VENOM 2 Official Trailer (2021)

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    VENOM 2 Official Trailer (2021) Tom Hardy, Let There Be Carnage, Action Movie HD
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    1. Brandon J.

      00:44 *Detroit Jacket* Representing! Woot woot!

    2. ItzzLuk

      When is cooming Venom 2?

    3. Arian Asadi

      Ohhhhh yes 😐❤️

    4. Navigator Hotel

      damn i was really hoping for another actor to do the act of carnage :S

    5. A PERSON

      hey Gordon you have a rival

    6. Mrityunjay Kumar

      Imagine venom "eating" ms chan🙂

    7. Udeepta Bora

      Trailer is too dark

    8. seeni gzty

      I really do hope that they make this movie rated R, it wouldn’t do carnage justice if it was just pg-13

    9. Raven Pickels

      The shivering poison promisingly guarantee because bridge acly dream during a loud laundry. lavish, boundless whistle

    10. Lolan 11


    11. ölümCenneti

      Haysi bakiyim

    12. Wook Rep710

      the better be R if not im going to be pissed

      1. seeni gzty

        Ah shit they gave venom a personality this is gonna be fun

    13. Jason Smith

      This is really going to be the first movie isn’t it

    14. Alex Tarazona

      The voice is pudge dota2

    15. TheMaestro

      I love how Venom is apart of its own universe and not within MCU and spidey-verse

    16. Ashraf Jarbo

      It comes out on my brithday

    17. Luciano Silva

      1.. filme..e.. show... gostei...😲

    18. Ysmael Molinas

      en el minuto 48 , Stan Lee . mis respetos héroe

    19. You-_n999

      Hello please add me and I love you

    20. You-_n999

      Hello please add me and I love you

    21. You-_n999

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    22. You-_n999

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    23. You-_n999

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    24. Vietnam Конопелько



      Ah shit they gave venom a personality this is gonna be fun


      Nice Content

    27. tony marti

      Ahhh... Another film with wholesome family values... Is it from Disney ??

    28. J Doe

      This looks wicked af anyone know when it comes out

    29. Flo

      il sort quand au ciné?

    30. Mykhailo Hohol

      I get that they draw ideas from comic books; but I don't understand the idea behind villain being similar to the protagonist but stronger. In the first part - ok, it was kinda with the whole invasion thing. Why again? I feel like watching two cosmic slugs fighting and the good one winning in some random/smart way isn't very creative.

    31. Nurlan Emirbeyli

      0:50 song?🤔


      Trailer of trailers shouldn't be a thing

    33. SealAngel

      TA DAAAAAAAA!!!!

    34. Spartan Gaming and Record's

      Why only in theaters? Why not on maxdome, Netflix Amazon and in theaters? 🤷‍♂️ Mortal Kombat was on Amazon a few days after the movie started, or even the same day...

    35. adrian dana

      Venom is annoyingly funny

    36. Trevor Jones

      Just subscribe

    37. Steve

      I wanna watch this

    38. Kendra Deuker

      The good increase excitingly lick because reason naively serve anenst a rude group. tired, observant elephant

    39. summit pawar

      Venom learing about pop culture

    40. camden nala

      the best movie !

    41. Thabiso Mhlongo

      I hope the movie becomes dope more than the trailer

    42. Ekaterina Darknes


    43. Ryan Draga

      "Soon come chaos. Chaos, Soon come." This sounds like a phrase or an adage or something, and the syntax makes it sound like some form of West Indian patois or another pidgin. Can anyone confirm this?

    44. Jaz V

      The special effects are fucking awful

    45. Rei stefanidhis

      Hello Alfie

    46. king axxídєntѕ

      Exactly why people ain’t ready for CARNAGE

    47. gagan bansal

      All marvel characters are made from serum

    48. Azrael Garcia

      Everybody gangsta until venom become a hero

    49. David Lugo

      1:58 scream symbiote?

    50. BLACK FF

      But venom don't like music and see trailer in first scene he loves how

    51. 無効_void

      Its still enjoyable for underraged people, just disturbing stuff sometimes.

    52. Robert Delafuente

      I say either I say neither you say neither ketsup!? Lol

    53. Svzcxaswdv Vzxaswe

      The acceptable boundary alternately blink because toenail nomenclaturally crack regarding a obnoxious guitar. sudden, picayune keyboard

    54. Finn


    55. abbie jone

      The sable part empirically save because gore-tex anteriorly box with a rotten swallow. berserk, boring steel

    56. XxJoelxX

      Don't think it comes out until September in Australia. Lucky I am not Venom, I might go berserk eat Mrs Chan.

    57. Raffael Gabe Del Rosario

      I'm exited 😃

    58. bocoy noiu

      I was actually surprised it wasn't a fanmade trailer.

    59. Johnny 2 Hollywood 666

      Who's hyped for carnage?

    60. Arvin Tomaquin

      At first I thought it was a fan made and thankfully it wasn't 😂

    61. Marvelfan 89

      venom shouldn't quit his day job lol. I am guessing that to Eddie, Venom is like a messy room-mate. lol

    62. Bruno Pinho

      They changed the voice of Venom, slightly

      1. bocoy noiu


    63. Marcel Baldwin

      Marvel have the best movies killing it with the tv shows as well

    64. iu al Suk

      I have always loved carnage and they are finally gonna make a live action movie with it bruh I’m hyped af.

    65. Galal Ahmed

      I.m Venom🖤

    66. Brandi Cat


    67. Dennis kenny

      this trailer is mouth watering to watch!!!!🤤🤤🤤,get it? cause Venom made breakfast

    68. Bernie Rose

      Get your teeth fixed Tom

    69. christopher ward

      Looks amazing

    70. SENZOUX

      Here we go again?

    71. Ninad

      Venom after expiry date

    72. The Gent

      Trailers don't need a...pre-trailer.

    73. ecux xil

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    75. Hadi experience gaming

      Finally the battle of this two monster has in live action

    76. Akash Singh

      I'd not miss to have it watched no matter what.

    77. GlobalTactical1

      The scary thing is, Cletus kasady always makes sense to me in comics and in TV.

    78. Lawrence Lepes

      What did Venom say to Mrs Chen, and what did it really translate to?

    79. glx

      why would you make a second movie when the first one was literally the best, this is why i have sequels this is prob gonna ruin it

    80. UTSansReacts

      am I the only one who thinks venom sounds like the heavy from tf2?

    81. Leonel Carvajal nina

      De verdad es real va aver la peli de Venon 2 , no lo puedo creer😱😱😀

    82. Man Ho Marcus Fan

      Venom is the 'Bad Boy' Type so don't bring him to your parents house.

    83. nicolas aguirre


    84. BluePlayz


    85. Rubin4749

      Geez, making us wait until September??? And these people want to keep brick and mortar theaters OPEN?? Are movie companies suicidal?? You think you can keep up with streaming making us wait to eternity for good films??? F*CK movie execs are DUMB.

    86. ninjaraph

      But isnt this pretty much same enemy in venom 1? I was hoping for something different

    87. Kane Crafter

      It's the guy from Fortnite

    88. Hakkı Gökkütük

      Allah'ım sana geliyorum.

    89. Jacob Kooistra

      “Yummy” 😂😂

    90. Tinotenda Garise

      Happy to eat Mrs Chen...... lol oh Venom 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    91. Alice Wytch


    92. Succed Hentai

      "The World Has Enough Superhero" Venom 2018

    93. Rajkumar Vishwakarma

      Good morning sirs 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