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    Turn monotony around and get ready to learn some of the best life hacks we have for you today. We will teach you some tricks that will help you in your everyday life. These tips are also helpful in ordinary situations and even on special occasions when you need to use your imagination and creativity to have fun with your friends. So do not wait any longer. Get comfortable on your favorite bed or couch and pay attention to these tips. Let’s pop it!

    In today’s video, we will show you several tips to make crafts of all kinds. Learn how to make chocolate bars filled with your favorite sweets. Create beautiful necklaces, rings, and even earrings to complement your style in a memorable way. Create crayons using your favorite colors to use with your children. Create soaps with striking shapes and pleasant scents to use as a beautiful gift.

    01:06 - Soap capsules

    03:19 - Colorful ice bars

    06:19 - Chocolate game

    07:38 - DIY toothpaste capsules

    08:54 - DIY Chocolate bar
    We advise adult supervision and care at all times.

    This video is made for entertainment purposes. We do not make any warranties about the completeness, safety and reliability. Any action you take upon the information on this video is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any damages or losses. It is the viewer's responsibility to use judgment, care and precautions if one plans to replicate.

    The following video might feature activity performed by our actors within controlled environment- please use judgment, care, and precaution if you plan to replicate.

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    1. BloxNoobPlays YT

      1:03 How do you see that? What if you press the wrong button???

    2. EmmyZimmy

      If I could give this a million dislikes I would

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      this is rubish ;)

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      1:01 I give anyone one tries to do this hack luck on trying to remember by heart what every key on there key board used to say

    7. Shgufta Firdous

      0:59 then how you gonna type?

    8. enaya zahra

      You don't need to waste slime to clean an pop it you can just wash it

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      Русский: какое круто мощный!!! Қазақша: қандай күшті керемет!!!

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      I have so many questions and just why why would you just ruin pop its?????

    12. Kayil ✰︎

      Most of them aren’t even life hacks just ideas well done 😐👏

    13. Stardew Kitty

      7:04 was satisfying ngl

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      Yani gerçekten takdir ediyorum bu kadar gerçekçi olamaz

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      2 years ago: No food in class Now: No fidget toys in class

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      2. boby kapitanski

        Yea cause thye make to much noise and you should be paying attention in class

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    17. Heidi Pavlovich

      They’re ruining the point of pop its !👿😡😾😭

    18. Sakina Siddiqua Ahmed

      1:03 - How will you know what letter/number you are pressing, if you put those on ? A solution would be to write the letters on, or just use it the way it was made.

      1. musafera

        Also you wouldn’t be able to squish the keys cause you put the hoi glue IN the pop it bits you can fix this by applying hot glue only in a little bit to the outer rim of the pop it bit

      2. Crafty girls

        Take your phone keyboard and write it on paper and done ✅

    19. Durga Kumari

      1:01 How could they see the letter

    20. some of the life hacks are pretty dumb like the keybord one

    21. Crafty girls

      I am buying my first pop it and i want to try these hacks

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      1:02 Where are the letters?

    23. Jimena Ramirez

      primer cometario en español first comment in spanish

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        I was also shocked

    25. Cookie lover

      Five minute craft should be deleted literally 😩✋

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        Why lol

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        It’s my opinion

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      people why ruin pop it because it tells me

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      Do not microwave soap it will smell

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        Btw I'm there ur opinion also some of them were not rude pls don't hate on me

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      On the keyboard, HOW DO U SEE THE LETTERS

    39. Stephen Gooch


    40. Lizastich40

      8:56 what’s the point? Why can’t you just pour the paint strait out of the tube? Or in a cup and pour it that way, sorry but this “hack” is pointless.

    41. Hoàng Gia My

      1:02 so how do you type without letters labeling on that pop it keyboard?

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      Guy hi jghfgffsfdgvhcgchcgvghc TX yfhfhchvhv

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      Wait a second if the lady puts pop it circles on the key board how could she see the letters?

      1. ♡☆ Cheekee Charlee & Champ ☆♡


    44. Honey the Gamer

      I don't think that anyone apply this hack! Specially the pop keyboard, how can I know what is letter hidden in button 😑😑

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      سلامة قلبك حبيبتي

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      The 5 minutes crafts is only 5 minutes in the video

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      A good Name for this video Would be ”ruining perfect pop its”

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    53. #BESTIES

      This is terrible video what a waste

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      0:58 she will not able to type also if she forgoted the key so maybe her keyboard and her pop it both will be wasted

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      0:59 you do realize that you are wasting the good hot glue , right

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        Ruining poppets,perfect poppets

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        And burning a hole in a pop it

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      I love the video, but just a quick reminder that figits were designed for neurodivergent people, not to be used as toys.

      1. Lil Potato :D

        No, fidget a are for anxiety/panic attacks, they're not just toys

      2. boby kapitanski

        Plus they are fidgets and fidgets are toys

      3. boby kapitanski

        Fidgets are for everyone

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