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    Can men be feminists? Is there a misuse of the term feminism that makes young men hate the movement? Has feminism gone too far? Over the last ten years, Caitlin Moran has learnt that we have to allow feminism to evolve as both society and our own priorities change. Feminism simply means gender equality, and the fight is on the release both women and men from the gnawing clutches of the patriarchy.

    In this chat with Fearne, Caitlin Moran explains the importance of social media in amplifying women's voices as well as how to approach men to join the feminist movement so that they do not see women as a threat. Between laughs, jokes and a few moments of reflection, Caitlin Moran explains how some time ago she asked men on Twitter what kind of issues they've been dealing with lately. And the stories that were shared ranged from hilarious to heartwarming.

    What did you think of this week's episode? What stood out the most for you?

    CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains frank chat about eating disorders and sexual assault.

    Caitlin Monroe is an English journalist, author, and broadcaster at The Times, where she writes three columns a week. She has gone on to be named Columnist of the Year six times. Her multi-award-winning bestseller How to Be a Woman has been published in 28 countries and won the British Book Awards' Book of the Year 2011.

    Caitlin Moran's books have made millions of women feel less alone and have inspired many to make positive changes along the way. You can find her latest book 'More than a Woman' here:

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    1. Fearne Cotton's Happy Place

      What did you think of this week's episode? What stood out the most for you?

      1. Louise Angell

        Just wow, what an episode, so many things stood out. As a woman of 41 I can totally relate to pretty much everything discussed, shaming our bodies parts really stood out to me, I have done this ever since I was little and I hate that I still do this now which is really sad. Also Pottering 🙌🏻 it’s a real thing and my husband moans at me for doing this but I love it.

      2. My best Scorpio Mc

        real content on utube at last we’ll done you are glowing fern ✊

    2. melanie greenup

      Brilliant message! Thanks so much for your honesty and compassion.

    3. ammarko1000

      No, not at all there is no misuse, my dear, it's just no one likes cancer much, that's all. You know feminism is cancer, right?

      1. _CJ DJ_

        @ammarko1000 no ur just being sexist, feminism isnt about females being equal to other genders, its about all genders being equal and not discriminated against, and you are comparing that to a disease which is either sexist or completely makes no sense, “my dear”

      2. ammarko1000

        @_CJ DJ_ sometimes i am

      3. _CJ DJ_

        ur so funny