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  1. Syahrul Ridzuan

    For someone who got 7 PhD. That's a hard word to pronounce

  2. NoSpeedLimit Gaming

    Shang-chi vs captain america? who’d win

  3. Aamir Shekh

    Will it be series finale or just season finale??

  4. S J prakash

    I don't know but, it's my personal opinion that Disney creating MCU storylines will turn out badly and might totally destroy beautiful marvel series of movies. but any way MARVEL SOLD THEIR THING AND THEIR LEGACY FOR MONEY SO ITS CHOICE, DISNEY WILL PREFER TO IMPOSE ITS KIND OF THE VIEW ON SUPERHEROES AND IT AS USUALLY SUCKS. I REALLY HOPE I WILL BE PROVED WRONG BY DISNEY.

  5. lks102000

    *the end credits* "Captain America and White Wolf will return in ____"

  6. Anmol Kukreja

    When marvel and anime had a kid

  7. VO Xivero

    There'd be more views if the title has 'Marvel What The-!?' in it, just sayin, real funny

  8. HaGoodJoke

    The meme lords have gained my respect

  9. Manav Bhavsar

    Final episode ? Really ughhhh

  10. Vankar Gautam


  11. PRanxter is Gaming

    Come on! just running and frisbee practice doesn't make u Steve Rodgers 😂😂😂

  12. Sandeep Karkhanis

    i think world gonna entertain and distract themselve to death, a great way to avoid real issues of life. no one wants to face. which they have created themself.

  13. Cobra Gaming

    finally after 3 hours its last epi coming today 🥰😍😍😍😍

  14. Spd61 Tips

    it would be cool if bucky gets white wolf suit too

  15. Randomicity912

    Music is lit AF.

  16. Sarvagya Dwivedi

    Are we going to get the replacement of Black Widow in Avengers?

  17. Nick B

    I'm looking for this thor comic I think it was drawn or colored by jason arron. I'm not sure though it's really stylized almost like heavy metal it has black bolt medusa and there dog in it I think loki marries the green costume girl, does this ring a bell if so can you give me the names you think it might be. Thank you in advance.

  18. AA

    Oh god just can't wait to see the finale ☺️☺️

  19. Netflix Membresia

    Iron man tries to kill Bucky* zemo:

  20. Shakthi Ganesh

    Who else came here for nostalgia? Man feels weird.

  21. Annie Moon

    I want a season 2, please~ 👍 ❤

  22. Paapa Ewool

    Thanos: No resurrections this time. Kevin Feige: And I took that personally

  23. Booming Bob

    This is going to be good

  24. S Heram

    That's hilarious

  25. Annie Moon

    I want a season 2, please ~👍❤

  26. INAXD

    wait this was a thing??

  27. Vjcj Dj

    Can't believe I will miss the last 2 episodes cuz I'm quarantined in the wrong room 😑

  28. Jesse Mar Mulintapang

    0:16 Uatu the Clapper 1:01 Uatu the Laugher

  29. Ice Jester

    Hot ones be like

  30. Zood9

    When you realize the fake one got more view than the official..

  31. Rinku Yadav

    Is it available in hindi???❤️❤️❤️

  32. Bucky Barnes

    I can't wait 🤩

  33. Marri Bindu


  34. Rich Jareey

    Kuch bhi😂

  35. Carlos Centeno

    This actually looks badass

  36. Just Xavier


  37. Abdullah Sayed

    From Jung Kim to Shang Chi ❤️Wowwwww💕🤩🔥💯

  38. Aiden Hood

    I think I prefer the first game

  39. bidyan brahma

    Awesome 🤗🤗👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻excited toooooo

  40. Aditya Teraiya

    Therapist: "Galatus without his helmet ain't real, it can't hurt you" Galatus without his helmet: 2:02

  41. Prince Ali

    Marvel Best Movie Trailer


    Relax: we won't see the face of POWER BROKER.

  43. Arty Castro

    First Climax 2012 Second Climax 2015 Third Climax 2018 Four Climax 2019

  44. Saurabh Kumar

    2:00 LOL 😂😂🤣😂😂😂

  45. Anna Kochanek

    Ummmm Jung what’s going on? Where’s Kimchee?

  46. Vicky Tula

    Que educado Tony al darle cada mujer, cuando se presentan. Auto like para no desaparecer

  47. A.K SONI

    Episode 6th date ????

  48. កូន កាំបិត


  49. Hafiz Rashid

    Casting: so we need asian representation in our movie Aquafina: yes

  50. Toxic Player


    1. Toxic Player


  51. abira biswas deb

    Captain America: Civil War

  52. Linnea Lawder

    So.. Black Widow but Asian?

  53. Shalifoe

    i will definitely watch this movie hundreds of time once it comes out because she deserves it

  54. South Facts

    Bucky Same dialogue in all episodes 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  55. Ashley Elizabeth Herrick

    i love seeing Loki upset. :-)

  56. { Sarah }

    how is hulk in the wakanda scene if banner never transformed??? or am i forgetting something someone let me know

  57. ALEX

    Shang chi is already top tier Mcu human level just from the trailer. He’s up there with cap and black panther but the real shame is that mandarin will never get to fight tony smh

  58. Felipe Suarez

    How old is he supposed to be, it looks jarring seeing a grown man dressed like a teenager

  59. rensaudade

    We need a sequel

  60. Roland Farel

    Can't wait

  61. Monster Hunter Stoner

    Captain Corona

  62. mcfrickenwatcher

    does anyone know why in all the scenes that are grey the only color we see is red?

  63. Yamani Bryant-McCray


  64. Subendu's Officials

    Why youtube is recomending this after an year?

  65. Crazy funny Man

    This is awesome!

  66. Abhineel Nandi

    I want john to kill karli in the final episode .

  67. Cali Indica

    marvel making kung fu movies!?

  68. Mad Chicken

    Today: TFATWS Finale Tomorrows: my mom's birthday and Josh fight This is the best weekend ever

  69. Ankit Rao

    probability that steve came to know about isaiah while living in past and to honour him and black community he gave shield to sam

  70. wowdubbers

    This looks terrible

  71. DH_Artist

    Asian Iron Fist??


    Am Waiting🍿🍿🍿

  73. Vanessa PinkyRouge

    100% accurate. Asian ppl hate this garbage.

  74. kuka's Monster

    So Thanos is in love with Deadpool's affair?

  75. Latori Baba

    Captain America And The White Wolf....

  76. CarlcarlCarl

    Marvel, please do a Stan Lee autobiography movie, played by Jack Nicholson or Johnny Depp or Daniel Day Lewis or Leonardo DiCaprio.

  77. TheOutlander13

    I killed Spider-man Stan Lee's ghost: What did you say, b*tch?

  78. Avril girardot arango

    Thanks marvel, you’ve just made my whole year

  79. lex fabor

    Fck they got Jackie.. Marvel is spending Billions huh


    Escape room with Sherlock Holmes 😂😂😂😂