Breaking Into a Smart Home With A Laser - Smarter Every Day 229


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    This work was performed by a team of researchers at the University of Michigan and University of Electro-Communications in Japan. For more information check out their website or contact them at
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Thumbs up if you got an ad for some kind of always listening device before the video. Thank you for taking time to watch. When I read the paper I knew I had to make a video about this. I hope you enjoy it. If you feel like this has earned your support, the Patreon link is here and I'd be grateful.

      1. Sophie Wilson

        It's advisible to hire a white hat hacker, Darin Adler on Instagram got me access to a locked IPhone, check him out

      2. Klaus Stock

        ​@J S It's usually done with the laser's reflection from a window's glass, but technically, yes, any reflective surface which can vibrate sufficiently should work. Also, newer laser microphone prototypes have been developed and demonstrated which can also pick up sound via plants, vapor or smoke, or a bag of potato chips (or, if located in the UK, a bag of potato crisps). The original form is probably from around 1947, but this devices just used a beam of infrared light (lasers weren't invented yet). Microwave radiation can be used to pick up sound from or through walls (doppler radar).

      3. TheRealFourthHorseman

        remember when you tried to sell me simply safe...........................................................................................................................................................destin.

      4. Raul Alan

        I dont know if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for insta portal password hack enjoy!

      5. Brad Davidson

        Absolutely I was talking to wife asking to get onions from the store, next ad on my phone was the benefits of onion juice on Facebook. Big brother is always listening

    2. Live Streams 2021

      what software is used to push the raw or wav sound to the laser head ?

    3. Mike Perrett

      Interesting, if for example on an Amazon Echo device you press the button to disable the microphone, does this prevent this kind of MEMs attack?

    4. Deejay JeanP

      I had to verify my voice with my phone number after you said "Hey Google"

    5. Murp

      That is so creepy!!! It worked on my echo dot

    6. Jayden Hazyel

      criminals in the year 3504 be like:

    7. Falk Map

      What stupid people use such thngs like Alexa and so on, are they not able to do it themselves ?

    8. Damani Shabazz

      dude why are you breaking into houses

    9. Guilherme Ferreira Franco

      You can break into any home with a laser depending on it's power

    10. jamcdonald120

      17:30 the difference between something that might fail and something that couldnt possibly fail is that when the thing that couldnt possibly fail fails it often turns out to be impossible to get at and repair

    11. Yvan Harvey

      Very good video. You some it up nicely. Never buy a new product without seeing the proof that they effective. Which is a problem with cars because they change so fast. And any devices as matter of fact.

    12. Zhaoze Wang

      It would be crazy if you could do that with an invisible light, like an infrared or ultraviolet light or something.

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    15. Shadow Fall

      "I don't think people are like, crazy vulnerable" Opens locks with light. You're right, doesn't sound too vulnerable to me. I'll stick to mechanical locks for me though, thanks.

    16. Linrox

      Personally i would never have any AI system in my home. All the assistant AI are completely insecure, not just for smart thieves but also for governments. smart homes are not smart.

    17. Terk Franks


    18. N O

      7:20 He talks like Elon Musk

    19. Spencer Cochran

      Super Video bro

    20. Janoy Cresva

      almost 10m views and asking for patreon. IMAGINE.

    21. Timi Schnitzhofer

      Why do u not make money with youtube

    22. MrMrMrMrMrT

      Ahh the good old Thorlabs stuff

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    24. juoig7799

      11:12 If I ask the Google Assistant to delete some activity from my account while my phone is locked, it'll ask me to unlock it.

    25. Efren Laboy

      You're recorded the frequency off your voice and converted in light frequency

    26. Dreadmystvt

      Just seeing this. Great stuff. A little shocked but not surprised this is possible. What made you consider Patreon ca your own website? Maybe you have changed since this video is a bit older. Keep making great internet!

    27. Bekfatht

      Just don't have a house

    28. Vexerux

      Is nobody going to mention how much this guy looks and sounds like Wrek-it-Ralph

    29. Scotty Barnett

      I gave it a thumbs up cuz I knew it was going the right direction then he busted out with the home printed camera adapter for the microscope! " I love microscopes" lol

    30. Ordinary Man TV

      Time travel exist lol

    31. Maharshi Abhale

      ok so first of all, no robber is going to be having the thinking ability to work out such an elaborate house breaking

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    34. Ida bagus made Gita ananda

      02:29 I though he was slanderman

    35. JavaJackB

      the only thing my alexa can do with my house is my bedroom light, and theyre both upstairs

    36. Matt Schoular

      I can't even get Alexa to do what I tell her to do with my voice half the time.....i am so behind the times....

