Rich’s forgotten cousin

        Then have no legs, can’t run and can’t lift weights, so you are wrong. Try again.

    54. Nick

      There is nothing iconic about CrossFit aka juiced up PE class.

    55. Evan

      I dont care what anyone tells me, those are not proper pullups . Do not call those pullups, thats absolutely embarassing.

      1. SomeRandomGuy

        @Evan more than 20 tbh

      2. Evan

        @Rich’s forgotten cousin ask her to do 20 strict pull-ups see how many she can do

      3. Rich’s forgotten cousin

        Shut up.

    56. tartineboy41

      lol is this sport

    57. Benjamin Rosales


    58. Jonathan Phan

      10:48 look at the camera man go at the bottom carrying a few pounds of equipment lmaoo

    59. er4manu

      5:56 ok, now start again and do the pull ups properly

    60. Jean Apelt

      This sport is hilarious

    61. Tauno Kekkonen

      I still prefer infinitelgintensity's top 10...

    62. Jay Boland

      How is the clean and jerk only 380 lol!

    63. eduardo mario

      crossfit lol

    64. Глеб Киреловский

      🙏🙏music 9 :17 mat ????

    65. Глеб Киреловский

      Music 9:17 ???

    66. Sir Loin

      Iconic would be having the ability to perform any exercises correctly. I suppose you could deem this video iconically bad.

    67. IDC Animations

      Chills guys great video

    68. Ricardo Lescano


    69. XNATSUO

      WAIT WE NEED THAT CAMERA MAN TO RUN THIS he did that ran while holding the camera like what??

      1. Rich’s forgotten cousin

        He is Marston Sawyers, a really fit guy.

    70. Le Crassous

      Man USADA needs to take some samples from the CrossFit Games toilets ...

      1. What No

        Everyone will fail😂

    71. Will Russell


    72. kramer x

      crossfit is so fucking cringe, cant perform a single pull up. Bunch of vegans and weak ass bitches that act like they're actually training XD fucking losers

      1. kramer x

        @SomeRandomGuy how do u know?

      2. SomeRandomGuy

        you sound mad they're fitter than you

    73. Eliot Jesus velazquez

      for real amazing and hard working people here winners all

    74. ZRN

      5:59 dafuq those pull ups, is that even called a pull up lol?

    75. Christi Barry

      Josh Bridges winning Murph is everything

    76. dan iel

      5:56 was waiting for this. why don't they do it right? it'd be the same competition-wise.

    77. Flemming Tønnesen


    78. Audrey

      A Buttery Bro was the last thing I expected but ya gotta luv Marston Sawyers #butterybros

    79. Salome X

      Why aren't more black people in crossfit. Seems like the course is a bunch of stuff we do around the neighborhood anyway.

      1. Clair Beth

        I think it's because the CEO Greg Glassman is a racist piece of shit.

    80. Daniel Woods

      This stuff looks easy Ight imma go dominate this shit

      1. Daniel Woods

        @Rich’s forgotten cousin alright buddy i been working out for Almost 3 years shitt will be a breeze

      2. Rich’s forgotten cousin

        Sign up for the CrossFit open next March and then make everyone laugh at your attempts. 😂

    81. Christian Ridenhour

      The camera man put on the burners

    82. Melusi Moloi

      Ben Smith in 2015 completing his 2nd lift in the clean and jerk event as well as Ben Smith walking off heavy DT like he just finished stretching still gives me chills!!!!! Also the commentary on the Cinco with Froning hand-stand walkin his way to a 3rd straight was epic

    83. WegrennerX

      Iconic and cross fit in one sentence hah?

    84. Angel Gutierrez

      One of lamest so called sports ever invented

    85. Adiel Medina

      Crossfit is the dummies Sport.. Jajajaja

    86. Sir Digz Alot

      Pay that man JOSH!!! what a stud.

    87. Mr CKOPOCT

      good warm up, when they begin ?

    88. paulyj311

      A competition where no lifts or exercise is done correctly... laughable

    89. MaxFit 68

      That 2016 sprint event was the beginning of Matt Fraser’s dominant run for 5 consecutive titles. It became one of his defining moments.

    90. Loucif Kalistha

      Bridges' scream in winning Murph is the epicest ever. U can feel him roaring like " I am great " .

    91. Bryce O'Connor

      Lots of recency bias, but amazing moments nevertheless. Josh winning Murph is definitely #1!

      1. Bryce O'Connor

        @CrossFit Games Watching Ben Smith battle out Fraser in 2015 for the win is amazing. I also think the Amanda event is extremely iconic! Again, all these are awesome, just mostly recent.

      2. CrossFit Games

        What would you add?

    92. Bernhard Kohli

      Fraser going full BEAST MODE and touch-n-going the Snatches during the Standard in 2019

      1. Elnizar Siel

        Jl mkpo

    93. Jack Beam

      There s really somethings epic in that sport... like a living mithology I hope we could get again the full audience for the events that give a so amazing atmosphere

    94. Danny Rouk

      clenbuterol games

    95. Carlos Acevedo

      I know you Americans love their army people, but that seem like a pretty weak #1 after seeing those cleans or that race

    96. Craftyolive

      Anyone know song @ 9:26

    97. Roche Pepito

      Great choice with Josh's win for the Murph as the number 1! There are many iconic moments, but this one is one of the best!!

    98. Shea Frasier

      CrossFit should be in the Olympics 🔥💚🤘🏻

      1. matthew berkin

        @Shea Frasier .........Blessings to you, young man!

      2. Shea Frasier

        @matthew berkin thanks for sharing friend. That’s awesome that you knew Jesse Owens. But with any and all athletics, PED’s and other performance enhancing drugs will always be there. It’s up to science and drug testing to punish those that use. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I just think it would be a hell of a lot more entertaining to watch than a quarter of the events that take place. Thanks for your input and congrats on making it to 90! 💚

      3. matthew berkin

        I KNOW you are serious about this, point well taken, respect given here. As a retired Physical Therapist, for a good number of Olympic athletes over the years, my opinion on CrossFit in the Olympics is the following - P.........E........D's.... mainly the women. Yes, it's your body to do what you want with it, however, 2 separate Competitions for Natural & one for the Performance Enhanced. While that sounds all warm & cozy on paper, realistically someone would still do their best to fly under the radar. Mainly, because of the untold wealth one could garner with their championship status. The FAIRNESS of the Olympic Movement ended, when PED's came about. My side story, is my lifelong friendship with the Great Jesse Owens. I had many a cherished conversation with him in the mid to late 1970's. He is buried 3 miles from my home, at Oak Woods Cemetery, in Chicago. He has a beautiful grave stone, inspiring, look it up if you have the time. I remember what he told me, this one day. "Whether you think the other guy is playing fair & square, it's best to not to leave chance to the wind". "Fly through the wind, and soar so high, they can't see you". Although he was directing his thoughts toward some German guy, I think this could apply to the athletes of today. By the way, you're listening to a 90 year old guy. Thanks for sharing, Friend. All the best for you!

      4. Shea Frasier

        @matthew berkin yeah, I’m cereal. It’s a very competitive sport/competition. Or am I missing something and it’s already been added?

      5. matthew berkin

        ..........are you being funny, or should we call Ben Johnson.

    99. Nathan McFall

      #1 Mr Josh Bridges amen

    100. jgfleet

      Josh Bridge's phenomenal Murph. My favorite all time moment.

      1. Roche Pepito

        Same!! I'm glad they put it as number 1!!