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  1. 11omkar prusty

    alakh sir are you coming in next series of youtube????.....

  2. karam deep

    Hey here is a lengend me who have completed whole syllabus in one month which teacher cannot i have don

  3. Amit Fan Club


  4. Amit Fan Club


  5. Aditi Tripathi

    Wow sir...i wish i would have seen it few days before so that i could have scored better..🙂..but now i'm so happy

  6. Mʀ Thunder Gaming

    average student are watching after february 2021 for pass board exam 😂😁

  7. Prashasst

    Sir 19 to chhoro mere to 9 marks bhi nhi aaye Preboards mein 🥲☹️🥲

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  9. Jassi Ooya

    I am 100 and 10 % sure that this voice is alakh sir's voice

  10. Pragya Pragya

    Ultra pro max legends are watching in March😎😎😂😂

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  12. swapankumar ray

    Mam remove one more button it would be more interesting

  13. Kim Sa Bu

    Came here after attending 1:44:44 hour long lecture, they say after pain comes ease and my ease is this short lecture 🤣

  14. Chhitiz Srivastava

  15. Biology 11th

    Disclaimer:-no tina mam was harmed and will not harmed in any video lecture of smapti mam

  16. Chirag C

    sir was not like before involved in this lecture sad that he left pw

  17. Illuminati Nation

    Sir ek baat jaan li jiye.....chahiye kuch bhi ho jaye.....koi bhi aa jaye.....hum aapko kuch nhi hone denge.....puri science laga denge pr alakh sir ka alakh bhi baka nhi hone denge.....

  18. Lucky Kaushik

    Sir i am in paid dropper batch of vedantu, yet, I don't attend their classes, but I attend yours,. B'coz sir aap apne se lgte ho orr aap God ho sir . Aapke bina mnn hi nhi lgta pdhai m sir😍😍 Love u so much sir😊😊

  19. Ziyauddin Md Ziyauddin

    Sir aapne physics ko to itna aasan bana diya hai ki mere alfaz nahi hai bayan karne ko Sir main rural area se belongs karti hoon but pheel nahi hota lagta hai bare sahron mein classes karti hoo Sir apki wajah se mujhe mera selection dikhne laga hai Such mein sir apke liye mere man mein abbu se kam darja nahi hai THANKS A LOT SIR FOR YOU

  20. Mohini Nishad

    Very helpful vedio thankyou sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  21. Z ‘ GamingYT

    Sir is it true that if we do not score good marks in pre-finals then we will not be allowed to sit for ICSE board exams . Please clear my doubt sir please 🙏

  22. Deepali mangulle

    47.38 Answer of HW Question D) 2.4 × 10^ -4

  23. '_'-_-


  24. Mʀ Thunder Gaming

    attendance after february 2021 👇👇👍👍

  25. Pradeep Saini

    Video ko unlike krne wale maha befkoof h

  26. Lal Bahadur Ray

    Plz start new batch for class 12 students.

  27. Ajay Mahato

    Sir I done a great mistake by taking admission in aakash institute

  28. ViTaL GoRGoN

    sir, 38:15 bromine 1 degree carbon pr kaise lagega

  29. Aditya Kumar

    Legends are watching this in march 2021 just before their annual exams to😄😄😄

  30. Vishnu My savior

    Sir ki kripa on us this much percent 👇

  31. Sumit Raj

    Unacademy is great!

  32. PhysicsFun with Dharmesh Kareliya

    Surprise to leak ho gaya he sir ji. Congratulations in advance.

  33. Hasan Abbas

    Wow. Sir nicely explained


    Pankaj sir

  35. Anshika Pathak

    Sir all the students throughout the nation love u


    No one can teach organic chemistry like panjak sir

  37. Bindu Sharma sir 🤯

  38. Tanveer Singh

    Guys,walter lewin interviewed physicswallah.Go watch his channel.I am really happy😇😇😇

  39. Ramavtr shrma

    Tomorrow is my final exam of chemistry so I watch it before few hours of exam because of exam pressure😬☠ by the thank you sir teacher ka kuch smj nhi aata 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  40. banti pawar MH 18


  41. Pythagoras

    Legend r watching in 2025🙄

  42. Gangster Gaming

    Sir's Voice seems like shin Chan 😂😂😂

  43. banti pawar MH 18


  44. Nobeela Babu

    nice class

  45. Mr Gauss Gaming

    True legend's are watching before thevexam 😂😂

  46. Aijaz Ahmed Aijaz

    You are the best teacher in the world ever

  47. Ramavtr shrma

    Tomorrow is my final examimation of chemistry so I watch it before few hours because of the exam pressure😬☠ so thank you sir🙏🏻🙏🏻

  48. Ayush Kumar

    P&c pe issliye marti h kyoki 1ke power ka decrease or dusre ke power mai increase ka sum hole power ke equal hota h

  49. Gaming Studio

    Love from West Bengal ❤️❤️

  50. Shyamkumar Sk

    Who all here after Walter Lewin sir posted a video conversion with Alakh pandey sir

  51. Balvir Chand

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  52. Atul Kulwariya

    29:04 630 Dislikes exist : teachers who cut there students number.


    Keep supporting guys

  54. Arjun Singh Pal

    That Wasepur Part Was So Hilarious 😂😂

  55. prashant kumar

    46:01 ohh i laughed so hard!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. Om Mahajan


  57. Master Civil Engineering

    Salute to these legends!

  58. Sunita Yadav

    Who else is here after watching walter sir's video👇👇👇

  59. online Biology classes

    Sir mujhe jayada , bahut jayada dought hai Mai 2 -din se paresan hua kolbe's elctrolysis me methode 2nd me methane(CH4) kaise bana methane to pahli bar sodalime methode se banta hai. Please sir bataeye.I humble request u🙏👏👋

  60. Dhyan Patel

    Friction is the force that opposes the motion of a body ; when a body comes in contact with another body.

  61. Balvir Chand

    Good night subah dekhte hai video 😂😂🤣🤣

  62. Kushagra Gaur

    43:27 sir its (NO3)- not (NO3)2-

  63. Nisha Sharma

    Bittu ki tikki khaoge to double mote ho jaoge 😂😂😂Best part... thanku sir...❤️

  64. Death king

    Legends are watching in Kya matlab ki tum lejhand ho Mein bhi lejhand hoon

  65. Tennyson KILLS

    Ans 6 sec sir

  66. सचिन मीणा


  67. Seena Soji

    Any ppl watching lectures still doesn't understand the anything 🤣🤣

  68. Madhusmita Agasti

    i still don't understand how people dislike alakh sir's lectures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paap chadhega!!!

  69. Paras Choudhary

    Hello cariminati 😂

  70. Sanjeev Singh

    Thank u so much sir