New Battle Builder vs. Every Troop in the Game! "Clash Of Clans" Super troops vs. BB

Godson clash of clans

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    Clash of clans New battle builder
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    Clash Of Clans
    Clash of Clans is an awesome mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back the goblins is just the first step - your quest isn't over until your clan reigns supreme over all others!
    Category: Games
    Updated: 10 June 2014
    Version: 6.108.5
    Size: 53.3 MB
    Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
    Developer: Supercell Oy
    © 2012 Supercell
    Rated 9+ for the following:
    Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
    Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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    1. Godson clash of clans

      imaging getting a 99% attack and last building left is a battle builder... the builder might repair his hut faster than i can take it down XD

      1. Chandana Barka


      2. Mateo

        and theres only an ice hound left

      3. ÇÃPTÅÌÑ Jáçk Spárrõw


      4. tea_spill

        Imagine having a cringe thumbnail

      5. Wang Liang

        bakalae yook

    2. Neer Jindal

    3. Colette Keeper

      Healer can't attack but only heal heroes

    4. Abidch Abidch

      Coc=clash of corona

    5. Luca Druga

      Ce îți trebuie ca să agradezi casa aia de construit?

    6. Kyle Cochrane

      To test out the goblins or anything that goes for a certain defence, you should take out those targets first

    7. Skytrooper

      "0:17" *”this is the thing u need.” **GEMX.BUZZ** ”Am I right?”* 垃圾。Lord

    8. John Carroll

      "0:14" *”this is the thing u need.” **GEMX.BUZZ** ”Am I right?”* 垃圾。Lord

    9. Rose Ann Nicole


    10. Omendra Singh


    11. Vladimir Putin

      See the hog rider face with mask..... Its like hes been kidnapped😂😂

    12. CrayCray Mose


    13. douglas miller

      "1:29" ”this is the thing u need.” COINY.BUZZ ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord

    14. cuadrado dons

      "00:22" amazing works so well. this is what you're looking for: COINY.BUZZ

    15. candy grish

      "0:17" ”this is the thing u need.” COINY.BUZZ ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord

    16. rebecca dunford

      "0:37" ”this is the thing u need.” COINY.BUZZ ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord

    17. bagas kusuma

      "03:28" this is the thing u need.” COINY.BUZZ ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord

    18. Xx_itz_trickster_xX

      Godson:hurry up 2:53 W7zzard:WELL ITS NOT MY FAULT THAT YOU PUT ME 27 MILLES AWAY FROM IT 2:46

    19. DangerȘiDiamant

      try 5 battle huts or put 1 in front 4 behind so the other 4 can heal the 1

    20. Hurricane Gaming

      If Builder Can Make Robot With Flamethrower and More weapons Enemy: F*ck I'm Gonna Go Home

    21. Hbfyh Hbcfhj


    22. TheWar240_Confirmed

      When people who have the builder hut outside of the walls: Person: well looks like your moving back in!

    23. GryphusX

      whats the song at 3:03?

    24. Hamza Fayyaz

      Watching you after 7 years

    25. EXP GAMING

      Omg godson it's been three years sence I watch ur vids

    26. Patatto 47 waazzaaappp

    27. Brawler brawlz- News channel

      It’s kinda Strong

    28. Igy Igy

    29. INSECT BITE *-*

      Clash of clans copied Fortnite with pets.

    30. matrixphijr

      I'm just getting back into this game after a pretty long absence (there were times when I'd come on for a couple days here and there, but I haven't been truly active in years). For whatever reason, I'm coincidentally starting to get CoC videos recommended to me now, even though I haven't been watching any like I used to in about the same length of time. And it's causing this flood of memories to come back to me, of all the MRplansrs I used to watch (a lot of whom are still doing Clash videos), like you, and Galadon, and Cam. And oh man, is it good to hear all of your voices again. So I wanna stick around and see how much farther I can get (now that TH10 isn't the max anymore like it used to be 😂). Anyway, I hope you're doing well, and I just kinda wanted to say all that cause I didn't even realize I missed watching Clash vids until pretty much just now.

    31. Error Code: Gamer

      When I first saw the update on clash I thought oh God damn builders are battle medics

    32. Jim Nathaniel Roy D. Delas Alas

      Is that mod? If it is what is the name of it? Can you drop the link?

