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Sonam Wangchuk was born in the trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh, India. Though a Mechanical Engineer by education, he has been mostly working in the field of education reform for more than 27 years. In 1988, just after he finished the engineering studies he founded SECMOL (Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh) which aims to bring reforms in the government school system in Ladakh.

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  1. Adhiyogi

    Ventilation k liye what are the provisions ?

  2. Ÿogī

    Sir India is proud of you. Jai Hind 🇮🇳

  3. Pradip Rangholiya

    Really nice idea ... simple but effective idea. I hope Army would start using this and take benefits out of this. I love your spirit and intentions. Keep up this spirit.

  4. Manikeshwar Kotra

    Sonam ji, I hope you have already thought about it , what about the heat produced by vehicles? Will it not make the ice to melt ?. May be this is a stupid question but was curious to know.

  5. Adamya Sharma

    Indien braucht mehr Menschen wie ihn. Er hat die Fähigkeit, das gesamte Ökosystem der indischen Bildung zu verändern und damit Indien zu einer Führungsposition auf der Weltbühne zu erheben, geschweige denn zum Bildungsminister ernannt zu werden.

  6. Dr Avinash Shedge

    Maybe build a roof ( possibly solar panel roof) on entrance and exit passage... saves a lot of effort n expenditure to clean snow!!

  7. Bhupendra chouhan

    Very very very good are an inspiration to us, a real hero.🙏🙏🙏🙏.

  8. shahid imam

    Sir you r amazing.... Q: kya hum birf ki jagah cement ya Rasin ya POP istemaal kar sakte h??? Wo kaisa rahega? Surag me Air ventilation kaise hoiga????

  9. Amit Vyas

    When water is so cold in mountain regions, no sponge materials can soak water. When water is below 5°C and further lower than that, it's in the position to solidify, cotton or sponge can't soak so cold water. Only thing which can work, which I could think so far is on the sides of the road shall cover with net wires like frame in parabolic shape where we found ice above 3ft. This will take natural process to cover ice on net wire, specifically metallic. Also metallic frame will be quite strong. This is only a thought, I have not experimented. If this thing works out in future, it will look amazing.

  10. reshav raivansh

    Very nice❤️........ You are an inspiration❤️ Jai Hind Sir🙏

  11. Raj Bhati

    Respect sir❤️🙏

  12. Bs Gill Nickolas

    Salute to you sir, from Indian Army🙏❤️🙏

  13. puneet singh

    Great idea but it seems risky. What would happen if because of the heat of vehicles inside the tunnel and some other factors like global warming it starts melting inside ?

  14. Nisha Prajapati

    My Real hero

  15. sisir dalei

    Ap Jese lok kelia hamara desh hamisa grab karta he

  16. Satyamev Jayate

    Sir no words, India is blessed


    One of the most inspiring video I have ever watched

  18. Shubham Bothara

    Try using sodium polyacrylate price + cotton

  19. Debabrata De

    Great sir appka idea 🙏 🙏🙏🙏

  20. sanjay vithalkar

    Excellent thoughts. Great invention

  21. sanjay vithalkar

    Excellent thought. Great invention

  22. RFV

    The people who hated this, is the manufacturer of metal containers 🤭

  23. Honest Dreamer

    This is whole house not a kind of tent look even, It is not Stable and COMPACT size and During Blizzard cant protect and Solar glass will harm and so many Drawbacks occured.... Must to keep such points and work on it!

  24. Vivek kumar Shukla

    🙏🙏🙏 ❤️❤️❤️Sir aap great

  25. RFV

    Thank u sir, u r Great, an "INDIAN"🙏🏻


    I have stop using hot water for bath. And started using cycles. My small contribution.

  27. Sumani India

    Just give him BHARAT RATNA !!! He deserves nothing less

  28. Honest Dreamer

    Your Subtittle are very irritate its to huge sentences and it cant visible your Video properly.

  29. Rahul Prakash Gupta

    Sir, to kya aisi ice tunnel ko har saal before blockage banana hoga...?

  30. Gautam Bhuinya


  31. Ashish Dhiman

    Truly Indian...🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳...Great Efforts Sir.....I came here after reading current affairs......Respect Sir🙏🙏🙏..


    Govt peoples won't understand this

  33. kumar pal

    Ap kuch bhi kr skte ho ap ek fauji ki trah he sammananiy ho hmare liye

  34. Amarjeet Amar

    you inspire me, sir thanks for the idea and work

  35. Taloh H

    Respect you sir🤘

  36. Manjita Singh

    Sir,why is it not possible to make metal sheet frame tunnels for such heavy snowfall roads

  37. sanjay vithalkar

    Sir excellent concept and can be reality

  38. Aef Won

    sir jee Julley Hope to meet you soon in Ladakh !!!

  39. Jitender

    I think you must get Bharat Rattan

  40. Ashish Thummar

    The Great...

