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  1. Tori Gutierrez

    I love your videos

  2. 1k Thrust

    If they argue like this on camera what do they argue abt off camera?

  3. Covenant Rolingson

    4:23 mama rug saying u know what noah ruh this track hahaha

  4. Kunai

    Happy earth day

  5. Antman playz

    For Noah I give it a 8/10



  7. Lauren's Life

    Him-that hurted Vocabulary teacher-ITS CALLED HURTS!!!!

  8. Veronica Flores

    When I show my parents they like who is this guy

  9. Dark kasully290

    Its just now hitting me Pewdiepie Dosent Give A Shit About Anyone Else He Just Criticizing Everyone

  10. SpamJ Ochoa

    pewds spitting💯

  11. Veronica Flores


  12. Brian Maltos

    How tf he knows what a baby’s but smells like 😂😂😂

  13. Armando Lopez

    I think the most longest is till jalapeno or tapatio bc I'm mexican and I'm just. aLol kid of 10 yrs old And I think my parents would reach to serrano

  14. TheCrusher

    They said there was a big crowd outside waiting but there was only 6 people outside.

  15. Josiel Rosario

    I saw the video on tik tok of this guy screaming ill marry you

  16. Kryztan Alicando

    i think he got possessed by a ghost

  17. Bryan Lopez

    Who else watching this

  18. joseph baker

    Noah “ really on every one lmao

  19. Rafi khairan

    well it actually happens in 2021

  20. Landen Bailey

    Nobody: Edp455: 6:40

  21. Noah Rockwell

    Anthony before and now big change

  22. Jaydon Renne

    I want a iphone 12 and a ps5 pls I really need it pls faze rug I subscribe,comment and like and share so pls

  23. 6Bird Gang9

    13:20 How Tf Did Yall Stay Quiet😂😂😭😭

  24. Nina Faalogoifo


  25. darlene zesati

    i eat the first one all the time and I am seven

  26. Vopro

    Bozly's left eye needs to be looked at by the vet.

  27. Oscar Solis

    When he didn’t know that they made $80 cake bro watch mr beast he blowing cash to $10000 cakes lol

  28. Sebastian Holguin Arriaga

    bro every viedo he shows of how rich he is hahahaha

  29. Anmol 4m

    Winning a 1000$ giveaway would be life chnging . Amritsar,India

  30. Ron Cole

    Trippi red

  31. Aubrey Campbell

    Faze rug vids always get me in a good mood!

  32. c dubz

    love your videos

  33. Vanessa Wood

    that lady was a real one

  34. Lorena Espinoza


  35. Antman playz

    From 1/10 I say 9/10

  36. Adam Hazimeh

    6:40 Noah sus

  37. ZxxVert

    I fell for that

  38. Adriel Aponte


  39. Yo what’s good .


  40. Michael Briggs



    Yo faze your awesome

  42. ken makuac

    no girl

  43. esy the pezy

    a baby with a mushdash


    Rug is definitely puting on some mucule am I right or am I right

  45. Aggro tea YT

    Popcorn is the best

  46. Jacob d

    These LA boys don't know about Long Johns. Eat a proper donut with bacon my boy

    1. Bryant Griffith


  47. Emily A. Martinez

    😂😂 omg nor!!! I love her

  48. Asha Khan

    You have absolutely amazing content . Never give up on it

  49. monojit dhar

    8:53 yea like you what did u do to get scuccesfull nothing and got 100million subs for what nothing at least they are tryna help the community and like how did u even get at first with ur wieed looking headset shut up and appreciate what people do moron

  50. Elliott & Rhett The basketball stars

    Put a thumbs up if faze rug is ur favorite youtuber 👇

  51. Mr Clasher

    My BIG goal is to reach 200k amazing subscribers goal this year 🙌

  52. IX_305

    Your so short like your 5 7 and like 25 im 10 and im 6 foot

  53. Classy Sassy


  54. Robin Dabank

    Yo rug can I have a signature on my drawing my friend is going to see you

  55. Jordan Palomar

    I want the phone caz I don't have a tv

  56. Justin Parratt

    At 10:00 faze rug sounded like a horse, haha

  57. ethan eastman

    slams the door lol

  58. Catalina Godsey

    That’s just 😔

  59. Keaton bebensee

    POV: Your eating and watching the video

  60. c dubz

    dude your videos are the best

  61. L2z Xtra

    Rip bosley’s left eye

  62. Aakash Kuttu

    Bosely is getting very chunky he should hit the gym

  63. Dastan BautistaYT

    FAZE RUG SHORT view this hahaha

  64. Elliott & Rhett The basketball stars

    There was a price tag on the sunglasses lol 😂

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    How are you will put peanut oil is a if you don’t see Balsley

  66. Rebel Rob

    I have the knife set of the expensive knife and they are great.

  67. Nugget


  68. Jacob Sullivan

    Noah definitely peeked with the loshon when he went to "eat" it.

  69. Candie Little

    I can tell what is cheap because I am poor.

  70. Jairus Blay

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