    33. Garrett Lauer

      we should call the new builder hut the x hut what do you think

    34. eLiAs

      "6:12" I just got from here ** I am playing on my Mobile now

    35. CyclingSine5854

      The builders went on strike now I know why I couldn’t open clash of clans for a week

    36. MoonlightCodm

      I always knew you can upgrade it

    37. Monica Velázquez

      Hahah XD

    38. Minecraft boy

      You forgot the headhunter

    39. alfi sahreza

      Bhs goblin

    40. Xion Raven Pomento

      You know that this takes a lot of time and i can hear in his voice that his tired

    41. Zachary Nance

      Yo his channel is growing again

    42. Jorgean Bandot Dot

      Don't forgot about Smile on Thumbnail

    43. Rizwan Mohammad

      Till 2030 , clash of clans would be on weed

    44. Anh Duong

      all buider vs all troop

    45. saran kumar



      "4:41" I just got from here ** I am playing on my Mobile now

      1. 10broya


    47. Aayush Khanal

      Give me the link of this coc version

    48. IT'S GAME TIME

      Bro why didnt you take the super valkyri

    49. weffle101

      I dont think I've seen a godson video in my recommended since 2014 I'm so happy

    50. S JANUSH

      Pls give the link to install this coc pls bro I need it

    51. Ultron

      You sound so depressed with a fun music playing lol

    52. Ludovico Pezzano

      I cannot see miners healtbar too, anyone has experienced this bug?

    53. MR. 1000

      shouldve said the miner bit the dirt

    54. Doge

      And the masks in the thumbnail are the cherry on top. There is a pandemic going on

      1. Grimstone

        Those are smiling teeth

    55. GAMING WITH Aryan YT

      We can do a super witch walk with healers

    56. MrBeast shorts

      I was thinking of playing this game

    57. ilknur Erdoğan


    58. Unknown Gamerz

    59. Ilyas Nazari


    60. Old ACC [ Legendary Barb ]

      the thumbnail looks like you kidnapped all the troops and put a rag over their mouths.

    61. Nathaniel Abboud

      Yeah to take it down u need the winning guys

    62. Michael Good boy

      No wizards can't destroy

    63. Lai Hre


    64. Mithu Singh

      Hey bro pls tell a best coc private server for india with prood

    65. акс 2.0

      Лохи а я русский

    66. krishna danendra

      do you know Bangskot?

    67. ツ『M͜͡AN凡IЯ』

      هل يوجد عرب ههه😅 someone from Arab

    68. سيار ففتل


    69. Abhinav Raj

      Miner has no hp look 😂😂😂

    70. Jonathan alexis

      Que lento

    71. Xander 4k

      Me seeing everything* (me) how much did it cost? (Godson) bankruptcy (me) I knew it.

    72. Reza Ocktovani

      8:51 Headhunter are Lady..

    73. Gamer 4030

    74. Gamer 4030

    75. Sanjay H.V

      After destroying builder hut. Barbarian:I am going to enter the bunker and kill everyone. Miner:excuse me,can I make ur work easy for u... Later ....nxt 2 years Introducing town hall 15 with new defences,and troops.. Defences like face lock password for builder hut door....🤣🤣🤣🤣

    76. Sanjay H.V

      Builder hut didn't gave time for wizard to attack 🤣🤣🤣 Next time on attacking on th14 I would target first builder hut 😅😅

    77. saurabh gajmer

      Please I need the link of this hacked version

    78. Akshansh Baghel

      Who was seeing golden destroying buldire hut and thinking what if we use golem to destroy battel buldier hut in real attack. All time will over in destroying battle buldier hut and gain 2% 3%

    79. Marvin J.

      Hhha the ballon will did that in 2 shots if you deployed near to the red area..

    80. Aditya Kharat

      video starts at 1:20

    81. parmeet brar

      Sabhi troops ne mask lga rkha h 😷😷😷😂😂


      In the thumbnail was teeth not masks

    83. Nosrat Davoodi


    84. Deavin Crawford

      The golden hammer

    85. Deavin Crawford

      The new flex

    86. Iftekhar bin anwar ishti

      Hey how you do that video?

    87. unknowny userishy

      Welp, who else also wear that same cap? Well that's the knight from clash royale who also had that chain cap

    88. Poke’jam

      All fun and games until the pekka comes out

    89. Hadley the best

      How do u have upgraded builder hut? It’s not out yet are u a hacker?

    90. tea_spill

      The fact that the thumbnail have every troops with teeths, I'm having a cringe vibes-

      1. tea_spill

        @Flyingonionring ._.

      2. Flyingonionring

        I think it’s a face mask


      Orang indonesia ni boss

    92. قلم عريض

      Tank you

    93. FNF Gaming

      How do you get the battle builders?

    94. ALI_ GG

      السلام عليكم

    95. Александр Земсков

      Мне интересно скоко русскоязычных

    96. Crypto

      Now you don't need to put the builder huts at the edges.

    97. Logos LAI

      The buider: why are you guys not attacking me. I had hammer

    98. Fatmanbatman154

      I remember whennu used to make videos in th 11

    99. GAME MOD ON

      Bro which mod ur having tell me bro please please please please please

    100. Moso

      Wizard smiles with 14:54