    37. Salvatore UR

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    38. Damien Morphet

      So, a neat thing that happens while I am watching this; Destin's voice triggers my Google home.

    39. Hector Perez

      Great video!

    40. 宋秉钧

      OMG OO KMY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    41. 宋秉钧

      OO MY GOD

    42. 宋秉钧


    43. Downstream01

      The innocent days of late 2019.

    44. NBSTL68

      At 8:51 in the video it set my thermostat to 70 degrees bc my phone was by the computer! =:-O So I thought these things were supposed to learn different voices, aka NOT respond to other people? Since this is more than a year old, has any of them fixed this security issue?

    45. The Sqoou

      You should have hummed a tune to make them move under microscope

    46. Ed Parachini

      Nest is complete vulnerable. The only people who might not be able to hack it is the people who actually own one. Both criminals and law enforcement have hacked the Nest.

    47. Wizzy Wizkid

      No one does it better than MOVINGCYBER>>ON>>I>>Ghe's just so good at this WOOO .........

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    49. Camden Nguyen

      Yeah I heard this is possible but didt belive it

    50. Костянтин Болтівець

      трохи порозумнішав , дякую за Вашу працю .

    51. Rock Hash

      It almost worked on my Google Nest but it needed verification from my cell phone. I guess it needed to send a text message because it said that it did not recognize the voice.

    52. The Great Avocado

      "Hey Google; we're about to shoot you with a laser" "I don't-I-undertand-don't understand" *Chuckles* "You will." WTH LMAOOOOO

    53. S. Arlo

      I thought he was gonna say MEME turns out its MEMS

    54. frikbert

      Thank you! I just got reminded to subscribe, and not somebody saying "Hey Google, play never gonna give you up on spotify.".

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    57. Daniel DiBono

      Could the effect of vibrating the membrane with a laser be due to light pressure?

    58. Jeremiah Kramer

      I remember many, many years ago... TV Show "Mr. Wizard" He demonstrated a science experiment using flashlights and audio sources. Using the flashlights to project sound across the room... Thought was the coolest thing ever..... 30+ years ago. Enjoy your Videos!!! Thanks.

    59. JustCallMeRandom


    60. richard rivera

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    63. Carlos Cardona

      Get smart every day is become been vulnerable every day......????

    64. Socio Pathetic

      START MY DAY AND GET SMARTER THINGS TO TALK ABOUT... Stupid people call it a smart phone. Smart people say "What can this do?" SMARTER EVERY DAY...

    65. Socio Pathetic

      Would it not be easier just to record a voice? Getting all that equipment isnt that easy. People are gonna get all panic. Humans panic easy look at covid...

    66. Calvin L Deakins

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    67. Paul Kiser

      I'm going to have to tell my teenage son to stop watching your channel. He keeps learning about things from you and I'm supposed to know more than him! :) Great stuff. Thanks for all you're doing!

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    70. Dreiback

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    74. Josh Lies

      Thanks for this Destin! I've had my eye on a neighbor's 65 in TV and now I know just how I'm gonna get me it. Muahahana

    75. i-YTB

      As an electrical engineer this was pretty obvious

    76. Team Explosive

      I got an Alexa ad wile watching this

    77. joe wilts

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    78. CC FF

      they call them smart devices, but instead of OK, it should answer Duh OK.

    79. Lapez Creeper

      I'm going to be honest here it seems like these issues could easily be fixed by using a pop filter on the mic

    80. Paul Ferris

      No. No. And no again lmao🤣😂😆 never would you guy's have a hope to get through my system. 🤣😂😆😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I can do it but even if I unlocked my device you still have a issue. Otherwise I wouldn't have installed it.

    81. Paul Ferris

      Already secured mine. Tried tested and failed to get past it, even with the knowledge of the way I overcame the security risk. 🤣😂

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    92. The King of Braves

      BAHAHAHHA you saying "Ok Google" didnt work

    93. jAY Z

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