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  1. Robb Wiersma

    I have a roll of shot, but undeveloped Kodak Advantix film from 20 years ago. I wonder if it is junk now?

  2. cnmmd qiuoo

    They are like "yeah we really need to watch out in that dark room" and Dustin immediately creeps towards some faint lights and knocks over a bucket hahahaha

  3. Elliott Harris

    Idk. This video still looked pretty good and it's not film.

  4. Shed Show

    Why is your channel name on the propellers of a plane

  5. PleaseDontWatchThese

    I want one

  6. b9y

    *Realises film isn't Vegan* But... Breaking bad = 35mm. Better Call Saul = Digital. And film upscales better. *YAY FILM*

    1. cnmmd qiuoo

      Anyway, I agree that analog photos feel different. BTW, who remembers slides?

  7. Tom Williams Productions

    Is is super Awkward if someones done a bunch of NSFW Pictures ?

  8. Spencer J Elliott

    Get a working Olympus OM-1. You'll love it.

  9. Ethan Marchman

    i cut my toe off mowing last month

  10. Mike Oitzman

    Well Destin, after harvesting old film camera setups for their vintage glass to use on my mirrorless digital system, you've made me want to throw a roll of film into a couple of those bodies and (re)experience those days of old with film. Thanks for the awesome video. I plan to give Indie my business to develop and scan the results.

  11. Steve Lockhart

    Waxing philosophic about old tech...no thanks. I'm out. Still giving you a thumbs up though 'cause I'm not butt hurt and I love this channel but digital photographs are objectively superior to film.

  12. Haider

    Thomas and Hannah are cool. The whole lab sounds like a fun place to work in.

  13. BYG2NA

    "...eventually find out the mechanism for ejecting the seed..." -Destin

  14. Jabez

    I can't unsee the "structural beams"

  15. The Lyrebird

    My first job after leaving school in 1980 was to work in one of those photography labs, working in the dark room developing and printing before digital came in being. We printed to paper directly and then ran the paper rolls back through a whole other development process. That machine is an advanced system, we had to replenish and batch test when running through thousands of film strips a day. With colour index tests before and after each batch run.

  16. Andrew Larson

    Imma make this bike and try it

  17. TheOneAndOnlySame

    Party pooper here but : I would forever know that these beams are fake, husks of what they'r supposed to be. I hate fake stuff.

  18. AMRosa10

    I can still remember sitting in the dark for over an hour in a film loading room when the class project roll of B&W I had to develop wouldn't thread onto the tank spindle properly. The longer it went, the more it didn't want to thread properly.

  19. Teddy Bass

    It’s in the constitution

  20. Max

    IMagine trying to sleep and you hear google talking like "sorry wrong code to unlock the garage"

  21. anticarrrot

    "It's a really old machine - from the 90s!" Feelings of old age, rising...

  22. Tristan Cook

    I’m so confused are what just happened

  23. PIGASUS Films

    That's why I like shooting Polaroid pictures, as they literally have been in the same place I have at the same time.

  24. THANOS

    I'm back to watch smarter every 2 weeks


    Now ROD, Tell me you're a Lil Skies fan without telling me.

  26. Rohan M

    This was fascinating ... up until the point I had to stop so I didn't vomit .... have you thought of investing in a gimble?

  27. Maths with Luigi

    29:35 what happened to the “privacy” ? 😂😂

  28. mgdriver8503

    He sure is paying uncomfortable attention to Hannah there......

  29. Vernon

    Great video , always wanted to know what the term lift blade meant and how it worked, thanks to your video now I know, so here's my question ! are dandelions smarter then grass, they seem to lie down when ran over by the mower and the blade passes over them, they stay down and by the next day they rise back up,,, do you think they tell each other that the lawn mower is coming and to stay down ? I have to use weed be gone on them,,, there just to smart for the lawn mower !!!

  30. m m

    Years ago I was about to try (again) film photography but this time I wanted to develop the film by myself (only bw films). I never bought the equipment, because it's a bit messy doing it in the bathroom and you get chemical waste once the process is done. Throwing them into the sink would be so stupid and dangerous for the environment. And printing the photos on chemical paper requires other equipment and other chemicals. Taking pictures on film to watch them later on the pc almost feels like nonsense to me. To be a full analog process you have to print on chemical paper. For the majority of people would be sufficient to print 1% of their digital photos to feel something when whatching them. Anyway, I agree that analog photos feel different. BTW, who remembers slides?

  31. Stalion

    Your video was very entertaining Destin, but I got to tell that Hannah please me so well I just focused on her and stopped listening (sorry). I want to mary you Hannah !

  32. Matthew Newton

    Is it only me that classes compression etc as Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow?

  33. Matt Fields

    There’s something about holding a nearly irreplaceable memory in your hands. There’s no simple backup you can pull from the cloud. You have to take care of it and the negatives. Once film labs disappear entirely, they will be very precious indeed.

  34. pepperSteaks TCAP Gay Buffet

    3:22 after effects king! How did you do that?

  35. Maths with Luigi

    So weird, I just recently got into film photography! I develop from home..

  36. Duane Ayers

    My grandma and grandpa had those same type of wooden beams in their living and dining room back in the 1970s.

  37. Dramey

    6:34 Huh, it’s like a GTA V landing and a helicopter.