  41. kunga don

    True gem 💎 of India 🇮🇳

  42. MALIK

    Humanity ❤️

  43. Eshwarappa KH


  44. chandan singh

    Super sir🙏

  45. gemsangeeta

    Sir big Pranam to you. May mother give birth to more sons like you. Sir I m making a medicine out of fruits and vegetables (no preservatives) that stops blood of cuts immediately. And stops burning sensation immediately when one gets burn. I can send if you send me ur address. If only I can be of any help to humanity 🙏

  46. Kishan Srivastava

    Great Sir, Proud of you , Support and Love from Bahraich (A small district in Uttar Pradesh, near Nepal Border)

  47. Sid Bhan

    Sonam sahab, dragon is imaginary creature but tiger is real. You are Indian tiger and one roar from you will send those Chinese wild boar running.

  48. Real boy 009

    Aap jo faiyar pruff cortan hota hay wo usd karoge or sponj kothoda geela kar k pani daaloge to jaldi pani absorb karega

  49. Ashish Kamat not sure how this ice Tunnel have been made for trains

  50. Meghna Mehta

    Sir, you are so inspirational. And do so much for the nation. Proud to be called an Indian because you are an Indian.

  51. Rohit Raj

    सोनम वांगचुक सर को दिल की गहराइयों से प्रणाम

  52. Jameel Khanday

    chalbe naa, we want to move faster and faster - the #1 principle of using cars.

  53. Yogendra Shrimali

    ya i see this point its very dangerous

  54. Stanzin Lachik

    Um proud to be a Ladakhi Just because of u.

  55. sanjay singh shahi

    Locals can use these tents for Hydroponics also and can provide fresh vegetables to our army and can supply locally as well.

  56. Aman Ansari

    Real travel lovers will still prefer the old road ♥️

  57. Kaustabh Ray

    My India is beautiful. My country has beautiful people.

  58. Prakash

    I really appreciate mr wangchuk ji and amazed

  59. Aditya Panwar

    Sir, very good approach We can do the same to empty the lake formed on chamoli sight where Few days back the hanging glacier burst. Thanks to you.

  60. Kumar Suraj

    (Wood crushing chaff+ water) it can makes hard surface..

  61. Arati Nath

    Your idea and expression is more humanitarian irrespective of countries and enemy concerns.

  62. mayursinh jadeja

    You done very good approach for our indian army as well as very much importance for pollution decrease contribution

  63. Christnadeo Pathak ballgobin

    You are a great and true patriot.

  64. Koustubh Sinha

    I want to meet this man once in my life

  65. General

    Sir crazy idea na boliye. Aap jo bhi crazy idea bolate hai, wo ek invention ban jata hai. Great salute to u....




  68. Rahul Ezang

    Sorry North East need china, because of RSS

  69. A to Z Pahari

    We himalayan peoples demand Bharat Ratna for sonam .

  70. Ved Prakash

    Commendable work, salute to you

  71. Rez Kzar

    Great! You are probably not human but more than that thinks for all in all directions. धन्य हो 🙏

  72. Mohit Mohan Maity

    I salute you, Sonam.

  73. Sanjoy Reang

    Welcome to North East India Sir Plz Visit Tripura

  74. Anurag Verma

    Clickbait hai , nhi hota toh starting me hi bta skte the

  75. Vivek kumar Shukla

    Real hero of india 🙏 Love from up

  76. Vivek kumar Shukla

    Sir you are great 🙏 love you 🙏👍❤️❤️


    School language yadi matribhasa ho thn official language vi matrivasha hona chahiye..... Nahi to parenge matrivasha main but bore ho k bank main jaye ya court jaye baha sob kuch english main hota hain even loksova main budget vi english main pes kiye jate hain... Kiu koyi indian language main nahi hota hain..???... Even aak interview dene jate hain baha directly bolte hain please speak in English... Ea sob kiu hote hain... Matrivasha main interview keya nehi de sakte hain...??? Matrivasha main school main parai korne k bad bohut sare problem k samna korna porte hain Future main bore ho kar... Ak application vi nehi accept korte hain koyi office main aaj k din pe bolte hain please write in English.... Kiu koyi matrivasha main ak darkhasta nahi likh sakta... Hamara system sob english hain or parai matrivasha main kore or fir future life main sab bolega spoken english sikho... Or spoken english sikhte jaye to waha srif english grammar sikhaye yate hain.... A sab korte korte porai or koyi achhe job korne k age nikal jate hain kiu ki tum to General category se ho.... What a system.... Ham sob ko pandit banane ke

  78. homiron gohain

    Unlike karne wale zaroor pakistan ko support karne wale hongey kyouki dunia main sirf in prajatiyon k paas dimag nahi hote. Science kis chidiya ka naam hai inhe nahi pata.

  79. manish maurya

    Sir please make awareness video on "ONE CHINA POLICY"