GOING SUPERSONIC with U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds! Pulling 7 G's in an F-16 -Smarter Every Day 235


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    A personal thank you to Air Force MSgt Ryan Crane for nominating me for this flight. Thank you sir.
    The Thunderbirds have a MRplans Channel
    This flight took place on May 3, 2019 in Biloxi Mississippi. The reason it took so long to release is the high amount of research I wanted to do before releasing the video. I even visited the Air Force Research Lab at Wright Patterson AFB to discuss some aspects of this video with Aerodynamicists. Synchronizing all this footage and coordinating additional B Roll with the Thunderbirds Public Affairs Officer also required a lot of effort.
    These are my own thoughts, not those of the U.S. Air Force or the Thunderbirds:
    I've been around a lot of pilots and ground crew in my life and I must say that the professionalism displayed by the Thunderbirds was astounding. Their goal is to inspire and demonstrate the capabilities of the US Air Force, so I'll take it a step further. If you're a smart young person who is interesting in changing your life for the better, strongly consider the Air Force. The job market isn't the best at the moment but the Air Force still has opportunities available for you to learn incredible skills even if you're not interested in flying. They manage everything from logistics, electronics, aerospace, cyber and even space systems. The threats to freedom are becoming more complex, and in my experience working for the Department of Defense over a 15 year span (even longer if you count my work as a contractor) The US Air Force consists of some of the most intelligent service members our country has. These people are book-smart, but also have the confidence to solve real world problems with their own hands. If I have a complex aerodynamic question, my first call is usually to someone in the Air Force, because they understand these complex phenomena intuitively. For example, in this video you would hear Flack and I talking about pitot tubes in flight. We also had other discussions about fuel burn rates, Prandtl Glauert, weather.... all kinds of things. Simply put, if you're looking for direction in your life, and you're good with science and math... consider the Air Force. That being said, they also need other types of skills as well. Logisticians, writers, creative people who know how to solve complex problems in unique ways.
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      This video was the opportunity of a lifetime. When asked if I wanted to fly in an F-16, I said "Yes please, and there are some things I'd like to study. Can we try supersonic flight at different altitudes?" I'm very grateful for this opportunity and would like to thank Flack and the rest of the US Air Force Thunderbirds. This flight took place on May 3rd, 2019. This Spatial Disorientation training is something all fighter pilots go through so they can understand how their own physiology works under these conditions. Thank you for watching and learning with me. I always wanted to know what happened in the cockpit when a jet goes supersonic. If you think this kind of content is worthy of your support, you can become a patron at: www.patreon.com/smartereveryday

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        At the takeoff you could see some smoke/vapor coming from the back of Deston. What was that??

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    2. The Passenger

      Man, as long as I can remember, the f-16 ist my favorite fighter jet. It's so beautiful! I love the F-104 oder the F-04 ad well, but the F-16 is such a beauty! ❤ This is an amazing video! I was so excited while watching. Luckily I didn't feel the g-forces! ^^ Great video! Thank you! :)

    3. Roman Sarioglo

      Brother, if you experience how God humbles you you'll feel alot different.

    4. MisplacedMusic

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    5. lengend lindquist

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      How would I like to learn to fly a jet of those

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      I love that you leave a verse at the end of every video. I love going to search out what verse you left! May GOD bless you for that!

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      I have chemical engineering background and know how pitot tube works, but I did not realize how it behaves in the supersonic situation. Wow!

    13. John McTavish

      24:53 - Flat earthers be like - I'm gonna report this video for spreading misinformation.

    14. overlord

      its one of my dreams to ride a fighter jet and go supersonic.

    15. Harley Bradford

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      *Thanks for showing us something we would most likely never see*

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    22. Mother Fynest

      I am a Navy guy.

    23. Mother Fynest

      You were a brave man.

    24. Hee Yeong Son

      I get why the altimeter reading drops as the speed of flight passes Mach 1, but why does the reading decrease just before reaching Mach 1? i.e., why does the static pressure increase? Is the altitude of the plane physically dropping?

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      The most informative video i have ever seen

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      "Humbled by force...", this isn't a YOU problem this is a human problem. It's so easy for us, with some success or new knowledge that isn't common to quickly pat ourselves on the back and become high minded yet that arrogance actually holds us back from the "next level" of knowledge or better yet wisdom. This is so obvious throughout history, within academia, scientist or government leaders, while NO ONE is immune, that in turn hurts our growth and full potential. Full potential cannot be achieved without humility...the more I learn, the more I know I don't know anything. Stay humble or embrace stupidity and ignorance. Without humility there is no wisdom!

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      0:15 those boots tho, they look aesthetic and comfy af

    31. Chuối Chiên

      Hey Dustin. Quick stupid question If 2 planes are flying in the opposite directions at 600mph then would they be supersonic when crossing ? Cuz' 600mph is still sub-sonic. Thank you !

    32. Sunny Rajkarnikar

      "i'm back there suffering, which is incredible"

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      This took me through a dream.☁️ I was hearing Bear McCreary's music 🎶. Thrace is fictional. Mace is not.🙏

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      Maybe the best description of supersonic dynamics that I’ve ever seen Kudos. Air Force fighter jocks are the most confident people on earth and yet they are genuinely humble by nature. Nice window into that essence

    39. Mike Kenney

      Things have changed a lot since my orientation in a TF 102 in the the 60’s. Those Gs are real. Props for hanging in

    40. Dustin Perez

      Noticed that my comments don't show up. Must be a military/status thing. Idk

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    44. Tammie A

      My cousin tried out for the Thunderbirds. Haven't talked to him in a while so not sure if he made it or not. How cool. I love the Thunderbirds. When I lived in a Cleveland suburb of Lakewood, the Blue Angels were in town for an air show. It was so cool to see them fly over the house and do their maneuvers and turns to fly back towards the actual air show.

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      “For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

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        Excellent comment & quote from His Word! Humbled in Texas!

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    67. Joel Martinez

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    69. Gary Benninger

      I just watched this a second time after seeing it when it first came out. After you tapped out you were humble but you were too hard on yourself. Just by being there you already were a winner. And the way you found this you put all the credit on the crew and their support crews. You made Maj. Michelle Curran look like a superhero. And she really is. All of them are. But you’re forgetting something you’re also a superhero. You champion the love of science and knowledge to millions of people. You did not make a fool out of yourself. You gave us perspective. Trained versus untrained. But that same starstruck feeling I got listening to Michelle speak I get when I watch most of your videos. Like when you interviewed the owner of the rocket company or spoke with the submarine crew. I hope that I accomplish something on that level in my lifetime. Change the world level.

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    73. Aidan O'Brien

      The reason you can break the sound barrier easier at higher altitudes is because you have a lower temperature at higher altitudes. Since the speed of sound (for an ideal gas) is defined as sqrt(gamma*R*T) a lower temperature corresponds to a lower speed of sound. Therefore, you need less velocity to break the sound barrier, since M = v/a where a is the local speed of sound, and v is the velocity of the aircraft. Interesting Stuff!

    74. Commissar Purity

      It is amazing the things humans can do once we get used to something, they can chat at 7gs while most people can't even speak at 3.

    75. Kolasom

      I applied for the Thunderbirds in 1980 and was accepted but I got out of the Air Force instead. STUPID DECISION which I still regret!! 🥵

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