  38. Melody candy

    I don't know why but I would never get one.

  39. Joshua Bridges

    Step one in online research is to not use Google.

  40. Raren

    I think that the magic of analog photos is the very hard to replicate digitally grain and distinct colours

  41. Many Ways Films

    Noticed the subtle “film grain” while explaining how film works in minute 2:00, subtle but awesome!

  42. Christina Magee

    I love how your videos started at like 2 minutes long and now in 2021 you have several hours long compilations lol. Good job Destin!

  43. João Pissarra

    Our boy Destin randomly decides to start studying only the most studied plant there is. This shows that great minds think alike.

  44. Real Detective51

    I came across a tote full of new parts for a large industrial type of film processor like this one. It’s full of new pumps and fittings, hoses, o-rings as well as lots of new small plastics parts. It belonged to a repairman for these types of chemical development machines. I need to dig that tote out, now that film is making a comeback, maybe someone is looking for parts like that to restore or build a film development processor. Seems like I googled it many years ago and if I remember, a lot of the parts went to a Fuji processor, but many looked universal too.

  45. Emanuel Neiconi

    This is absolutely, amazingly fascinating! And I LOVE the joy you get by discovering how things work!

  46. xuser48

    I prefer shooting E-6 (Color Reversal).

  47. Paul Sica

    Would a hex/honeycomb grid not be the ideal grid for that? Though I guess that wouldn't be the least mass.

  48. Fire Fly

    I grew up in the UK in the 80’s, and spent loads of time in my attic dark room processing Ilford FP4, HP5 and Pan F films, and printing out photos in a variety of sizes. So much fun. I let go of my Olympus OM-1n and OM-2n cameras, but I still have my tiny Olympus XA, an awesome little rangefinder, aperture priority capsule camera... love it, and after this video, I’ll be buying a few rolls of FP4 again to run through my XA. Great video 🇬🇧

  49. 1337fraggzb00N

    I think that the special thing about film is, that you have only a few shots to take and this makes them special. With a digital camera, pictures seem to lose value, because you can take a ton of them. It's like life itself: most likely you have only one and it is more pleasant to enjoy a special moment than wasting time with lots of random nothingness. Taking pictures with film is some kind of technological Zen.

  50. T M P

    They should use this to throw the first pitch at a baseball game

  51. MrZetor

    Those black face images are totally racist!

  52. StarlightVisual

    11:47 Timing on pointe! xD

  53. iBerry420

    Film captures the actual light in the moment, while digital photography recreates images through pixels.

  54. Condiment man

    you had made a wepon

  55. Beltalowda

    33:21 girl got feels for that man. Watch as she realizes her vulnerability on camera in that moment.

  56. Dustin Hoeppner

    its crazy to think this video came out 3 days ago. since then, I've dusted off 2 of my film cameras, replaced their batteries, tested different lenses, and bought film, and I'm halfway through a pack of film excited to see the end result! light meter is a must for manual cameras.

  57. Tom Schmit

    My favourite word is "latent"

  58. HotelPapa100

    "hiding a structural member is a mistake. Faking a structural member is a crime" Auguste Perret, *1874, † 1954, architect and city planner

  59. EpsilonGoods

    I took this class in university in the 2010s. I still have my camera and developed images.

  60. Walter Burton

    Nonsense that the feels of the end product can't be reproduced digitally. 👎

  61. alex b

    hahahaha sounds like my dad get up you can do it! your an awesome dad

  62. Mikkel Johansen

    Whos here in 2021?

  63. Jeffrey S

    Thank you for shedding light on film!!

  64. Viraj Waghanna

    Destin is crushing on Hannah. 🤣

  65. Earl D

    As a film shooter I enjoyed this in-depth video, I develop my own B&W as it doesnt require specific temp like C41 and I agree, shooting film is a different experience than digital.

  66. Smiley

    The bible verse at the end: "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."

  67. Butternut DerpFarts

    this is fascinating aand terrifying at the same time

  68. Ise River

    All film photography is digital photography. It just takes a longer time to get scanned onto a computer with film. Funny how stupid our species is. Having feelings over a inanimate object because it performs far worse than a different inanimate object. It's like when everyone who went back to vinyl.

  69. Nicholas muntean

    8:09 That was too smooth

  70. David A

    The hungrier you are, the better your aim!

  71. Kayjeld

    "Why you shouldn't deprive your brain of oxygen like a dipshit"

  72. Tomodesapline 1

    Omg satysfying not

  73. jaeson Bernardsha

    That batman symbol😂🔥🔥 really great video🔥🔥

  74. Dino

    They look so soft in slow motion. Physics is just wonderful.

  75. Dan Haywood

    Can't comprehend how a person can be a US Marine and not be able to swim. What's the BAR, a heartbeat?

  76. Radu Emil Nutiu

    Thank you!

  77. Rich M

    I feel so old. I actually still have a darkroom.

  78. Jonathan Ellah

    Back in the 70'x & 80's I developed my own C-41 process film....if you really want to get the true feeling of film learn to develop the prints on developing paper in chemicals and not on a printer....truth is the printer really doesn't compare

  79. Not You

    I appreciate you talking about misinformation. One should always consider the source. The only issue is that Google is one of many silencing opposing views citing misinformation. In my opinion it is better to have access to everything and to verify then to have access to only have a one sided view.